For any video or movie that comes to our mind, our first thought is to look it up on YouTube. Then YouTube Vanced came with all the premium YouTube features, and that too for free. It was built upon the YouTube API, but later, Google ordered it to shut down and take down all the download links. So, in that case, YouTube Vanced alternative becomes our only hope!

The best alternative to the Vanced app has features of the old YouTube Vanced plus some bonus features, making the users more than happy. Unlike YouTube Vanced, which runs on Android devices, most alternatives are compatible with other operating systems like iOS and Windows. In addition, they ensure an elevated YouTube experience with features like block ads on YouTube, background play, and other customizations. So, nothing can stop you from watching some YouTube free movies.

15 Best YouTube Vanced Alternative

If you wish to watch YouTube videos without interruptions, a YouTube Vanced alternative is essential. You will find many third-party YouTube clients that enhance the YouTube platform with advanced features. As using Vanced to surf YouTube channels is no more feasible, you can explore the list of the best alternatives to Vanced here.

1. YouTube Premium

YouTube Vanced alternative YouTube Premium

Go the official way to have the best YouTube Vanced alternative with a YouTube Premium subscription. The advantage is that you enjoy YouTube to the fullest without any annoying disruptions. For example, it supports background play for listening to songs while the screen is locked or when you are using other applications. You can also find anything on YouTube using advanced search filters.

If you are a frequent traveler visiting places with little or no network coverage, you can download videos from YouTube and save them for times like these. In addition, the YouTube Music Premium app lets you indulge in ad-free music on mobile and desktop. What more? You can watch your favorite videos without the disruptions of ads. So now, no more waiting to “Skip ads”!

Price: $11.99⁠/⁠month

Subscribe to YouTube Premium

2. YouTube ReVanced

YouTube ReVanced  YouTube Vanced alternative

For those who cannot live without YouTube Vanced, they have introduced its successor YouTube ReVanced. It is one of the best alternatives to YouTube Vanced and has all the features of YouTube Premium. In fact, there are plenty of integrated features that you will never miss Vanced again. For example, it lets you play music in the background without disturbing your work on other apps.

YouTube ReVanced has the capability to block audio and video ads in VODs and streams. Plus, you can download YouTube videos and music to play whenever you want. Another interesting feature is the music playback without videos. Needless to say, all the apps are hidden from sight, which was a popular feature in Vanced. Remember that ReVanced is possible only if you have the official YouTube app.


You can download YouTube ReVanced for free.

Download YouTube ReVanced

3. NewPipe


NewPipe is a free and open-source YouTube Vanced alternative. Its lightweight solution lets you experience YouTube with all its goodness but without ads. As we discussed, even this one has features like playing YouTube videos in the background and downloading them if necessary.

NewPipe prioritizes users’ privacy, so much so that all your data is stored offline on your devices. Also, you don’t sign into your Google account while using the app. You can even close the app to save battery when the music is playing. The popup player is useful as it allows you to minimize when you just want to listen and don’t want to watch YouTube videos.


NewPipe is a free and open-source YouTube client.

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4. LibreTube


Available on GitHub and F-Droid, LibreTube is an alternative to YouTube Vanced that uses Piped front-end. So, you can freely play YouTube videos without getting concerned about data leaks. Since the platform is in its beta phase, you can expect certain pitfalls; otherwise, the features are truly amazing.

LibreTube gives you many controls to choose the desired format and video quality. You can download videos and watch them in your free time, like when you are commuting. Unlike many platforms, the app has an intuitive interface, and hopefully, it will soar once the developers take care of the setbacks.


LibreTube is free to use.

Get LibreTube

5. SkyTube


SkyTube is a free YouTube Vanced alternative with advanced features like blocking unwanted videos and video swipe controls. In addition, it lets you import subscriptions from YouTube, so you can start from where you left off. But you cannot sign in with your Google account to watch, thus restricting you from accessing playback history.

There are two versions of SkyTube you can have – SkyTube and SkyTube Extra. The former doesn’t pack any additional features and updates slower when compared to the other. The latter does have something extra in the form of support for official YouTube players and casting. It is worth noting that both don’t allow you to sign in to your Google account.


SkyTube is an ad-free YouTube client that comes at zero cost.

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Get SkyTube Extra

6. Brave Browser

Brave browser YouTube Vanced alternative

So, YouTube ads were the major factor that prompted you to use YouTube Vanced? Don’t worry if the platform is no longer available. Instead, you can get the Brave browser to restrict ads on whichever website you visit. So, go to your YouTube account and enjoy an ad-free experience with your favorite videos.

The Brave browser respects users’ privacy and refrains from collecting user data. The browser will work fine if you use an iOS, Android, MacOS, or Windows device. Users love the browser for its swiftness, almost thrice as that of Chrome. You can get all your extensions, passwords, and bookmarks from your old browser and start using Brave.


You can download Brave for free.

Download Brave Browser 

7. FreeTube


FreeTube is a YouTube client, yet another YouTube Vanced alternative that is privacy-oriented. It keeps all the data locally, thus saving you from prying eyes. It is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux, where you can import and store your YouTube subscriptions locally.

