There are times when you want to save a web page for later use. Sure you can save a bookmark, but what happens if the site shuts down or your bookmark gets erased. PageSnap lets you easily create a PDF of the entire webpage.

Why not just print to PDF you ask? Well, many companies may not let you install additional software on your work computer. Sure some newer operating systems have the feature to print to PDF, but what about while you are mobile? Read on to see why PageSnap is different.

How to convert a webpage to PDF

The process it quite simple really. When you are on a webpage you need to save, then hop on over to The site default language is in Polish, but there is an English version you can access by clicking on the flag in the top left of the page.


You will need to input the URL for the site you’d like to create a PDF of.

enter url-pagesnap

You will need to enter the words in the captcha. I know this is a pain to do, but it is a necessary evil.


Then click on the Generate PDF button.

generate pdf-pagesnap

The PDF output options

This is what makes PageSnap better than a print to PDF app. You will see the thumbnail for the site to the right side of the page. If you click on it, your PDF program or browser will show the PDF you generated. One thing to note: if your PDF reader supports the feature, all of the links will still function.


You have options to download the PDF or share your saved page via Twitter and Facebook.

download or share-pagesnap

You can also see the QR code for the page. When the QR code is scanned, it will not take you to the page. The PDF will be downloaded to your device and open.

android market qr-pagesnap

How you can use PageSnap

There are a lot of potential uses for a service like PageSnap. And because it can be accessed from most mobile browsers, you can use PageSnap more creatively. Here are some ideas of how you may use this webpage to PDF webapp.

  • Use the QR code to copy your FAQ page for a print ad or flyer or coupon
  • Tweet an interesting recipe page making it easier to print out
  • Save how-to articles for offline use
  • Save pages for your web design portfolio.


A webapp like PageSnap is a very simple idea with a lot of potential uses. PDFs are pretty universal, so sharing documents this way reduces the chance someone will not be able to open what you send them.

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