Calendars come in handy for remembering important dates and events. The useful tool ensures you do not miss out on anything significant, be it attending a meeting or wishing a friend on their birthday. Pick the best calendar app for Android, install it on your smartphone, and manage appointments effectively.

Check daily or weekly reminders, share your schedule with others, and set reminders. The calendar apps offer rich features, various customization options and go a step beyond the mundane functions. It’s time to ditch the antiquated paper calendars and opt for these multifunctional calendar apps.

20 Best Calendar App For Android To Stay In Track

Most people want to use a calendar app that syncs across multiple devices. The next requirement, of course, is an intuitive interface that is simple to use and clean. Whether you wish to use an app with just the primary attributes or are looking for a full-fledged scheduler and planner, we have got you covered.

Our team has researched and curated a list keeping all these factors in mind, and you do not have to look elsewhere. All the apps are available on the Google Play Store for download and are worth trying.

1. Google Calendar

best calendar app android google calendar

The best calendar app for Android devices, Google Calendar, is worthy of grabbing the numero uno spot. The app is pre-installed in most Android phones and integrates exceptionally well with the Google ecosystem. If you use Gmail, all events get automatically synced with the calendar. Even though the app is free, you do not see any advertisements. Organize and schedule your personal and professional commitments and receive quick suggestions regarding places to visit and events to attend.

You can create, view, and check out your planner by opting for different kinds of calendar views – daily, thrice a week, weekly, or monthly. Create to-do and shopping lists, set reminders, use the home screen widget, and receive notifications when a specific due date has arrived. The ease of use makes Google Calendar very convenient to handle, and you will not miss out on any of your goals with the robust app installed.

What we like about Google Calendar:

  1. Simple to use and multi-purpose
  2. Ideal for both personal and professional use
  3. Swift navigation and improved organization
  4. Excellent integration with the other services
  5. In-built in most devices and hence hassle-free

What can be better:

  1. Most users face issues with the display date being inaccurate.

Download Google Calendar

2. aCalendar


Elegant, popular, pleasing to the eyes, and multifunctional; aCalendar classifies as the best calendar app for Android for reasons more than one. The intuitive navigation enables you to easily switch between viewing your daily, weekly, and monthly calendar. You can set reminders and receive alerts as the app integrates with your smartphone’s in-built calendar.

Users also get a list with all the public holidays marked and even school leaves for some countries.

aCalendar is hassle-free, offers various customization features, and boasts multiple business features as well. The full-screen widget looks exquisite, and you get to choose from 7 beautiful options. For adding a new event, simply long-press on the calendar display, and you are good to go.

What we like about aCalendar:

  1. View tasks separately, apart from seeing them in the daily or weekly schedule.
  2. Convenient toggling between one display style to another
  3. Check out holidays and leaves even in the country you are not residing.
  4. Best when it comes to meeting business needs and scheduling appointments

What can be better:

  1. The plentiful options might be overwhelming at first.

Download aCalendar

3. Microsoft Outlook

microsoft outlook best calendar app for android

Yet another big name in the list, Microsoft Outlook, serves the purposes of a calendar well and allows users to stay organized and well-planned. The calendar comes integrated with your email box and offers excellent syncing options. The switch between your mailbox and calendar is seamless and easy to handle.

Microsoft Outlook is the best calendar app for Android, as it is robust and auto-syncs with Yahoo and Google Calendar as well. You can view your events in a daily, weekly, or monthly display style or agenda-wise. The clean and soothing interface is a delight, and you can choose from the two widget options available. Use Microsoft Outlook as an organizer, RSVP to events, share schedules, and coordinate plans.

What we like about Microsoft Outlook:

  1. Integrates with the other service providers
  2. Enables you to view impending tasks and plans in different styles and with clear presentation
  3. Get auto-synced with your email, which is very helpful.
  4. Efficient and dependable

What can be better:

  1. You might not get all notifications diligently.

Download Microsoft Outlook 

4. Business Calendar 2

business calendar 2

Packed with powerful and advanced features, Business Calendar 2 classifies as the best calendar app for Android that you must install. Users can view their calendar in five different ways – daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and agenda-wise. The app is known for offering tons of customization options and allows you to choose and pick your display settings. The intuitive interface makes way for smooth right and left swiping.

Adding events is quick, and you can use the drag and drop feature to set the event time. Business Calendar 2 also enables you to use your voice to add events since the app comes integrated with natural language processing attributes.

What we like about Business Calendar:

  1. Using voice to add events
  2. Displays an excellent overview of your impending calendar events
  3. Syncs with Google Calendar
  4. Highly customizable

What can be better:

  1. The process of searching for appointments by entering the keywords can be more refined.

Download Business Calendar 2

5.  best calendar app android

The multi-tasker app doubles as an excellent scheduler and planner. Supremely famous, the best calendar app for Android boasts millions of downloads and outstanding ratings on the Google Play Store. Create to-do lists within the app, and all of them get automatically combined with the calendar. The app enables you to plan your day in the morning and recommends tasks that you can get done in the extra time. The calendar app is clean, uncluttered, and functional.  