FreeTube is free and open-source software that allows you to watch YouTube videos without ads. The interface is designed so similar to YouTube that you can enjoy a YouTube-like experience in an all-familiar environment. In addition, users find it interesting that it lets you subscribe to channels without signing into an account.


FreeTube is a free application.

Download FreeTube

8. Kiwi Browser With Extensions

Kiwi Browser

You can think of the Kiwi browser as an alternative to YouTube Vanced with extensive support for extensions. It is a Chromium-based browser where you can watch YouTube content without the frustrating ads. In addition, chrome extensions like SponsorBlock and uBlockOrigin work with the browser to give you all that YouTube Vanced offers.

You will find something different in Kiwi, which allows you to log in to your Google account. This makes all your synced data available at any time. The choice of extensions is your decision because different extensions present features that remind you of Vanced.


Kiwi is free to download.

Get Kiwi

9. uYouPlus

uYouPlus YouTube Vanced alternative

uYouPlus is an advantageous YouTube Vanced alternative for iOS devices. It is a modified version of uYou that has far fewer features. Try using uYouPlus without jailbreaking your phone, and it works amazingly. Like the other competitors we discussed, this one also has many advanced features you won’t get on YouTube.

And the best thing with uYouPlus is the ad-blocker that gives interruption-free video watching. The unique features of uYouPlus include PiP integration, SponsorBlock integration, and VP9 Code. When the application is so good, you can expect it to support background playback and video downloading, among other features.


You can get uYouPlus for free.

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10. Invidious


Invidious gives you a front-end to YouTube, where you can watch anything YouTube contains. Like YouTube Vanced, you will not face unsolicited ads while watching videos on this platform. Moreover, Google or the app cannot track you, as it prioritizes users’ privacy.

Know what? You don’t need a YouTube account to subscribe to channels and create playlists.

Invidious is multilingual, making it available in many different languages. The software is open-source and has a REST API for developers. You can get it today as it consumes less space on your device.


Invidious is free.

Use Invidious

11. Firefox With Extensions


Like Kiwi, Firefox becomes an incredible YouTube Vanced alternative when installed with the right extensions. For example, the uBlock Origin extension blocks the ads interrupting your video watching. And it works with YouTube and all other sites you browse.

Another extension that works best with Firefox is YouTube High Definition. It plays all your videos in HD by default. Likewise, you can get the Return YouTube Dislike extension to get the YouTube dislike button and much more.


You can download Firefox for free.

Download FireFox

12. Piped


Piped is a YouTube front-end with features that instantly make you fall in love with it. If you are looking for a Vanced alternative that is privacy-friendly, Piped can be the one. With no ads and no tracking policy, you will get a private YouTube-watching experience free of disturbances.

Piped is lightweight and features Light and Dark themes to suit the environment. It is integrated with SponsorBlock by default. So, you will not find the sponsorship segments on your YouTube page. Piped enables listening to only the audio for a change.    


Piped is free to get.

Get Piped

13. YouTube++


When you make tweaks to the original YouTube app, you get the YouTube Vanced alternative YouTube++. With a range of features, it is considered a better YouTube alternative for iOS. For example, it blocks ads and promotions to give a neat interface. Furthermore, when you download videos to your device, you can even get them as audio-only files.

YouTube++ supports background play, which is especially useful when listening to podcasts. While it has many additional features, you must remember to delete the stock YouTube app before installing it. Also, you can only install YouTube++ using the AltStore app on iOS.


YouTube++ is free.

Install YouTube++

14. SmartTubeNext


The advanced YouTube app, SmartTubeNext, best suits TV boxes and Android TVs. Though it does not support YouTube TV, it has some cool features, making it desirable. For example, it comes with 8K support and adjustable playback speed. And the SponsorBlock extension holds back the sponsored segments.

SmartTubeNext also blocks all external advertising, much like the other alternatives. In addition, it lets you read live chat and allows customizing buttons to decide what you want the buttons to do. Essentially, it is a premium app that runs efficiently without Google services.


SmartTubeNext is free and open-source.

Get SmartTubeNext

15. VueTube


Make On-the-go video watching fun using the YouTube Vanced alternative VueTube. It is a fast and open-source app that gives users the privacy they deserve. In addition, the interface is well-optimized for everyday users to get their things done faster. The only thing you must be aware of is that the app is under development, so you can expect frequent changes.

VueTube supports additional extensions and plugins like AdBlock, Return YouTube Dislike, and more. So, like Vanced, you can have an ad-free experience while watching your favorite videos or movies. It is compatible with Android and iOS.


VueTube is a free and open-source application.

Install VueTube

Final Thoughts

YouTube Vanced is an Android app that lets you watch YouTube videos more conveniently. It has an ad-blocking feature to end all interruptions and even lets you enjoy background playback. But following the app shut down, users had to look for a YouTube Vanced alternative.

The best YouTube clients that are alternatives to Vanced let you access the premium YouTube features for free. You will also find open-source software here, which enables you to contribute to its development. You can use the best platform depending on what features you want.