foxish-introMany people aren’t using RSS readers. Some aren’t really even too sure what they are. Foxish RSS is a great way for people to start using RSS feeds for their favorite sites. Foxish RSS adds the feed to your Bookmark bar in Chrome. It blends with your other bookmarks, but is updated with articles that site.

When you can access the feeds right from your Bookmark bar, it is super easy to see what’s new on your favorite sites. If you frequent sites like ours, you know how many articles get posted in a week. Having the most recent articles at your fingertips makes it less likely you will miss important information.

Using the Foxish RSS Chrome Extension

Installation of Foxish RSS takes navigating to the Chrome Web Store and adding the extension to your browser. (Download link below)


The icon for Foxish RSS will show up when you are on a site where the extension detects a RSS feed.


From this point, all you need to do is surf the web like normal. Look for the Foxish icon to show up in your address bar.


When you see the icon, click it and a new tab will open to display the feed.


Click subscribe and you will see a new bookmark folder in your bar. Click on the name of the site in your Bookmark bar and it will have a drop down more like any other folder. The links in the folder will be the most current links from that site’s RSS feed.


Why you’ll like RSS feeds in your Bookmark bar

Having your RSS feed here is ideal for people who may be testing the waters with RSS feeds. Another possible use is if you are job hunting and don’t want to clog up your main RSS reader with job updates. There are many uses for RSS feeds so you can be creative in how you choose to integrate this option into your mix.

Bookmark RSS feeds or feeds in a reader?

There are advantages to both. I think the readers like Google Reader are better for the avid user. There are a lot of add-ons and ways to use web-based or downloaded readers that may be overkill for a new user. An extension like Foxish is better for the low volume subscriber.


Initially, I thought having feeds in my Bookmark bar would be inconvenient compared to using Google Reader. To be honest, it is good way to access a few of the sites I need to check a bit more often.

Download Foxish RSS Extension for Chrome

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