Promotion emails can disturb the look and the feel of your Gmail inbox. Having a slew of unwanted promotion emails adds to the clutter. It can also cause obstructions in the navigation apart from consuming storage space. Knowing how to delete all promotions in Gmail and unwanted emails become mandatory in that aspect.

What Are Promotion Emails?

In short, promotional emails are sent to consumers by companies for advertising products. As consumers, you can receive promotional emails if you subscribe to the mailing lists of blogs or companies. Promotional emails are significantly used in retention marketing, as marketers try to cultivate relationships with the consumers. It is also a great tool for email marketers, who build mailing lists and send promotional emails to their consumers.

How To Delete All Promotions In Gmail in 3 Steps

Email is an important aspect of our lives on both personal and professional levels. The option to delete the number of promotions in Gmail depends on the user’s requirements. You can learn how to delete all the promotions in Gmail or simply delete those that aren’t important to you.

How To Delete All Promotions In Gmail

1. Open Gmail inbox and click on the Categories section in the left pane.
2. Select Promotions and check the box to select all emails on one page in the Promotions tab.
3. Then, click on ‘ Select all conversations in Promotions’ and press Delete to empty the promotions tab.

Note: These are the basic steps for how to delete all promotions in Gmail. Now, let’s check the details along with images.

The answer to how to delete all promotions in Gmail exists in your inbox itself. Every email inbox has a separate category that sorts promotional emails. You can delete the emails in those categories to get rid of all the promotions in one go.

Step 1: To start with, sign in to your Gmail. Open your email inbox and click on the Categories section in the left pane.

select the promotions tab
Click on Categories and select Promotions

Step 2: Select the Promotions tab and then, check the box to select all the emails on this page in the Promotions tab.

Step 3: Click on Select all conversations in Promotions to select all emails in the Promotions tab. Then press the Delete button to empty the promotions tab.

how to delete all promotions in gmail
Select all the emails and delete them

Once you follow the steps mentioned above, your email inbox will be free of all the promotion emails. You can carry out these steps if you don’t want any promotions in your inbox; for deleting selected emails, you will have to do so manually.

Delete All Promotions in Gmail Using A Filter

If you want to make a separate folder for storing the promotion emails in Gmail, you can create a filter the same. Filters help in sorting emails based on different parameters, such as keywords, size of the email, and date. Once the emails are stored in the folder, you can access that folder and delete all promotions in Gmail (all the emails with a single click).

By using filters, you can sort out selected promotional emails and delete them as per your requirements. You need to use the filter parameters accordingly for that purpose. You can learn how to create Gmail filters for various purposes here– interlink.

3 Ways To Block Promotion Emails

If you do not fancy having a bunch of promotional emails cluttering your inbox, it’s better to block them from entering your email inbox. To do so, we need to learn different ways to block these emails. If you use these methods, you also won’t need to search for how to delete all promotions in Gmail in the first place.

1. Reporting Emails As Spam

If an email client is constantly sending you emails about promotions, you can report those emails as spam. Doing so will allocate that email to the built-in Spam category.

Open your Gmail and click on an email you want to mark as spam. Then, navigate to the top right corner and click on the three dots. In the drop-down menu, select the Report as spam option.

how to report as spam
Click on the three dots and select Report spam

After doing so, this email will be sent to the Spam folder. You can delete the email manually from that folder. Reporting spam is probably the easiest answer on how to delete all promotions in Gmail permanently.

2. Block Emails

Blocking emails is a great way to ensure your inbox doesn’t accumulate unnecessary emails. The process for blocking an email is similar to reporting spam, albeit with a tiny difference. Instead of selecting the ‘Report spam’ option, you have to click on the ‘Block’ option in the drop-down menu.

3. Unsubscribe from Mailing Lists

Many times, we visit blogs or websites where we subscribe to their newsletters or create accounts. When we do so, we give these blogs and websites the right to send emails by providing our email address.

To unsubscribe, open the email address and select the ‘Unsubscribe’ option on the top.

click on unsubscribe
Click on Unsubscribe

If you wish to avoid constant promotional emails, make sure you don’t subscribe to the newsletters or any other mailing lists. It’s a good practice to avoid subscribing to too many email lists so that your Gmail inbox doesn’t get cluttered.

Can Promotion Emails be Deleted On A Smartphone?

Yes, you can delete promotional emails on a phone, but that involves manual work. You will require a desktop to create a filter as they cannot be created in the Gmail app. Once you create a filter, you can delete the emails in a folder on a phone. Users can also mark promotional emails as spam in the Gmail app and delete them manually from the spam folder.

Third-party apps like PaperKarma for Android or JunkMail Stop for iOS are also a good solution for how to delete all promotions in Gmail on a phone. These applications will help you delete unwanted promotions, credit card offers, or bulky product catalogs, and save your storage space.


When we browse the internet and visit various websites and blogs, we often subscribe to promotional emails or newsletters for the latest updates. However, some websites send emails to a consumer beyond measure, thus cluttering his or her inbox. This compels users to look for how to delete all promotions in Gmail.

There are various ways to delete promotions in Gmail. You can delete the promotional emails from the Promotions tab in your inbox. Using Gmail filters will help you to create a different folder for storing promotional emails and deleting them as and when necessary.

It is always a good practice to avoid subscribing to mailing lists unless you feel that they will provide valuable information. The choice of method to delete promotional emails rests solely with the users.