HTTPS Everywhere - © TechNormsWe have already written about the importance of HTTPS while surfing the internet and why its important to use it when possible.

Recently, The Electronic Frontier Foundation – which helps defend Internet users Digital Rights and The Tor Project – a project dedicated for online privacy, have teamed up to offer a Firefox add-on that automatically enables HTTPS on several major websites like, Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook, PayPal and many others.

The HTTPS Everywhere Firefox extension was inspired by Google’s encrypted Web search option, as said by the EFF while launching the add-on.

HTTPS Everywhere Firefox Addon in Action:

Once you download and install the HTTPS everywhere add-on –  all sites for which HTTPS connection is possible are already checked, by default.

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Currently it supports 19 websites, but also provides you with a guide to create your own rulesets to enable HTTPS for any other websites you want.

Whenever you visit any of the above websites – “HTTPS Everywhere” makes sure that you always visit the secure (HTTPS/SSL Enabled) page instead of he regular version.

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After installing the HTTPS Everywhere add-on for Firefox, if you visit Google Search Page, you will automatically be taken to the SSL version. The same applies for sites such as The New York Times, Twitter, FaceBook, Wikipedia, The Washington Post, PayPal and others listed in the extension options.

Once you’re onto secure versions of these sites, HTTPS Everywhere attempts to keep your traffic within these sites encrypted as you move from page to page. Since your connection is encrypted – no one can eavesdrop on your search or any other data.


The HTTPS Everywhere extension is currently in Beta, and is designed to make encryption easier to use on sites offering at least partial SSL support. It works quite effectively on several of the sites mentioned. Your browser also warns you about partially encrypted data from sites like Twitter or Facebook.

Just the use of this extension can go a long way in keeping your data encrypted and away from prying eyes.

Download HTTPS Everywhere from the EFF Website

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