insync logoDropbox is really popular among cloud syncing software. There are other options out there, a lot of them in fact. One of the other cloud syncing options is InSync. They even say it’s ok for you to cheat on Dropbox with them. That means it’s ok if you have permission…. right?

The way InSync works is similar to Dropbox, however, it is linked to your Google Docs account as your storage. That means you can pretty much add anything to the folder and have it uploaded. If you want an easy way to add documents that you update locally to your Google Docs account for access anywhere, this is your service.

Setting up InSync

Setting up InSync is super easy. Start by downloading the installation file and running through the wizard.

insync install complete

When you are complete, you will need to log in a couple of places for everything to sync correctly. Go to the InSync icon in your taskbar.

insync taskbar icon

When you click on Account Info, you will be asked to grant access to your Google Account. (This is in case you are using Google Multiple sign-in.)

grant access 1

When you have the correct account selected you will be told what InSync will be able to access.

grant access 2

When you say yes, then you will need to link the computer you installed InSync on with their service. This is a simple process. When the webpage pops up, click on the button saying Link machine to this account.

link insync to the computer

Automatic Sync

Now, depending on how many files you have in your Google Docs account, it may take a while for all of them to sync down to your computer. They can be found in the InSync folder in your My Documents folder.

my document insync folder

If you are on the site and click a document, you will be uploaded to your Google Docs account.

insync site

There is a future feature that could be pretty cool. It is a feed like many people are accustomed to on their Facebook wall. I think it will show the most recently updated documents, but I am not 100% sure.

document feed


One big advantage InSync has over Dropbox is because it access your Google Account, you can easily share the files using Gmail and your contacts. You can also set the permissions for the document and who can invite new viewers too.

share using gmail


InSync works great and is easy to use. The downfall is there aren’t any mobile applications currently available. On their support site, it looked like they are working on an Android and an iPhone app slotted to be out soon.

Download InSync


In the past, I have personally used a few different options to sync local documents with my Google Docs account. InSync is by far the easiest solution I have tried. Other services are pretty involved in setting up or they don’t do that great of a job. InSync works great.

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