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Do you have a never ending to-do list? I think most of us do. As soon as you knock a few things off of your to-do list, a few more get added. Wunderlist is a multi-platform web-based to-do list to the rescue.

For those of you out there with a lot of tasks to manage, you will want to read on. You’ll see what Wunderlist is all about and some tips to manage your daily tasks. One of the best features of Wunderlist is that it’s available across all platforms, which lets you access it anywhere and anytime. Lets get to it.

Wunderlist – What’s  it all about?

When you signup for your free Wunderlist account, you will see right away why this is such apopular to-list manager. It looks really elegant. It has a Mac-like feel to it.

wunderlist main screen whole

Using Wunderlist

There are some basics to using Wunderlist you will want to get the hang of. The first thing is the hotkeys. When you start to toy around with the options you will want to know the hotkeys. They make managing your tasks less of a chore.


  • L: Add a new list
  • Backspace: Delete selected list
  • I: Open Inbox
  • Up/Down: Step through your lists
  • T/N: Add a new task
  • F: Start a new search
  • 1-8: Step through the filters
  • B: Toggle the sidebar
  • H: Open the hotkey help dialog

You have different ways to sort your tasks. The first way is by due date. In the bar at the bottom of the screen, you will see Today, Tomorrow, Next 7 Days, Later and Without Date. Click on the method you’d like to sort your tasks.

filter bar

You can also see in that same bar at the bottom, there is a star and a check mark. If you need to see completed tasks and tasks you have starred, you can use these to filter your to-dos. The link symbol shows all of your tasks.

Sharing your to-do list

You can share your to-do list with other Wunderlist users a couple of different ways. The first way to share your to-do list is via email. You can click on the envelope icon in the top right corner of the window.

send email

The other way is to Share with Cloud App. Clicking on the cloud icon will create a link you can share with anyone you want. As ling as they are a Wnderlist user, they can see your list.

share with cloud app

You can also print your list.

print list

Personalizing Wunderlist

Any application you are going to use a lot will need to be pleasing to your eye. Wunderlist lets you change the look of your to-do list to better suit your personal style. The default is wood grain. However, there are several choices for new backgrounds.

wunderlist backgrounds

This is the one I like the most.

wunderlist new background


Wunderlist has mobile applications for all of the major platforms. Like most smart phone users, you want your information readily available. Being able to access your to-do list while you are on the go is ideal. If you used a service that made you print out or email your tasks to yourself, you would be less likely to use that application.


You can also download a desktop application if you prefer not to use the web-based app while you are on your computer.

windows desktop app


There are a lot of to-do list management apps out there. A lot of them charge you for the ability to sync with your mobile. This feature alone is worth giving Wunderlist a try.

Check out Wunderslist.

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