Hamachi is a VPN application that allows you to establish a LAN (Local Area Network) over the internet. In simpler words, your computer connects to another computer directly through LAN. The gamers can connect to their gaming partners over this network to play games without being at the same location. However, people search for the Hamachi alternative because of its drawbacks.

There is a lag and latency spike when PCs are connected using the Hamachi VPN. The lags can be annoying for gamers, and spoil their gaming experience despite using premium equipment like gaming headsets or keyboards. Moreover, with the free plan, you can connect only five computers, which includes the host. Users who wish to connect to more gamers are restricted here and have to purchase a paid version.

11 Best Hamachi Alternatives For Virtual Gaming 

If you are interested in alternatives to Hamachi because of the drawbacks, we have got you covered with some amazing options to connect to another PC over LAN. You can check out the below list to find the perfect deal and alternative for you.

1. ZeroTier


ZeroTier is the simplified VPN solution for virtual LAN gaming over the internet. You can connect PCs from any location across the globe.  It has VPNs and SD-WAN capabilities in a single system, which helps simplify network management.

You can have a secure network on the cloud, premises, desktop, and mobile devices. It can be a good Hamachi alternative if you want more connections in a free plan.


  1. Ease of setting up the VPN with the remote and automated deployment option
  2. Easy to use
  3. Has multipath, multicase, and bridging capabilities that helps in emulating layer 2 Ethernet
  4. Provides 256-bit end to end encryption
  5. The free plan can connect up to 50 nodes and can have one admin
  6. Available for macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, FreeBSD, and NAS

Pricing: Free Plan – 50 nodes, one admin and Paid Plan – USD 49/month for 500 nodes and one admin

Download ZeroTier

2. Radmin VPN

Radmin VPN

Radmin VPN is free software like Hamachi. You can have a secure network connection to as many PCs as you want behind the firewall. It is compatible only with Windows 10 and 7. So, if you are looking for a cross-platform Hamachi alternative, you need to check out other options from the list.

You can rely on Radmin VPN as it does not malfunction even after long hours of operations. If you are looking for a reliable and free VPN, this is the best option.


  1. Offers a VPN tunnel and encryption to keep your connection safe and secure
  2. 100Mbps connection speed, hence there will be no lagging
  3. Ease of setting up Radmin VPN makes it easy to manage for home users as well

Pricing: Free

Download Radmin VPN 

3. GameRanger

gameranger hamachi alternative 1

GameRanger was initially built for macOS in 1999, later expanded into PC gaming in 2008, and from then, it is popular among gamers.

It is one of the best running hamachi alternatives for virtual LAN gaming solutions, and it is available only for gaming. There is a list of 700 games that GameRanger supports, so if your game is listed there, you can get started quickly.  


  1. Get profiles and friend list
  2. Have voice communication in between the game and instant messaging services to talk with your friends while playing
  3. Simple to use for enthusiastic gamers

Pricing: Free

Download GameRanger

4. NetOverNet


NetOverNet is one of the best hamachi alternatives that make your devices accessible from anywhere in the world, irrespective of the location. You have an option to connect to NetOverNet VPN manually and by using a client application. It creates a virtual LAN connection between your PCs so that you can have private gaming sessions or any other work through LAN.

One of the drawbacks of this alternative to Hamachi is that you can only connect up to 3 PCs in the free plan. If you wish to connect more PCs for free, you can opt for GameRanger or Radmin VPN.


  1. It can connect to computers and mobile devices using the internet.
  2. Access desktop, files, and applications of your office or home when you are away
  3. Login/Password to connect devices to virtual VPN created by NetOverNet
  4. Encrypted network
  5. Cross-Platform

Pricing: Free Plan – 3 PCs with 4 Mb/sec speed limit, Base Plan – 8 Pcs with 100 Mb/sec speed limit for 5 USD/month, Advanced Plan – 16 Pcs with 100 Mb/sec speed limit for 10 USD/month, and XXL Plan – 50 Pcs with 1000 Mb/sec speed limit for 150 USD/month

Download NetOverNet

5. Freelan


Freelan is an open-source, free peer-to-peer VPN solution and the best Hamachi alternative. It allows you to perform multiple tasks like inter-connecting your family computers and play a LAN game with friends. You can also give authorized access to your private network to anyone you want.

The only drawback for technically challenged people is that Freelan needs to be configured manually by referring to the Support page. After configuring, it runs as a background service without disturbing your current work at hand.


