Upvise Personal Edition With the advent of Smartphones, we have seen a lot services and applications aimed at the Smartphones come up in last few months. Some ideas didn’t quite float with the mobile crowd whereas some were able to generate traction and praise for their innovative features. Upvise – a service aimed at cloud based collaboration and synchronization has received great reviews. They recently won the Sony Ericsson Mobile Content Award. Lets look what features Upvise has to offer.

With Upvise, formerly known as Unyverse, you can either have a Personal or a Business edition. The Business edition comes with a fee, but the Personal edition is free, and has a good number of features which would suffice for any regular cell phone user.

The Upvise software is compatible with almost all phone models and Mobile Operating Systems. Their software is compatible with Symbian OS, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Apple iPhone and even the latest Google Android. It has a clean and minimalist interface,which makes using it quite easy.

When you sign up with Upvise, you get an online account on the Upvise website, where you can select the settings for your account. You can add new RSS News feeds, quickly create notes and add contacts and sync them with your mobile phone.Lets look at the features in a bit more detail.

Sign Up and Sign In:

You need to sign up with Upvise on their website and once you have created an account with them, you can manage your RSS Feeds, Write notes, create shopping lists, add and edit contacts and everything would be synchronized to your cell phone. You can sign in from your cell phone using your username password combination or using a temporary pairing code that is generated when you are signed in to your account on their website.

Upvise Sign In Options Upvise Sign-In via Pairing Code

Mobile RSS Reader:

This is my favorite feature as it lets you manage you RSS feeds quite well. The feeds are displayed in the list and can be arranged according to specific topics into folders. You can either subscribe to a feed from the web interface or you can add feeds directly from the Mobile application. It has some really nice features and its almost like seeing Google Reader in action on a Mobile phone. You can save your favorite by adding a star and those articles would show up as bookmarks on your Upvise online account.

Upvise - Adding New RSS  feeds on Mobile Upvise RSS Feeds Reader

Accessing Wikipedia via Upvise:

This is another cool feature that Upvise provides. Surfing Wikipedia via Mobile can’t get easier than this. You select Wikipedia and then just type in the term you are searching for and it gives you list of related articles. Articles are divided in sections so that you can read what you are interested in and again adding a star to any article saves it on your account on Upvise. You can access it anytime from any computer. Also, all the data is optimized for mobile, so the pages and articles load quickly and don’t eat much bandwidth.

WikiPedia Search on Upvise Wikipedia Article on Google via Upvise

Here I searched for Google on Wikipedia and the sections from the main Wikipedia entry on Google came up. You can just read a section you are interested in and add a star to it if you would like to save it online.

Shopping Lists and Notebooks:

Another handy feature is Shopping lists and taking notes. Any notes or shopping lists you create on the site are synchronized to your cell phone on Upvise. The shopping list feature is really handy as you can plan stuff online and when you are in the store,you can just sync your account and get the list about what you need to buy.

Upvise Shopping Lists Notes on Upvise

Upvise also lets you sync your contacts between your cell phone and online account. This however doesn’t sync your phone contacts online directly. You can import a CSV file from Outlook or any other software you are using and sync them online to create backup of your Contacts data.

All in all Upvise provides a great set of features and that too for Free. Although all the features are great, if you are used to keep yourself updated via RSS Feeds, the Feed Reader from Upvise would not disappoint you.

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