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​Melissa Popp is a content strategist based out of Denver, Colorado. She’s currently the Director of Operations for Altitude SEO, the RV Travel Expert for About.com, and a Senior Writer here at TechNorms.

iClever Offers a Variety of Affordable Accessories for Gamers and Travellers

iClever is one of my favorite affordable accessory brands. Whether you’re looking for Bluetooth products, gaming accessories or something between, iClever is a dependable low-cost option for everyone.

I was lucky enough to snag some new products from the company to try out and review. Here are my thoughts on those four accessories – something for everyone this time around.

How to Prepare Your PC Before New Windows 10 Updates Roll Out

With the Anniversary Update last year and this year’s Creators Update, staged releases have frustrated many consumers who want faster access to the latest version of Windows 10.

Let’s look at the steps to take to prepare Windows 10 before updates roll out to your specific computer or device.


Microsoft Unveils Windows 10 S and Surface Laptop to Consumers

At the MicrosoftEDU event, Microsoft unveiled both Windows 10 S and the Surface Laptop – both aimed at making student life that much easier.

We take a look at what Windows 10 S offers, what makes the Surface Laptop different, and how this changes Microsoft’s long-term game with the Windows ecosystem.


5 Things to Know About the Windows 10 Cloud

The buzz around Microsoft’s Windows 10 Cloud is gaining steam. The Windows 10 Cloud is Microsoft’s answer to Chrome OS and similar platforms.

With the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) becoming the future of Microsoft’s OS, it makes sense for them to create a cloud-based OS for users on less powerful devices.


The Radial Messenger Bag’s Unique Slingtech and CableReady Features Set It Apart From the...

I’ve never fallen in love with a messenger bag before and trust me, I’ve tried. When approached about checking out the STM Radial messenger bag, I wanted to give it a real shot.

The Radial messenger bag uses slingtech protection and cableready organization designed by STM to offer the most functionality and security when carrying your laptop anywhere you go.


Windows 10 Creators Update Brings 3D, 4K Support, Mixed Reality and Improved Security

The Windows 10 Creators Update is the latest major update to the Windows 10 operating system. Some of these updates are big; others are much smaller behind the scenes tweaks.

This update will propel Windows 10 into the future by offering 3D and 4K support across the Windows family platform along with improved UI, security and a new concept called Mixed Reality.

Who Else Wants a Beautiful Alarm Clock That Also Acts as a Multi-Device Charger?

When venturing through the CES show floors around Vegas, you often come upon a lot more wasted potential than practical products. Over the years, we’ve found a few gems that stood out among the crowd.

One of them we missed last year was the Sandman Clock from Palo Alto Innovations (PAI.) The Sandman Clock offers simple design and four-port charging (including fast charging) below $50 for consumers.

Let’s look at what the Sandman Clock can do, my experiences with it, and whether you should consider ditching your power strip and use this functional clock instead.

Toyota Introduces Concept-i – Its Version of the Smart Car of the Future

The concept car was a hot topic at CES 2017. Chrysler, BMW, and Toyota showed off beautiful smart concept cars of the future.

Toyota’s Concept-i looks like a space pod from Planet X. Featuring gullwing doors, an odd styling, and a pulsing center console, you’re not sure if you’re sitting in a car or a spaceship.


Kodak Gets Into the Smartphone Race with the Ektra. Does It Have Anything Unique...

One of the recurring themes in tech the last few years is companies trying to figure out where they fit in to the changing modern world. Kodak, like many others, is no different. With Kodak reviving the Super 8 last year and its Ektachrome this year, they’re trying to find a foothold with consumers.

Imagine our surprise when venturing into the Kodak booth this year to find that they’ve partnered with British phone maker Bullitt to release a smartphone.


American Greetings Trolls CES 2017 With #DeviceLikeNoOther Campaign

When you think of CES, you think of flash cars, big TVs, and an astounding amount of tech you might be tempted to buy for your home. No one thinks of greeting cards, or American Greetings, one of the longest lasting and largest greeting card companies in the world. Until now!

American Greetings launched its #DeviceLikeNoOther campaign at CES 2017 and with the help of Nick Offerman gave us all a glimpse into the future of the stylus – the pencil.

Yep, that’s right, American Greetings came to CES and made a big production out of it to re-introduce the consumer tech industry that pencils are the original stylus. Read on to find out why.

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