Google+Did you know that you can back up not only the data from your Google+ account but also from other Google-based services? Why would you need to back up your data on Google? There are a number of reasons why this is a good idea.

For starters, if you opt to delete your profiles or accounts from Google, having the data you stored with them can help you start over somewhere else online. It also just helps people feel secure knowing the information they have online can be stored on their own computer, too. Google makes it easy to backup your data on Google+, our guide will get you started

How to back up your data on Google+

Login to your Google+ account. Now, click on the “Gear icon” in the upper right-hand corner of your browser window.

Click on “Google+ settings.”

Google+ settings

Now, on the left-hand side of your screen, click on “Data liberation.”

Data liberation

This will open the settings related to your data as stored within the Google services family.

Data liberation

You can opt to download data from each service or you can opt to download the entirety of your data.

Click the blue “Download your data.”

Download your data

Even though you already logged into your Google+ account, you will be prompted to do so ago. This is a security measure to ensure your account data is safe in your hands and your hands alone.

Login to Google services

Enter your password, then click “Sign in” to continue.

Welcome to Google Takeout

You will be redirected to Google’s Takeout menu.


This allows you to see what you can download, as well as choose which services you want to download from.

Click on “Choose services.”

Choose services

Choose services

Then, click “Add all services.”

Finally, to begin creating your backup, click “Create Archive.”

(12) create archive

It will take a few moments for Google to compile your backup.

Creating archive

As it happens, you will see the amount of files and size fill up as well as when the archive was created for you. You can even opt to be emailed when Google is finished creating your backup so you do not have to stare at the screen and wait for it to occur.

When Google has finished creating your archive, you can click “Download” to begin downloading it to your computer.

Download archive

Locate the file where you downloaded it.

Zip and unzip

It will be saved as a ZIP file, you will have to unzip it to access the files.

When you open the folder, you will see the contents of your Google services divided into folders. You can head into each folder to see what content is stored and view your backups.

Backup of Google services

Google offers a quick way to save your data on its services so that you have copies of it and can use it as you see fit away from the Google umbrella.

Why backup your data on Google+ and other social networks?

You never know when the tides of the Internet will change. At one point, Facebook, Twitter and even Google+ did not exist and something else was in its place. Remember, MySpace? If you could backup your data from MySpace, when you had a profile there, and transfer it more easily to Facebook or Google+, it would have been much easier and quicker for you to start a new social network profile.

Google allows you to backup your data and has access to it away from the Internet so you can do just that. Take advantage of Google’s data liberation service the next time you feel you need to make a change or just to feel secure in not losing what you have uploaded to the world wide web.

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