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Sarah is a staff writer at TechNorms.com. She is passionate about security and privacy and enjoys explaining tech concepts in the simplest way possible. She loves the outdoors, camps often and never leaves her gadgets behind.

Red Alert: Your Internet Privacy, Surfing Data is No Longer Secure

The United States Congress has voted to nullify the FCC’s internet privacy and safety laws, which were approved by FCC in the final days of the Obama administration.

These rules averted the ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) from selling their customers’ personal web browsing data including financial, medical or innately private data, but they are up for grabs now.

The Top Countries with the Most Remarkable Female Coders

Women are now playing a vital role in software companies and with some remarkable success. There's no index or graph where you could see data related to female coders, but now thanks to HackerRank, we have some solid stats at hand.

The Hacker Rank conducts coding challenges to help programmers get a job at the best companies in the world. A large number of developers from all over the world participate in challenges to show their expertise in various programming languages.

According to a test survey by HackerRank, the programming challenge test comprised of 17.1% female developers while male participation was 82.9%. That is a significant margin, but the ladies are closing in with each passing year.

Pwned: How To Find Out If Your Information Was Leaked In A Data Breach

With all the data and security breaches that have happened in recent years, it’s easy to feel paranoid that your accounts, and worse, your identity, can be compromised.

But there are various individuals and organizations who have realized that there is a need for services to check whether one’s accounts have been compromised or not. There are now a good number of tools that can help you find out if your account was swept into the cesspool of hacked accounts.


The Rush Towards Artificial Intelligence: Will AI become our Saviour or Annihilator?

Many people think whatever needed to be invented, is already here. As Justin Perry, Lead Pastor of MorningStar Ministries recounted, his smartphone now has RAM 10x the size of his circa-1960’s computer. Yes, we are actually living in the future that writers, dreamers, “oracles,” and “prophets” of old, could only dream of.

So now that all is said and done, guess where the tech giants are turning their sights to? The next frontier of computing: Alternative Intelligence and Robotics.

But the champions of the Sci-Tech arena like Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Stephan Hawkings paint a bleak future if we persist on this path.

Front Flash

Get The Screen/Front Flash Feature On iOS and Android for Brighter Selfies

The iPhone 6S is one of the better selfie phones out there, with the new screen flash feature. In fact, the screen flash feature is now being integrated into more phones, with LG phones leading the way.

However, what if you own a phone that doesn’t have that specific feature, out of the box? There are still ways to be able to take selfies without the need to get an iPhone 6S or an LG G Series phones.


3 Web Apps to Batch Resize Photos and Images Online

Most cameras are capable of taking decently high-resolution photos today. While it is great to have good quality photos with you, uploading them to online services or social networks, or sharing requires different sizes and resolutions of these images. There are several tools to do that, though you may not always have access to them, and you can then resize the images online.

We have listed down three easy to use services that have good features and are simple to use


10 Feature Rich iPhone Apps To Help You Take Awesome Selfies

Let’s face it, selfies are the rage, from the Kardashians to Brock O’Hurn to girls and boys next door alike. In fact, Manny the Cat has joined in the selfie craze. And with that, one needs to be armed properly, with the right lenses, and the right apps to snap selfies with.

It’s undeniable that the iPhone is the standard in taking beautiful pics. Head to head with a Samsung, Business Insider’s Lisa Eadicicco was able to show that the iPhone just simply does photography better.

Of course, the selfie isn’t anything like snapping stunning photos of Iceland, or even chronicling last night’s sumptuous dinner. Beauty is always universal, and everyone wants to look good, so we understand why you would want to take your selfie game even further.

Aside from the iPhone’s already-excellent camera, the best picks in apps will help you achieve just that.


The Quest For The Perfect Selfie: Essential Android Selfie Apps

The selfie phenomenon is very real and here to stay. Since it’s so popular, we might as well hand you the tools to make your selfies more stunning, more dramatic, more Instagram-worthy.

We scoured Google Play Store for the best Selfie-making apps available for Android today and we have come up with an exciting collection for apps that have unique features that can make your photo stand out.

How to Reduce Your Mobile Data Consumption on Android and iOS

As Internet connectivity evolves, the pricing schemes also evolve. Gone are the days of unlimited, albeit slow Internet packages. Nowadays, the carriers are racing to provide faster speeds, but at a price - bandwidth caps or limitations.

For example, T-Mobile is said to deliver an average of 12.26 MBPS in 4G LTE mobile connectivity, the fastest in the US as of February 2016. However, its base plan at $50 per month only has an allotment of 2GB. For unlimited, you have to shell out more money.

Not everyone needs unlimited data to use when they’re out and about. But what if you’re waiting for a very important email to come in?

While there are similarities and differences in Apple and Android-based devices, there are 4 key principles to saving data while you’re on 3G /4G or Cellular Data mode.

Women and Technology: How Far Have They Come? Tech Savvier and More Educated

Women have come a long way from the time when they were second-class citizens. More women are now in fields previously thought to be strictly for men. In fact, there has been growth in the participation of women in decision-making.

In light of Women’s Day, which happened last March 8th, Google produced not just an awesome video celebrating women, but also the encouraging data that more women across all ages are using technology like Google Search.

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