Jumper_LogoWhilst a useful addition to Mac OS, the dock is pretty limited in what it can do. Especially since the removal of any useful form of dock Exposé with the arrival of Lion. For users who like to keep a lot of apps and folders to hand on the desktop, without hoarding icons and alias’ that generally make things messy, the dock can get extremely cluttered, and not actually make it any easier to find what you want to find on there, then say just a Spotlight search.

Enter Jumper, an app with the potential to change all of that and make things, well, a little less cluttered.

Jumper for Mac Dock – How it Works

Well essentially, Jumpers provides a pop-out area that contains a host of shortcuts to whichever files, folders or apps that you want in there. It’s fully customizable in that you can create categories for your different areas, such as ‘docs’, ‘apps’ etc. (although there doesn’t seem to be any way to delete a category once it’s created.) As well as that you can change the theme of the background that acts as a sort of ‘tray’ for your icons, as shown in the screenshots below, some of which look better than others, admittedly.



To access this tray, there are a few different options. The first, and default, a choice is to place a small button in any corner of the screen. You can change the color of the button from the preferences menu which we’ll talk about later a little more. Instead, you can assign a keyboard shortcut, which you are prompted to define yourself. Alternatively, you can just have both.

Apart from that quite basic function, Jumper doesn’t really do an awful lot. It’s one of those useful apps that serves a single purpose very well, and if you’re looking for something to do this job then you’ll be more than satisfied.

All there’s left to talk about is the level of customization that Jumper allows. As already mentioned, you can change the background between a variety of presets, but also within the preferences menu is the ability to change anything from the zoom effects of launching and quitting the app, changing the frames around each entry in the tray, show/hide the search field that hides within each category allowing you to quickly find what you’re looking for in there, rather than scrolling through if you’ve stowed a lot away.


The search field, to me though, is a little void. I mean, if you’re going to search for something, just use Spotlight, right? Seems a little counter-productive in that way, but if you’re already in the app then I suppose it’s a useful addition, and considering how light on resources the app is, it’s hardly going to slow anything down either.


All in all, as I say, it’s a good application, well designed and highly customizable. Though I don’t really see it’s going to be something a lot of people are after for more than just to take a look, and it doesn’t save a whole heap of time or space, it does exactly what it advertises and reduces the clutter from an otherwise hectic dock.

The app is also free, so you might as well give it a go and see if it does you any favors, you can read more about it on the product page here (no longer available) and follow it through to the App Store, or use the direct link here.

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