intro-identity-safeAre you concerned about security when you are surfing the web? You should be. With all the nefarious people out there working overtime to steal your information, you should take precautions. Symantec (the company behind the Norton Security Products) is helping make the web safe in yet another way.

Norton Identity Safe is an add-on to your Firefox, Chrome or IE browsers. The add-on will let you know if you are visiting a site with possible security concerns. Part of the security offered is a password keeper. Read on for a bit more detail on the features and how Norton Identity Safe is different from what you might already be using to save passwords.

Norton Identity Safe Features

The idea of a cloud-based password keeper isn’t new. LastPass is a great choice and a personal favorite. While you may not be cool with storing your passwords in the cloud, it is very convenient and ideal if you use multiple computers or use an Android or iOS device. By storing everything online, you can access your password safely from anywhere you can log into your Norton account.


Surfing the web is kept safe by letting you know via a toolbar whether the site you are about to buy something on is a legitimate business or not. If it isn’t, you can move along to another site possibly saving yourself a lot of hardship and money of dealing with credit card fraud.


Not only does Norton Identity Safe store your passwords, it offers you the option to save any username and password you type in while you are logging into a site. Think about that, you won’t need to remember all of those passwords. You can also stop using the same 2 or 3 passwords for everything and make a different strong secure password for each login you have.


How Norton Identity Safe is different

If you are used to using a spreadsheet to keep track of your passwords or even using a desktop password manager like KeePass, you will be pleased to know there is an import option for your passwords. In the settings (accessible from the toolbar) there is an import option. To import or export, you need to enter your Identity Safe password.


There is also a 2 step sign in to access your Identity Safe. You will need to first login with your Norton account and then your Identity Safe password. This may seem like an inconvenience to some, but it is an added measure that most other password apps and services don’t offer.


Norton Identity Safe mobile applications

There are applications available for both iOS and Android devices. You will need to login with the same 2 steps as you would on your desktop browser. With the Android app, you can browse privately within the Norton app. Here are the QR codes for the iOS and Android app downloads. The iOS app goes through a beta test service called TestFlight.






I like how the Norton Identity Safe is easy to use and works with the 3 major browsers. What I wish it offered is a secure password generator along with the present features. I use the password generator in Lastpass all the time.

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