We have talked about profiles in Chrome and switching profiles in Firefox, but what if you don’t want to set up a whole different profile just so you can have a new set of bookmarks? Well, there is a simple solution for Chrome users. Bookmark Bar Switcher is perfect for this situation.

Simply put, you can make several bookmark bars with totally different sets of bookmarks and easily switch between the different Bookmark bars. If you use a service like Foxish allowing you access to RSS feeds in the Bookmark bar, you can have a bar for your RSS feeds and one for your other Bookmarks.

**Please note that this extension does not work with the built-in syncing feature of Chrome. Other than that, the service works very well.

After installing Bookmark Bar Switcher

You will see a new icon to the right of the address bar. This is where you toggle between the multiple bars.


When you click on the BMB switcher icon for the first time, there will only be one bar in the list. The initial Bookmark bar is named Default. To add another bar, click New bar.


You will just need to name the new Bookmark bar.


When you have all of the bars you think you’ll need added, its time to add bookmarks. There is an option called Manage bars that shows up when you click on the icon. If you select this option, you will see a screen something like this. You will see all of your Bookmark bars in the tree of folders.


If you have a lot of bookmarks already, this is a great way to distribute them to different bars. You can drag and drop them to the appropriate folder and they should then appear on that Bookmark bar.

Why you need multiple Bookmark bars

When you are on the computer a lot, be it for fun or for work, you will end up saving sites you’d like to return to someday. The problem is, most people suck at organizing their bookmarks. Believe me, I’m right there with ya.

When you have multiple bars, new organizational doors are opened. You can use each bar for a different purpose. What I mean is, you can have a bar for your social sites and bookmarklets. Another one for your job hunting and even another one for RSS feeds in the Bookmark bar.


Instead of having your bookmarks stored in a folder that’s in a folder that’s in a folder where they will be forgotten about, make a few Bookmarks bars so you can go back and read them like you intended to do when you saved the URL to the site.

Update: This extension is not available on Chrome Store. An alternative link to this is given below.

Download Bookmarks Bar Switcher

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