Remember the beautiful bookmarks we keep inside a book to come back and read from where we left off? Well, similar bookmarks are present on the internet too. You bookmark a link and come directly to it the next time you want to revisit it. The best bookmark managers help make this process easy, especially if there are thousands of links you have bookmarked.

You can bookmark any online content, from articles to videos to photos and recipes. But if the number of links is too high, finding the required one will seem like a mammoth task. The book manager tools organize your content into folders and subfolders, so you know where to look precisely. Then, with the assigned tags and advanced search functionality, you can open your web page quickly.

15 Best Bookmark Managers To Manage Them Efficiently

If you have many online bookmarks, using the best bookmark managers to save and organize them makes sense. There are some powerful bookmark managing tools out there that come with incredible features to aesthetically arrange your bookmarks for easy retrieval. Here are the top bookmark manager tools to save you time and keep things clean on the web.

1. Bookmark Ninja

Bookmark Ninja  best bookmark managers

Bookmark Ninja has all the features and more of the best bookmark managers that make it top of the list. It organizes bookmarks in folders called tabs. Each tab contains a list of bookmarks called category groups. So, finding the right bookmark at the right time is absolutely possible.

You can make your private bookmarks accessible to others if you prefer. Bookmark Ninja is an online service that lets you access your bookmark from any device, whether a PC, tablet or mobile device.

You can start using it with a 30-day trial and then pay $1.99/month to enjoy its features.  

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2. Pocket

Pocket  best bookmark managers

Pocket is like your private web corner where your favorite web content surrounds you. It is available as a web browser extension, web app, and mobile app. You can use it with browsers like Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, where the tick icon will save the link to your collection of bookmarks.

Pocket saves your bookmarks as categories, folders, and subfolders with additional tags and highlights to locate specific ones more quickly. If you liked an article while browsing, you could even save it for reading offline. Thanks to the audio playback feature, all you lazy people can also sit back and listen to the articles.

Save to Pocket for free, or pick the Premium version by paying $4.99/month.

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3. is one of the best bookmark managers that is intuitive and powerful. It is not just a tool to save your links but keep all your articles, photos, audio, and books safely organized. The ‘Collections’ act as folders to store bookmarks within the same context.

With tags attached to bookmarks, you can easily find what you are looking for using Raindrop. In addition, there is a separate space where the duplicate and broken links are saved, so wiping them off takes little effort. Available as a web app, mobile app, and browser extension, saves a backup of your collections in the cloud if you want.

You can use for free or get a Pro yearly subscription for $33.04.


4. Pinboard


Are you an introvert who wants to keep everything private? If yes, Pinboard is specially designed for you. The bookmarking site features no third-party tracking or ads and allows easy social bookmarking. It works with all browsers and connects Twitter accounts. In addition, the bookmark manager is known for its speed.

Pinboard works with other bookmarking services like Pocket and Instapaper. It supports text-based search and even features an archiving service that allows you to save previous bookmarks. It will identify the dead links in your account and make way for a cleaner bookmarking interface.

Sign up to use the Pinboard service for $22 per year.

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5. Toby


Whether you call them bookmarks or browser tabs, the best bookmark managers will organize them neatly forever. Toby is one such tool that stores bookmarks in separate categories to access them with a single click. You can keep them local or create an account to access them from any device you own.

Another interesting feature is the ability to drag and drop all the open tabs into a folder. The tags and folders help keep them categorized for easy identification. Toby works excellently with teams of any size. The team’s resources can be added to the Toby collection so that every member can access them effortlessly.

Toby works with Opera, Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge on PCs and mobile devices. Another attraction is that you get all the premium features for free.

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6. Diigo


Diigo acts as a bookmark management tool and more with its brilliant features. Collect all the website links and store them in Diigo to visit them later. Assigning tags to them makes it easy for retrieval and filtering. Your online knowledge collection can be made into a personal library that can also be shared with others.

Diigo lets you annotate the online articles as and when you read them. Adding highlights and sticky notes for a better organization is a simple task with a user-friendly interface. Even if the web pages you bookmarked were taken down, your annotations would always be available for future reference.

Diigo can be used as a web extension that comes with a free version and paid versions starting from $40/year.

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7. Dewey Bookmarks

Dewey Bookmarks

Google Chrome extensions can also be the best bookmark managers, and Dewey Bookmarks is the perfect example. The Chrome bookmark manager features a card-based layout that showcases all your Chrome bookmarks. In addition, you can attach tags to them at any point to make them easily accessible.

