In 2007 Ford and Microsoft came together to create connectivity technology built on the Windows Embedded Automotive platform to deliver rich, interactive experiences for drivers. These two giants joined forces in creating an interface that operates via USB and is Bluetooth enabled at the same time.

Since then they have come a long way in developing SYNC to offer a safer driving and entertaining experience to car owners. This system has been installed in over 3.5 million vehicles till date.

A New Era of Car Infotainment Systems

What Ford SYNC is All About

Ford SYNC is an excellent advancement in Auto technology since it allows users to connect all types of cell phones with almost any type of music player. Fiat has a similar device that is able to offer navigation services.

The Ford & Microsoft Syncs, however, on the other hand, lacks this feature although it is able to send texts. This great technology is already available in numerous models of the vehicle, and it is without a doubt quite useful for those who have experienced it first hand.


Access to live streaming online is made possible using the syncs. The functionality that is in place on this regard, enables you to connect your smartphone to the car’s stereo via Bluetooth in a relatively simple manner. There is a very big difference between the sync technology and what most other vehicles offer you in terms of connectivity. This is the fact that this technology enables you to connect to all Bluetooth enabled phones irrespective of the make and model of the phone.

Most other cars do not have this benefit owing to the reason that they only work with specific phones hence cannot allow you to access the phonebook from your device. In addition to this, you will also get to enjoy the ringtones that you have set through your car’s speakers every time that you receive a call when the devices are integrated.

Music Transfer, Device Compatibility, and Voice Recognition

When you want to transfer your favorite music, the process is quite simple because of the availability of a USB jack. Moreover, the USB jack has been designed in such a manner that it is compatible with all devices that play music such as the iPod, the hard disk, Microsoft’s Zune, flash disk, and many more. At the moment, you will only be able to play audio music since the video app is still under construction and is expected to drop real soon. You will nonetheless have the ability of transferring all formats of music including the digital ones.

In the event that you receive a text message on your phone, you will be alerted via a pre-recorded sound that has the capability of translating the text. The spoken message that is normally left in the voicemail cannot be translated into text as most people normally assume at first.

There is a voice recognition feature which enables you to access any app that you want just by speaking into the device. This normally comes with the package when you make the purchase. Another feature that comes in handy is the USB jack and this is especially when you are going for long drives, or even when away from home or the office. This is because the device enables you to recharge all devices that are connected to it externally. All in all, the hardware that has been used in constructing the sync are relatively small hence making its resulting size to be quite portable.

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