With the growing dominance of YouTube and other social media platforms, videos have become an essential medium of content consumption worldwide. Video content is also the most effective way to drive long-term engagement that leads to sales or any other objective. Hence, producing video content at a faster pace is fast becoming a necessity if you wish to drive quality engagement, build brand awareness, and provide stiff competition to others in a shorter period.

Not everyone needs advanced video software like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro. The online video editing space is steadily growing to address the need for fast, affordable, and easy-to-use video editing services. Fastreel is one such video editor that aims to make video editing a cakewalk for beginners. This Fastreel review talks about all the necessary as well as unique features this service offers.

Fastreel Review: Everything You Need To Know

Video editing is a skill as challenging to acquire as shooting videos. There are oodles of video editing software and tools on the internet that suit users’ requirements across different demographics. Today, we are looking at an excellent video editing tool that can be used by beginners who are ready to take their baby steps in video editing.

What is Fastreel?

fastreel review best online video editor

Fastreel is a web-based video editing tool specially designed for beginners who wish to learn the art of editing videos. If you are new to video editing, choosing the perfect software could be an uphill task, given that you have to judge software on various parameters like graphics card support, RAM support, and storage.

Fastreel aims to eliminate that headache by providing many features that can help you get started with video-making right away. It offers pre-built templates that save the users valuable time in making storyboards for creating videos. Secondly, you can use Fastreel for any various personal and professional purposes. You will learn about the same as we progress further in this Fastreel review.


fastreel features

Fastreel offers a total of 21 features that can be used while producing videos. The number of features and the various purposes make Fastreel the best online video editor for beginners.

Here are the basic Fastreel features you can use to create videos.

  1. Compressing videos
  2. Making slideshows
  3. Cutting and cropping a video
  4. Changing video speed
  5. Muting a video
  6. Merge videos
  7. Reverse videos
  8. Flip a video
  9. Adding video filters
  10. Making a video collage
  11. Adding text and watermark to videos
  12. Making a video collage
  13. Make a split-screen video
  14. Adding music to videos
  15. Making stop-motion videos



Moving forward in this Fastreel review, let’s talk about the type of templates the video editing tool offers. There are several different templates available on this platform. These templates are free for use and can be used for various purposes.

For example, you can use pre-designed templates for making a birthday video, a marketing video, book trailers, and much more. These basic templates save video editors a lot of time in creating captivating videos, especially beginners. If you are making a corporate video, you need the video to have that typical professional feel and effect if you wish to use it in a corporate presentation. You can use the corporate video template for that purpose.

Who Can Use Fastreel?

Fastreel is the best video editor online to use if you are a new vlogger. You can easily edit videos, place the required sound effects to set the mood, and post it on your YouTube channel. Fastreel is also the right choice for beginner bloggers who wish to make any type of explainer or product promotion videos for their websites.

If you are just looking to try a video editor software to learn the basics of video editing, look no further than Fastreel. College students can also use this software for making projects or presentation videos. Additionally, if you want to make videos for memorable occasions, such as birthdays, get-togethers, or weddings, Fastreel can help you get that done quickly.

Pros & Cons

Like any other software, Fastreel also has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s have a look at the positive side of the tool first.


  1. A bunch of video editing features
  2. Built-in templates
  3. Intuitive user interface
  4. The music library enables license-free music.
  5. No software installation is needed.
  6. Cheap and affordable pricing plans.


  1. A limited number of input formats (MP4 for video; MP3 for audio; JPEG, PNG, and GIF for images)
  2. Only one output format (MP4)
  3. Uploaded files cannot be more than 500 MB
  4. Watermark cannot be removed in the free version.

Pricing Plans


The most important part of the Fastreel review is that the software offers three pricing plans for its users. Let’s have a detailed look at them.

  1. Freemium

The Freemium version allows users to make ample videos but only with a 480p quality. You can also use watermarks and many other features in the Free plan. If you want to explore things in Fastreel, you can use this plan.

  1. Single-Premium

The Single-Premium plan allows users to render high-quality videos at a price of $5.95 per video. If you love the features in Fastreel but would like to use it occasionally, this is the best plan to go with. However, the watermark feature isn’t available in this plan, although you can access all the other features.

  1. Unlimited Premium

With the Unlimited Premium feature, you can export and render unlimited videos with high-quality and use all the features to the best extent possible. You can buy this plan for $19.95 per month or $179.95 billed annually.

Try Fastreel


The internet is full of offline and web-based video editing software and tools that offer a wide variety of features. However, if you are a newbie wanting to get started with video editing basics, purchasing licensed tools like Adobe Photoshop or Final Cut Pro is a big step. Instead,  it is more prudent to learn the basics to get an idea if you love doing the job.

Fastreel is one of the best online video editors for anyone who wishes to dive into video editing. It comes with ample amounts of features that can help beginners learn the basics of video editing. Apart from features, there are built-in templates that help save time and enhance a video’s look. We hope this Fastreel review helped you get acquainted with the service and can help you decide whether this video editing service is right for you.