Boomerang for GmailBoomerang for Gmail is a Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome plug-in that allows you to have more control over when you send e-mails. There is even a mobile version available for those on the go. Boomerang allows you to write an e-mail now and schedule when to send it later. This gives you more control over when to send out carefully constructed e-mails in a variety of situations.

Boomerang also allows you to move e-mails out of your inbox until a later time when you want to respond or revisit it. This frees up your inbox and brings it back to you when necessary. Boomerang will also give you a heads up if someone you sent an e-mail to has not responded in a set amount of time.

Boomerang is an effective way to remind you about important e-mails, send out e-mails for birthdays, anniversaries and more, along with helping you stay on top of emails going to different time zones. It’s like your personal email assistant.

How to get started with Boomerang for Gmail

In order to install Boomerang for Gmail for Firefox or Chrome, visit its website.

Click on the big red button labeled “Install Boomerang.”

Install Boomerang

This will redirect you to a new page detailing instructions for installing the add-on for either browser. Follow those instructions, restart your browser and then login to your Gmail account.

When you log in, Boomerang for Gmail will greet you with a short tutorial and introduction. Read through them or click “Skip” to get started with it on your own.

Thank you for installing Boomerang.

At the top right-hand corner of Gmail, you will see a link for Boomerang. Click it.

Boomerang menu

Now, click on “Manage scheduled messages.”

Asking for permission

Baydin, the company behind Boomerang for Gmail, will ask your permission to access some of your e-mail information.

If you agree, click “Allow” and make sure to check the box next to “Remember this approval” to continue.

This will login you into your account for Boomerang for Gmail.

At the top right-hand corner of the window, you can click “Buy Subscription” to learn about what more you can get with this add-on.


Boomerang is available in four subscriptions: Basic, Personal, Professional, and Premium. Each subscription offers a variety of features and depending on what you are looking for, one might be more right than others. For now, Basic Boomerang is the place to start until you get the hang of the add-on.

Click on “Manage Boomerang.”

Manage Boomerang

This will take you back to the previous screen.

The first area is your subscription information.

Subscription Information

This lets you know what subscription you have and all-new add-on accounts start with a free trial to get the most out of Boomerang to see how it works.

Below that, you can see what messages you have set up to send later or that are recurring.


You can also set the Preferences at the bottom of the page.


How to use Boomerang for Gmail

Now, head back to your Gmail account and click “Compose.”


Next to the Send button, you will have the Boomerang option to send your e-mail later.

Send Later

Click on it.

Send Later Options

A drop-down menu will appear giving you every option imaginable to send the e-mail later.

Simply choose when you want to send it and click “Confirm.”

A few seconds later you will get a confirmation from Gmail that the message will be sent at the time you entered.

Confirmation of send later settings

Now, click “Compose” again.

Below the subject line, you will see the Boomerang options for reminding you about not receiving a response to your e-mail.

Boomerang this message

Click on “in 2 days.”

Boomerang this message options

This will open another drop-down menu and allow you to once again choose the date and time. Once you have, click “Confirm” to save the options.

Click “Send” when you are ready to send your e-mail.

If you have not heard back from the recipient by the date and time you entered, the original e-mail and a message from Boomerang will be brought to the top of your inbox to remind you.

Message unanswered

If you head back to Manage Subscriptions, you will now see your e-mails appearing in the Boomerang management system.


To the side of each message, you will have a set of options to interact with each e-mail.

Click “Reschedule.”


This will allow you to change the time to send the original message.

If you click on “Send Now,” it will send the message immediately instead of waiting until the date and time you entered.

If you click on “Don’t Send,” it will eliminate the date and time you asked Boomerang to send the message.

These are just the basic functions of Boomerang for Gmail. By opting into the different subscription packages for the add-on, you can unlock and begin using other features to take more advantage of Boomerang for Gmail.

Boomerang Mobile

Boomerang for Gmail is also available for mobile phones through your device’s Internet browser.

Open your phone’s browser and navigate to

Browser to Boomerang, logging into Boomerang for Gmail


Once there, you want to enter the Gmail address you use Boomerang from. Then, click “Submit.”

You will then be prompted to login to your Gmail account. Enter your password, then click “Sign in” to continue.


Sign into Gmail, Boomerang Mobile

You will be redirected back to Boomerang Mobile. From here, you have access to the main menu where you can manage the features of Boomerang.

Click on “Boomerang.”


(24) boomerang, send later

This will open your Boomerang Inbox and give you access to any messages or responses related to e-mails you have sent, scheduled and utilized the add-on for.

Click on “Home” to head back to the main menu, then click “Send Later.”

You can now create a message to send to the recipient later. Enter the e-mail address, subject, and e-mail text. Scroll down to set up your date, time and preferences for sending later.

Click on “Home” once more, then click on “Scheduled Messages.”

Scheduled messages, Preferences

This will allow you to manage and monitor any scheduled messages you have set up in Boomerang for Gmail. Simply click on each message to begin tinkering with its contents and preferences.

For the final time, click “Home” and then “Preferences.”

This will allow you to set the options for Boomerang for Gmail. Once saved, these will apply to the add-on in your computer browser of choice as well for the next time you login.

You can log out of Boomerang Mobile at any time by heading back to the main screen and clicking Logout.

Pros of Boomerang for Gmail:

  • Allows you to schedule e-mails for later
  • Can set up a reminder if you have not heard back from someone

Cons of Boomerang for Gmail:

  • Only basic features available without subscription
  • Boomerang Mobile is in its infancy, does not have app support, yet


Is Boomerang for Gmail an effective add-on?

Boomerang for Gmail is an interesting concept for those of us who forget to e-mail family and friends for birthdays and would like to know if someone has forgotten an e-mail we sent. The company behind Boomerang for Gmail is committed to making the concept of managing e-mails easier for all using Gmail.

This add-on is efficient at managing e-mails you want to send down the line and sending you reminders but without the dedicated use of a mobile app for those on the go, it may not be worth the effort to get started with. Give Boomerang for Gmail a shot and see for yourself whether the basic version is enough and if so, it may be worth the wait for more features to become available for mobile devices.

Install Boomerang for Gmail.

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