Whenever you register for a Google account (most of the times via Gmail), many other services also become available to you. To name a few, you can access your Google Calendar, YouTube, Google Docs, Google Alerts, iGoogle, Google Reader and many others using the same ID.

You may use some services more than the others, but it’s always a bit inconvenient to manage the preferences for all these services one at a time, by visiting each service one by one. Also have you ever wondered what data is stored with your Google Account?

What is Google Dashboard:

The Google Dashboard offers a simple view into the data associated with your account — easily and concisely in one location.The tool pulls together personal information from Google’s applications and services and indicates whether the information is public or not.

Google has been criticized for the way they have handled user privacy. But they try to come out with solutions for their users concerns. This is just one of the ways you can manage your data with Google.

The Gmail section below demonstrates how each section is laid out:

Google Dashboard - Service Sections

  1. Service name
    The name of the Google product or service.
  2. Data
    Summary of the data stored by the product, including the amount of data, an indication of whether you’re sharing the data with anyone else, and recent examples. Clicking a link will take you directly to a product page where you can view more details and manage this data.
  3. Control
    Direct links to pages where you can control the data for this product. For instance, you can pause or delete your Web History, or choose not to store your chat history in Gmail.
  4. More info
    Links to relevant help articles and information pages.

Google Dashboard in action:

Check out what information does your Google account store and how much of it is shared with others by visiting Google Dashboard.

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