Web browsers store information from the websites you visit to facilitate your browsing experience. Web browsers allocate this information into cache, cookies or simply the history files. If you want to check the websites you have previously visited, you have to access your Web browser’s history files.

However, the problem is that Web browsers typically show you only the past visited websites and the date you visited them. They don’t usually show you in detail how often you visit them. This is where History Trends steps in. History Trends is a Chrome extension that displays detailed graphs and statistics of your browsing history.

Using History Trends:

You don’t have to be a tech-savvy person to use History Trends. As long as you can interpret simple numerical data and graphs, you are able to use this extension. History Trends allocates your browsing history into specific sections.

Top 10 Visited Domains:

This section displays the top ten websites you visit the most.

Top Domains

You can click on these domains to dig down further.

Filter Domain

Alternatively, you can see the most visited URLs of these pages by clicking the “URLs” tab.


This is a list of the URLs of the top ten visited websites.

Top URLs

Click “View More” to see the stats of more domains.

View More

Top 10 Busiest Days:

This section shows the top 10 days with the highest activity or with the most number of websites visited.

Top 10 Busiest Days

When you click a specific date, you will be able to see additional information about the websites you visited that day.

Filter Day


Click “View More” to see the stats for additional days.

View More Days


There are graphs at the bottom of the screen that shows you additional details such as the busiest times of the day, busiest days of the week, busiest months, etc.

Busiest Times of the Day

Why You Need History Trends:

You need this application because it allows you to effectually monitor your web browsing patterns or algorithms. This makes it more convenient to accentuate on more important tasks online. For instance, after using this extension, you will definitely know if you have spent too much time on social networking sites, listening to music, and watching movies.

What Will Happen If you Completely Delete the Browsing History?

Deleting the history means you delete all data. Graphs and Statistics require data to function. Therefore if you completely erase your browsing history, you need to wait for it to collect more information. A few weeks of history files will not give as much as insight as months’ worth.

Download and Install History Trends Extension

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