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I am a professional Software Engineer, hobbyist Blogger, and a binge-watching Netflix junkie. I am passionate about Coding and Computer Science on one hand & Media and Consumer Tech on the other. I wear many hats at TechNorms, as and when required.

Muse Headband is a Wearable that Cares for the Health of Your Mind

There is a growing demand for health tech gadgets and wearables that help users monitor health related factors. There are a variety of wearables that you can pick up for monitoring your sleep, movement and workout, blood pressure or even your heart rate.

Going a step further, there is the new crop of devices coming up that are designed specifically for the health of your mind. These devices leverage the fact that there are electric impulses generated in our brains, that are used as means of communication between neurons. The measurement of this electric activity produced by the brain is called Electroencephalography or as you most likely know it as: EEG.

These devices are basically miniature versions of an EEG machine, which analyze the brain waves that they pick up and act on them. Muse is one such headwear aimed at de-stressing your mind and getting you better at focusing on things at hand.

Hide Your Digital Footprint and Get Better Privacy with SilentPocket

It's the age to be connected. The tablet in your bag, the smartphone in your pocket, that wearable on your wrist or the inconspicuous...

CES 2015: Toshiba Glass Prototype Brings a Projector to Your Glasses

Toshiba is not a company to be left behind when the world is making a move on wearables of all kind. Besides some health and fitness wrist wearables aimed specifically for the Japanese Market, they have an eyewear product as well. Toshiba's approach is quite different from what competitors like Sony are doing in the domain of smart glasses.

Let's begin by saying that Toshiba has managed to bring a projector to the glass which brings a completely different experience to the eyewear markets.

CES 2015: Hands-on With Sony SmartEyeGlass and the SmartEyeGlass Attach

The CES 2015 was a fun place to be for anyone who is interested in eyewear tech. This sector of wearables, though growing, has not yet witnessed the explosive growth as seen by wrist wearables. Sony had a couple of eyewear prototypes to show – one which is very similar to the Google Glass and other similar to Moverio from Epson.

It is interesting how Sony is working in parallel on two smart glasses that operate very differently and, in my opinion, doing a very good job on both of them. The first one is called the Sony SmartEyeGlass Attach, which can be attached the to any glasses and other is called Sony SmartEyeGlass which is a complete unit.

The eyewear market is not mature yet, but when it does so perhaps in a year or two, Sony seems well placed to give a choice of eyewears to the consumers.

LG G Flex 2: This Curved, Beautiful and Powerful Device is LG’s Best Smartphone...

Amongst the various announcements that were made at the LG press conference yesterday, nothing grabbed our attention as much as the LG G Flex 2. I had tried out the G Flex last year. The phone was attractive, but its gigantic size and not-so-great display was an almost immediate turn-off.

LG seems to have paid attention to this gripe that several people had. The G Flex 2 seems to have gotten everything right. We've taken a close look at this device during our visit to CES 2015.

Ozobot is an Adorable 1″ Robot That Packs A Punch of Edu-tainment

Roaming the corridors of CES, you have to be prepared to come across stuff that is completely amazing, although more often, it's somewhat idiotic. What I wasn't expecting was to come across a product that is not only innovative, awesome and meaningful but also totally adorable. I admit. It was the cuteness factor of this robot that first attracted the attention of the kid in me, and it drove me to learn more.

Ozobot is a unique product that stands at the intersection of robotics, education and gaming. Designed as a product for all age groups above 14 years, it is even used by kids under proper supervision. I understand the appeal of this product and how attractive it must be for kids. The way it got my attention, kids must be loving it.

Forget Cloud Storage – Lima is a Local, Cross-Platform and Secure Storage Solution for...

A gem of a product that we came across at CES Unveiled was Lima, a crowd-funded storage solution that ships to backers in early 2015. This product, which received over 1.2 million is funding on KickStarter, aims to give a peace of mind to people who harbor insecurity towards storing their personal data on the cloud.

Lima consists of a hardware module and cross-platform app that will enable you to store all data across all of your devices at one local location, and have access to it in an uniform manner on any device you use.

It's delayed by over a year, but looking at the feature list and stated capabilities, I can understand the challenges that they must have faced and why it took so much more time than expected. If it lives up to the expectations, the wait would have been well worth it.

International CES 2015: Here’s What to Expect From the Years’ Biggest Tech Event

International CES is a grand affair. This amazing consumer technology event of the year takes place in January every year. It is THE place to be for meeting the who's who of the tech industry. You get to view the latest innovations that companies have been working on, and get a glimpse of things to come in the year.

CES 2015 is just about 5 days away and TechNorms Team will be there. This is just our second year at CES, and we are excited about the events that are going to take place at the CES venues in Las Vegas. We are busy crafting our plans for this huge event, and thought we should give you a glimpse of what is in store for us all this year.

Locked Out of Your Android Device With No WiFi? Here’s How to Enable it...

Security is good, especially for the smartphones that contain an enormous amount of information about you. One of those moments however, when this security backfires, is when you get locked out of your phone. If the Wi-Fi is off, you are stuck. This happened with me recently and I figured out a workaround.

I recently found my old phone and wanted to get some info off it. Turned out that I had a pattern lock on the device and I did not remember what it was. The Wi-Fi was on, but the configuration was improper - the phone did not connect to Wi-Fi. After several tries, I was completely locked out and any unlock attempts took me straight to the user account login screen. Fortunately, my phone was rooted, so there was a way out using ADB.

Tablift Review: An Awesome Hands-Free Tablet Stand For Any Surface

The most common occasion when you want to use your tablet (Android / Apple / Windows / Other) is often when you are snugly sitting in your bed or on the couch. The biggest pain point at such times is that the comfort goes out of the window if you want to use the tablet for a significant amount of time.

Enter tablet stands. There is no dearth of these stands that claim to solve all your tablet handling problems. There are 3 types of stands in existence today - Table top, Lap resting, and Single arm mounts. Each one has certain limitations and none of these provide a universal solution.

I don't really know which ones meet user expectations, but I certainly know one that impressed me and it's called Tablift. It is a versatile tablet stand that will let you use your tablet in a hands-free manner in almost any setting. It's robust, stable and can accommodate any tablet.

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