SpywareBlaster helps eliminate issues on your computer from malware, spyware and more. It works on four basic principles to keep your computer running while doing its job: Never interfere with what you do on your computer, co-exist with other programs, easy to use and must be free for users. While many programs out there try to do the same thing, SpywareBlaster is made with a different mindset which makes it a tad bit above other developers in the area.

This guide will show you how to get started with SpywareBlaster and how it can help clean up your computer.

How to use SpywareBlaster

First, download and install SpywareBlaster, then open it up for the first time.

When you open it up, you will be walked through a tutorial on the newly installed software.


Click “Next.”


SpywareBlaster will ask you how you want to deal with updates. You can choose to manually update or use automatic updates. Any time a program offers automatic updates, you should always use them to ensure you are protected with the latest definitions and updates possible.

Click “Next” after deciding.

(4) thank you

SpywareBlaster will thank you for downloading and installing the program and welcome you to its use.

Click “Finish” to proceed to SpywareBlaster’s main screen.


Now, you want to enable protection on your computer. Click “Enable All Protection” to get started.


It will take a few moments for SpywareBlaster to start protecting your computer. You can opt to enable individual protection but in order to get the most out of SpywareBlaster, you want to enable total protection.

Then, click “Updates” on the left-hand menu pane.


This will allow you to manually check for updates as well as set up automatic updates for your computer. Always choose automatic updates so you can have the maximum possible protection available through SpywareBlaster and any other program you may be using.

Click “Check for Updates.”


It will take a few minutes to update SpywareBlaster.


When finished, you will be ready to tackle just about everything threatening your computer.

Click the sub-menu “Options” under the Updates header.


For most users, leave these settings as is. If you need more advanced Internet options, simply change them as you see fit.

Now, click “System Snapshot.”


This will allow you to create a system restore point through SpywareBlaster as opposed to through Windows itself. Click “Go” to get started.


You want to name the snapshot, you can also put the date and time with it, then click “Create Snapshot.”


It will take just a few moments to create one. When finished, click “Finish.”

If you ever need to restore a snapshot, simply head back to System Snapshot and walk through the restore process.

Then, click “Protection Status.”


This is where you can work with protecting each browser SpywareBlaster works with. We will start with Internet Explorer.

You can enable ActiveX and Cookie protection, both of which will help prevent hijacks and spyware. You can also go through each and every entry to customize the list of which SpywareBlaster watches over.

Click “Mozilla Firefox.”


You will want to customize the settings for Firefox, too.

Now, click “Restricted Sites.”


You can add and remove from this site list as you see fit to help block harmful content from each if you accidentally visit them.

SpywareBlaster is more about prevention than it is about cleanup. This is a crucial factor in protecting your system before it gets infected, not after.


How does SpywareBlaster help your computer?

Every computer user should be concerned with preventing malware, spyware, and viruses from infecting every aspect of a computer. SpywareBlaster deals with preventing as opposed to cleaning up an infection. By protecting your web browsers from issues with ActiveX and cookies, you can help avoid areas of the web that would cause havoc on your system. SpywareBlaster helps prevent issues so you do not have to clean up down the line.

Download SpywareBlaster.