Social networking is a completely different monster than it was just a few years ago. With more and more smart phone users out there, being able to social network on the go is a must. While Facebook, Twitter and other networks utilizing mobile apps to keep people connected, Google+ knew it had to go above and beyond to convince users that using the service on their own phones was a must.

Google+ offers a mobile version of its social network for the Android and iOS devices. There is basic browser support for other mobile operating systems as well.

Google+ mobile for Android

Android is Google’s native mobile phone platform and it should come as no surprise to those using it that the Google+ app gets the most when run on this type of device. The Google+ app for Android is available for those running version 2.1+. It offers the ability to use the Instant Upload feature which the iOS version cannot.

The Android version of the Google+ mobile app is fast, efficient and gives you access to the features you want from the network on the go. Let us know what you think of the Android version of this app in the comments section. Also, check back soon for our guide to using Google+’s mobile app for Android.

Get the Google+ app for Android.

Google+ mobile for iOS

Months after the Google+ app for Android went live, Google released the iOS version. It offers just about all the functionality as the Android version except for the use of Instant Upload. This is an Android-only feature of the Google+ mobile app.

Some believe the iOS version of Google+ is chunkier and not as seamless as the Android version. We would love to hear what you think if you are using the iOS version. Please comment and let us know how you rate it. You can also check out our guide to the iOS version of Google+’s mobile app.

Get the Google+ app for iOS.

Google+ for other mobile operating systems

Google+ is available on other mobile devices not running iOS or Android. It can be accessed by visiting in your phone’s mobile browser. You can also utilize text messaging to stay connected by configuring it when logged into Google+.

Pros of Google+ mobile:

  • Allows you to stay connected to Google+ on the go
  • Android users can utilize Instant Upload to share multimedia

Cons of Google+ mobile:

  • Android users get much more out of app than iOS users (although a version upgrade can change that)
  • Cannot play games on your phone
  • Doesn’t allow Page Admins to manage their Brand pages.

Is Google+ mobile worth using on your phone?

If you are a social networker, using any network’s mobile app is the way to go to stay connected no matter where you are. Google+’s mobile app, especially for the Android platform, is an amazing app from start to finish. You can take advantage of the Instant Upload feature which is a revolutionary way to make sure your Circles can see what you are up to when you are out and about as life happens.

If you have not tried the Google+ mobile app yet, download it for free from the Android Market or iTunes and see how easy it is to stay in touch with your Circles.

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