  1. Allows you to create network topology of your choice, be it client-server or peer-to-peer
  2. You can embed Freelan VPN in your product or make your own GUI; it provides seamless integration.
  3. Cross-platform – available for Linux, Windows, and  macOS

Pricing: Free

Download Freelan

6. Netvfy


The famous DynVPN is now having a new platform called Netvfy. It is one of the best options for the Hamachi alternative, which allows you to create a virtual LAN. You can control not only computers and mobile devices but also IoT devices from anywhere in the world with the help of the virtual private network created by Netvfy.


  1. Provides data encryption
  2. Easy to set up and manage with the help of a simple dashboard
  3. Available for Windows and Linux platforms

Pricing: Free

Download Netvfy

7. NeoRouter VPN

neorouter alternatives to hamachi 1

NeoRouter is the ultimate hamachi alternative to play network games with your friends. It brings your digital world together and creates a secure network that revolves around you. This VPN can help you build a virtual LAN over the internet with zero configuration.


  1. Easy to access home and work computers
  2. Provide different features for home as well as business users
  3. Offers secure connection over private and public networks
  4. Have multiple users with a different set of privileges
  5. Cross-platform – Windows, Linux, Mac OS X/iOS, Android, FreeBSD, and router firmware

Pricing: NeoRouter Free v2 – Free, NeoRouter Mesh v2 8 licenses – USD 99, NeoRouter Pro v2 – USD 5/month

Download NeoRouter

8. Parsec


You can connect to a remote computer from anywhere in the world using Parsec. It is a perfect Hamachi alternative for anyone who wants to play games or access a system remotely. The gamers can play their game at 60 FPS HD.

There are many other features provided by Parsec, which makes it one of the best VPN options for virtual LAN gaming.


  1. Offers graphics, CAD, and video editing features
  2. Watch the videos of your choice with family and friends.
  3. Free to download and use
  4. Helps in connecting you with local gamers to build the community
  5. Cross-platform – available for Windows, Google Chrome, macOS, Android, Linux, Raspberry Pi 3
  6. Have low lagging

Price: Free

Download Parsec

9. Player.me


If you are looking for virtual LAN options only to play games, the Player.me is a perfect option. It is only designed for gamers without any other clutter. The only drawback is that it is only available for Windows 10. If you wish to use it on different operating systems, you need to look for other software like Hamachi.


  1. Supports live streaming and recording
  2. Hundreds of overlay templates to use from
  3. Provides gaming community exclusively for gamers
  4. Free to use
  5. 24/7 live supports
  6. Maintains the gaming profile for each gamer with stats

Price: Free

Download Player.me

10. Play Together

Play Together

If you don’t want strangers to join your game, you can use this amazing Hamachi alternative called Play Together. There is no port forwarding involved, all you need to do is set up a custom password and region so your friends can join your game.


  1. No use of the public server for hosting games
  2. Can set up up to 25 connections
  3. Free to use
  4. Have your private server for hosting

Price: Free

Download Play Together

11. Port Forward Network Utilities

Port Forward Network Utilities Hamachi Alternative

Hamachi, as well as most of its alternatives, use port forwarding to establish a connection with a remote system. You can do so yourself by configuring a router or using network utilities.

To configure your router for port forwarding, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Enter your router user interface by logging into it and go to the port forwarding section.

Step 2: Add the port forward entries there and then check if ports are forwarded correctly.

 You can refer to the guide given on the site to know how to configure different router types.

If you don’t wish to go through the above-complicated steps, you can automatically enable port forwarding using network utilities. This way of hamachi alternative will require technical expertise, as it involves working around the existing network.

So, if you have the idea and experience of configuring routers, you can opt for a port forwarding way of creating a virtual LAN.  

Download Network Utilities require for Port Forwarding

Final Thoughts On Best Hamachi Alternative

Gamers love to connect to their gaming buddies and enjoy the gaming experience without any issues. Well, thanks to technology, you can do so easily with a virtual LAN. The Hamachi software made it possible to connect to any remote system and also host gaming for friends. However, because of its drawbacks, people started looking for a Hamachi alternative.

The above article lists the best alternatives to Hamachi to help you connect to a remote system at home or office and host LAN parties. You can opt for any software based on your needs and use. If you are a gamer, we recommend the software specially designed for gaming. And if you want something for work, you can opt for a more secure VPN.