Grooveshark-LogoGrooveshark is an online music database, search engine and streaming services like Spotify, Google Music and others online. While Spotify has got all the attention lately, Grooveshark has been around since 2009 and has proved that online streaming services work in the favor of the listening. Recently we also wrote about the launch of HTML5 app for all mobile platforms by Grooveshark.

With many different streaming services online, it can be important to be able to juggle them all as seamlessly as possible. There are a few web apps and programs which make importing and exporting playlists from one service to another quite convenient. In this article, we will discuss how to use the web app “ToGrooveshark” to easily send Spotify playlists to your Grooveshark account.

How to import your Spotify playlists into Grooveshark

In order to start importing Spotify playlists into Grooveshark, you want to visit “ToGrooveshark“. Once there, you will have to log in and link your Grooveshark account to the web app.

Login to Grooveshark

You want to enter your Grooveshark username or e-mail along with your account password. ToGrooveshark will encrypt this data to ensure its safety during the process. Click “Login To Grooveshark” to continue.

It will take a few seconds, but you will be shown as logged into Grooveshark. You can logout at any time by clicking “Logout of Grooveshark.”

Logged into Grooveshark

Now, you want to name your first playlist.

Name your playlist

You can name it the same as your Spotify playlist or anything else you want. Next, you want to open Spotify. Locate your playlists and click on the one you want to transfer.

Spotify playlists

Select all of the songs in the playlist and then right-click anywhere on them.

Select all songs in playlist

Click “Copy HTTP Link.”

(7) right click to copy

When successfully copied, the context menu will disappear. Paste the HTTP Link data into the “Paste your song list below”

Paste your song list below

Click “Match Up Songs” to begin the first step in transferring your playlist.

Match up songs

ToGrooveshark will begin matching your songs from Spotify to Grooveshark.

Create playlist

Depending on the playlist, this could take a few minutes. Once every song is matched, click “Create Playlist.” ToGrooveshark will begin transferring the data to Grooveshark.

Playlist created

When finished, you will see the playlist appear with a link directly to it on Grooveshark itself.

Playlist now in Grooveshark

You can either head to Grooveshark to listen to it or click “Transfer Another Playlist” to begin the process again.

Why would you import Spotify playlists into Grooveshark?

If you use multiple online music services, for whatever reason, being able to consistently listen to music across them can be essential for users. Web apps like ToGrooveshark make it easy to transfer Spotify playlists to the Grooveshark service.

Other services are available to transfer playlists between a variety of services and most are easy to use and quick to transfer. If you use both Grooveshark and Spotify, you can transfer playlists from Spotify by taking advantage of the web app ToGrooveshark.

Visit ToGrooveshark to transfer your Spotify Playlists.

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