Keyscrambler - Dafety From Keyloggers - © TechNorms Key logging Programs or keyloggers belong to a group of tools that monitor user activity on the computer. It records information about every keystroke from your keyboard, including the system keys.

Installing a keylogger onto a PC is a relatively simple procedure. Although antivirus and anti spyware software protect you from such programs, but newly designed keyloggers may slip past them and get installed on your PC, along with other unsuspecting software.

Keyloggers have always been one of the biggest thereat to online security and privacy and a security aware internet users should take all steps to protect themselves from keyloggers.

So what’s the best way to protect yourself from keyloggers? After researching and using a number of programs we’ve found out  that KeyScrambler from QFX Software is the best anti-keylogger software today.

KeyScrambler – How Does It Work:

When you type on a keyboard, your keys travel along a path within the operating system to reach your destination application. Keyloggers monitor this path and record all the activity in their logs. So if you have a keylogger on your system –  your usernames, passwords email and any other confidential information you type may get captured and sent back to the person who has created that keylogger.

KeyScrambler encrypts your keystrokes deep in the kernel, as they enter the computer.It then decrypts the keystrokes in the destination application, so you see exactly the keys you’ve typed.

How KeyScrambler Works - © TechNorms

Whatever keylogger might be waiting along the crucial path in the operating system has only the encrypted keys – “scrambled” and indecipherable – to record.

I’ve had personal experience with keyloggers causing trouble for me. That prompted me to find and test the best anti-keylogging program out there. After trying a few software, KeyScrambler shines the brightest.

KeyScrambler is available in 3 versions 1) Personal which is free. 2) Pro which supports more applications than the free version. 3) Premium – which supports over 100 applications for encryption.

For most users Free version would work quite well as it covers both Firefox, Flock and Internet Explorer. If you need more details check out the comparison of the 3 versions.

KeyScrambler Installation, Usage and Options:

I use the KeyScrambler free version which protects my keystrokes in both IE and Firefox. Anytime I type anything in these browsers, its encrypted by KeyScrambler. If somehow a keylogger slips past my anti-virus software, they would only record random characters created by KeyScrambler.

Encrypted Keystrokes - © TechNorms

While typing, KeyScrambler displays it’s User Interface (UI). The UI is non obtrusive as its positioned outside the program’s window and you can position the KeyScrambler’s UI at the left or right and below the program’s windows. You can do that by clicking the arrow (up, down, left, right) within the program’s UI.

In the above image we can see the account number is encrypted and below the GMail id is being encrypted.

Gmail Login Encrypted Keys - © TechNorms

KeyScrambler Options:

You can Disable the protection of KeyScrambler,  by right-clicking the icon or simply pressing Control + Shift + K on your keyboard.

KeyScrambler general Options - © TechNorms

You can opt to load KeyScrambler at Windows start-up and to automatically check for updates.

You can also change choose if you want the UI to be animated.

Keyscrambler -Display Options - © TechNorms

KeyScrambler Features:

  • Broad Compatibility – KeyScrambler is compatible with other security programs and authentication methods.
  • Easy Integration – Installing KeyScrambler is very easy. After installation you need to restart the computer for KeyScrambler to protect you from the System kernel.
  • In-depth Protection –  KeyScrambler defeats existing and future keyloggers planted in the operating system.
  • Live Encryption – As you type, you see KeyScrambler encrypting your keystrokes to safeguard your crucial info.
  • Versatile Technology – KeyScrambler supports Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit). It also protects Chinese, Japanese, and Korean inputs.


KeyScrambler is one of its kind program that does its job exceptionally well. I have tested it with some keylogging programs and none of them could catch what I was actually typing.

KeyScrambler Free version should be good enough for most users, but you can check the version comparison and see if you want more advanced features.

By the way, if you play flash games, you may want to use the short cut to disable KeyScrambler as it sends encrypted keystrokes to the flash game and it doesn’t understand the keys at times.

For everything else – KeyScrambler is the perfect security companion against keyloggers.

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