When Google+ was first announced, the biggest feature that generated buzz about the fledgling social network was the “Circles” feature. When you use any social network, you often can share updates either publically or to those who are connected with you. Google+ Circles allow you to further break down who and how you share updates.

You can use Google+ to share to individual Circles to keep information from getting to the wrong people. While other social networks have integrated this feature into their own services, Google+ did it first and they have continued to show how innovation can change the way we social network.

How to create a Google+ Circle

When you first begin using Google+, you want to go about creating your Circles. While you may not know where to start, Circles is one of the best uses of Google+. Creating a Circle is quick, easy and they can be easily edited or deleted as well.

To get started, click on the “Circles” icon in the toolbar above your Stream.

Google+ toolbar

Scroll over the “Drop here to create a circle” Circle.

Create circle

Click on “Create circle.”

A pop-up will appear allowing you to name the Circle, add a description and begin adding people.

Creating a new circle

You can choose people by searching through those who you already follow or who have followed you. Once you add people, you can create the Circle. You can also create an empty Circle to fill later by clicking “Create empty circle.”

Create empty circle

You have now created a new Circle!

From here, you can add to your Circles any time.

How to edit a Google+ Circle

Now, after creating and working with a Circle, you may want to edit it. You can edit the name, description and other factors while using Google+.

Simply click on a Circle and click “Edit.”

Edit circle

You can then change the name or description. Click “Save” to save those changes and make them take effect immediately for that Circle.

Edit circle

If you ever want to go through those who you follow and follow you on Google+, you can opt to add or remove them from the Circles main page.

Simply click on an individual or Page, then drag and drop them into the Circle you want to add them to.

Grabbing people from Circles

You can also click on multiple people and do the same thing to move them around your Circles.

Once you drop them, you will see they have been added to that Circle.

Drag to new circle

If you ever want to remove someone from a Circle, click on the person and then click “Remove” from the sub-menu on the right-hand side above those you are following in the Circles menu.

How to work with Google+ Circle

Now, if you want to block other Google+ users who are following you, you can click on “More actions” after selecting them.

Circle options

You can then click “Block” to block them. You can also access those you have blocked or ignored in the past you can click on “View blocked” or “View ignored.”

Perhaps, you and mutual friends on Google+ want to meet one another, you can always share a Circle with those following you.

Click on “Share” from the Circle you want to share.

Sharing a Circle

Add a note, choose which Circles to share with and then click “Share” to post it to your Stream for others to see.

You can even choose to include yourself in a Circle for others to find you easier when you do share one.

Whenever you want to edit, share or work with a Circle after it’s created, you can click on the “Circles” icon in the toolbar to begin doing so. Google+ makes it easy to get the most out of Circles any time you create one.

What makes Google+ Circles different?

While other social networks have jumped on the Circles concept bandwagon, Google+ did it first and some still consider it does it best. The idea that you can separate everyone you network with into a category to share information only to that privy to it makes Google+ appealing to many who opted to stay away from social networking.

You never want your boss to know you called off work for no reason, and you never want your best friend to know you blew off drinks to go out with a girl. Google+ allows you to filter who you update so that only those you want in the know are in the know. If you have not truly taken advantage of Circles, you are missing out on the primary way Google+ out does the competition.

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