Flipboard for iphone app iconFlipboard must be one of the best apps that I’ve downloaded on my iPad is also one of the apps that I’ve used consistently almost every time I use my iPad. In case you’re wondering what Flipboard is, there’s really no exact term to describe this app. It could be a social magazine, a social news feed reader, news source and other terms that you can possibly think of as long as it has the words – social updates and news.

Flipboard rocked the iPad when it was launched and with the success that it has got, it is but fitting that the app gets an iPhone version by way of making the original iPad app, a universal app that works with iPhone as well.

Now that I’ve used both the iPhone and iPad version of this app, I would have to say that the folks at Flipboard has successfully ported the basics of the Flipboard iPad app and tweaked it a bit to work and interface well with the iPhone. If you’re still having seconds thoughts on whether you should get this app, I recommend you try it out ASAP. If you’re still not convinced, here’s a full, detailed review of Flipboard for iPhone.

Flipboard for iPhone – An Overview

Flipboard app for iPhone is a social news aggregator of a sort that builds a personalized magazine of news and social feed contents from your various social networking sites. These sites include Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader, LinkedIn, Flickr, Tumblr, and 500px.

This app also features Instapaper and Read It Later, two online curators which let you save articles and read it later even if your iPhone is not online.

Aside from providing you with the tool to build a personalized magazine of all sites that you monitor, Flipboard also allows you to update your status, browse timelines, comment on articles and of course, share all your news, photos, and updates.

Features of Flipboard for iPhone

Flipboard looks great on the iPad because of the device’s large screen display. So the challenge for the developer on the app’s version for iPhone was to bring the same flawless “flipping” experience onto the iPhone as well. Well, guess what? They’ve managed to execute this pretty well and came up with a perfect adaptation of an iPad app to the diminutive screen of your iPhone.

Screenshots of Flipboard for iPhone - Main Screen and Cover Stories

New to the app’s iPhone version is the cover story containing interesting articles and photos being shared with you. What’s nice about the “cover stories” is the way you navigate from one entry to another. While reading a cover story, you can jump right into the next cover story by simply swiping the screen upwards while swiping downwards brings you to the previous topic.

Flipboard was designed for consumption of news contents while on the move. Hence, it is very important that you’ll be able to skim through news contents easily since it is assumed that you’re on the move. This is what the app can do exactly. You can browse through Flipboard contents with one thumb while holding your iPhone with one hand.

Screenshots of Flipboard for iPhone - All Timelines, Accounts

The app also lets you check out All Timelines which is a single feed containing all articles and all photos being shared across all your social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

Using Flipboard – Browsing Options

As mentioned, reading contents on the iPhone via Flipboard is a breeze. As soon as you’ve installed the app and fire it up, the app immediately displays the main screen containing the Cover Stories, Facebook feeds and All Timelines.

Screenshots of Flipboard for iPhone - Your Flipboard

You can jump right into any of the “curated topics” like Technology, Design, Politics etc featured on the app’s main screen or you might want to tap on the small red tab located at the top of the screen.

Doing so will bring you to another screen containing links to Your Flipboard, Accounts, This Week. etc Below these options are the different categories of news items which you can browse immediately.

Screenshots of Flipboard for iPhone All Photos, Inside Flipboard

Tapping on “Your Flipboard” brings you to another screen with several options – Facebook, All Timelines, All Photos, Inside Flipboard, Instagram Twitter and other social networking accounts that you’ve connected with Flipboard. All Timelines simply gives you everything that is shared with you across all your networks. You can also opt to browse through photo contents instead. Inside Flipboard gives you news from the Flipboard Team.

Using Flipboard – Reading News Content

While reading news content, the app lets you mark it as a favorite on your social networking accounts depending on where the content is coming from right from the main news content screen. As you tap on a particular story title, another screen will be displayed containing the full content of a news item.

Screenshots of Flipboard for iPhone - News

While reading the full news article, the app allows you share its link via Twitter, email link or view the news content on the web using the mobile Safari web browser. You can also leave a comment to a news content. There’s also an option to Retweet or Retweet a news item on Twitter.

Screenshots of Flipboard for iPhone Twitter Integration

If you’re reading a content coming from Facebook, you can “Like,” share a link to your Facebook wall and comments as well.

Screenshots of Flipboard for iPhone - Facebook Integration

Basically, most of the sharing features of the social accounts that you’ve connected with Flipboard are being carried out by the iPhone app. This makes the Flipboard iPhone a truly social news curation/news reader app.

Screenshots of Flipboard for iPhone - Instagram

Final Thoughts

With a great user interface and almost flawless execution of the app’s functionality, Flipboard for iPhone is definitely a must-have mobile app. If you’re looking for one of the best if not the best news curation app for mobile, Flipboard is the one you’re looking for.

It will be hard to top what Flipboard has done with its iPhone app.

Download Flipboard for iPhone

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