Smarter search, screenshots, and custom tags are the trademark of Dewey Bookmarks. You can edit your bookmarks with a few simple clicks. Searches using tags, URLs, or titles fetch the desired links quickly. Import bookmarks to Chrome if you have saved them elsewhere, and use the book manager to sort them.

Dewey Bookmarks is a free browser extension for Google Chrome browser.

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8. Booky


Booky stores your bookmarks in a private collection to keep them away from prying eyes. All your bookmarks are stored in categories and collections for fast access. The bookmark organizer has many customization options, like different category colors, dark mode, and more.

Booky comes as a web app, web extension, and mobile web app to make your bookmarks available anywhere. It lets you add bookmark notes and import/export bookmarks as and when needed. In addition, you can share your valuable bookmarks with your friends or team to initiate a lively conversation around them.

You can use the features of Booky free of cost with no annoying ads.

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9. Instapaper


The best bookmark managers need not come in a fancy package. You can try Instapaper if you want a simple interface that does its job efficiently. Use any device, including your PC, Android, Kindle, iPhone, and iPad, to browse the web and save your bookmarks to the bookmark manager.

Instapaper saves anything from articles and videos to recipes and organizes them for later retrieval. If you find any interesting piece of information on the web, you can highlight and add notes. You can even view them at a place with no internet connection.

Instapaper lets you try the tool for free with no hidden charges.

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10. CarryLinks


CarryLinks lets you manage and privately access your bookmarks from literally anywhere. If you like plugins, you can get their browser plugins and reach your bookmarked pages directly from the plugin.

You can get its services on all browsers and devices, including iPads, laptops, and desktops, to mention a few. It works with all operating systems and lets you carry your links even on mobile devices. That said, CarryLinks has an iOS and Android app too.

You will get all the important features for free with CarryLinks. But for extra features, you can get the premium version for $3.75/month.

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11. Vookmark


Vookmark is one of the best bookmark managers for easy video bookmarking. Video bookmarking tools are convenient because you may often need to save some videos for later viewing. You can save the links with a click and watch them on devices like Android and iOS.

At present, Vookmark saves links from YouTube, Dailymotion, Reddit, Facebook, and Vimeo. The browser extension enables easy saving of video links. When you want to watch them later, search in the bookmark manager and get them instantly.

You will get the browser extension for free.

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12. iCloud Bookmarks

iCloud Bookmarks

To efficiently manage bookmarks on Apple devices, something from the same developer as these devices would be ideal. Mac, iPhone, and iPad users can bookmark their favorite links and manage them across Apple devices using iCloud Bookmarks. This means your Safari bookmarks can be accessed from anywhere, thanks to iCloud syncing.

Once you have saved your bookmarks, you will get them on browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. So you can access them on your Windows system without any hassle.

The iCloud Bookmarks extension is free to use for all users.

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13. Knowies


Knowies is one of the best bookmark managers, popular as an effective social bookmarking tool. Besides organizing your bookmarks, it can be used to share the same and connect with others. In addition, you can explore various content based on your likes.

Knowies allows keeping all your saved bookmarks as collections to make up an unlimited library. The bookmarks are saved in a dashboard that can be customized to make it truly yours. A unique feature is that you can interact with people with similar interests and know what they are sharing.

Signing up is totally free with Knowie, so make full use of it.

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14. Pinalist


Pinalist is an all-in-one bookmark manager with all the possible features essential for a bookmark management tool. You can manage your links, bookmarks, and notes from your computer or mobile device. In addition, the search function is top-notch, facilitating easy retrieval of your desired bookmarks.

The advanced tag management feature in Pinalist categorizes the bookmarks in a simple, understandable manner. You can attach notes with the bookmarks, so you remember your thoughts while you bookmarked them. Search for them with keywords and tags and sort them the way you want. The tool has a web version and an extension.

You can explore the free and paid plans to know more.

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15. Wakelet


Wakelet is one of the best bookmark managers that comes with limitless possibilities. Whether it is your collection of memories, stories, or resources, getting them bookmarked is simple using the platform. You can save your favorite links, organize them into visual collections and share them for the world to see.

The stylish interface lets you invite people to collaborate on your collections. The platform is inclusive and supports language translations for wider reach. Moreover, it integrates with hundreds of tools to produce amazing results.

You will get all the standard features at no cost. Also available is a District plan with a custom price.

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Final Thoughts

The best bookmark managers are inevitable for people who go through a lot of content on the internet as part of their personal or professional initiatives. Today, you will find versatile bookmark tools that help you save web links and arrange them in neat folders to make them searchable.

You will like the list of best bookmark managers if you have bookmarked uncountable links at different times. Many have web versions and come as book manager app that you can download. You will also find web extensions that work across different browser