View your calendar month or agenda-wise and toggle between the different styles swiftly. The apps sync with your Google Calendar as well, so you can all have all the essential details and plans in one place.

What we like about

  1. Enables you to create to-do lists and stay organized
  2. You can share your lists with friends and family and assign tasks to each other.
  3. Efficient daily planner and task manager
  4. Integrates with all possible mediums
  5. Set recurring reminders

What can be better:

  1. You cannot customize the widget.


6. Calendar Notify

calendar notify

A new entry in the niche, Calendar Notify has rightfully managed to secure a spot as the best calendar app for Android. The user interface is pleasing to the eyes, and Calendar Notify offers just the right things you would expect in a good calendar app. The customization tools are plentiful, and you get to sync your app with the Google Calendar. The home screen widget displays your agenda list at a glance even when the phone is locked.

Check out the premade layout designs and agenda styles and fit your tasks in them if you like the presentation and format. Zoom in into tasks and events to carefully view intricate details.

What we like about Calendar Notify:

  1. Quick access to all your calendar events and convenient display options
  2. Advanced designer
  3. View details on a locked screen
  4. Takes a backup of all that you have added and auto-saves it on Google Drive

What can be better:

  1. The interface might be slightly intimidating for first-time users.

Download Calendar Notify

7. CloudCal


If you have tried several calendar apps in the past and found the monthly view system useless, resort to CloudCal. The best calendar app for Android, CloudCal, has resolved the issue leaving most users delightful. They present the monthly information in donut-style graphs, which is highly functional when it comes to visibility. So, viewing all your tasks for the month is comfortable and not cumbersome. It enables users to check out which days are free, and they can plan an upcoming event on that day accordingly.

The monthly view system makes CloudCal different from every other calendar app. You can swipe right and left to view calendar details in the other formats, like, daily or weekly. CloudCal auto-syncs with the Google Calendar and offers integration with other services like Evernote and Trello. You can use your voice to add events since the app uses natural language recognition tools.  

What we like about CloudCal:

  1. Monthly tasks view in donut-style graphs
  2. Integration with other services
  3. Natural language recognition
  4. Easy navigation
  5. Recommendations based on free schedule

What can be better:

  1. The app speed becomes slow sometimes.

Download CloudCal

8. Calendar.AI


Calendar.AI uses advanced algorithms to provide users with a one-stop solution for planning and organizing. The best calendar app for Android uses platform hooks to create events and follow up convenient and easy. The smart app is feature-rich and manages to impress you on the first visit. The AI-driven app is quick to search the web and bring you valuable information about the person you are communicating with. It saves a lot of time, and Calendar.AI leaves no stone unturned in making the user experience smooth.

It integrates with the entire Google Suite and LinkedIn. Not just any other calendar app, Calendar.AI goes beyond the mundane and teaches you new ways to have an organized life. The calendar displays events in a beautiful grid, and you can choose the color theme as per your preferences.

What we like about Calendar.AI:

  1. AI-driven searches to know about the person you are talking to
  2. Calendar integrations
  3. Add private notes next to any calendar event.
  4. Engage in meeting polls to fix upon the meeting date and time
  5. Intuitive and easy to handle interface

What can be better:

  1. The app asks you to sync the calendar with your list of Google contacts, and not everyone is comfortable with such a feature.

Download Calendar.AI

9. DigiCal


DigiCal boasts of powerful design, a clear overview, and a simple interface. The best calendar app for Android is user-friendly and gives you tons of customization options. The default text size is large, which makes viewing details easy. The myriad choices in the settings section enable users to change anything they don’t like about the display. You get frequent weather updates and notifications, so no more worrying about missing the calendar events.

You can view your calendar appointments in several ways, like daily, weekly, monthly, or agenda-wise. The agenda view and monthly display are our favorites since the presentation style is crisp, clear, and decently-sized for convenience. The app auto-syncs with Google Calendar, so all your essential schedule is marked in one place.

What we like about DigiCal:

  1. Most customizable
  2. Detailed and frequent weather updates
  3. Built-in local search
  4. No advertisements
  5. Displays a list of public holidays

What can be better:

  1. Does not work that well with reminders

Download DigiCal

10. TimeTree


The primary objective that TimeTree focuses on is easy and quick sharing of events and appointments with others. Built around this concept, the best calendar app for Android is ideal for creating tasks that revolve around work, family, friends, and peers. After you have created a calendar event, you can invite a group of people and share your event diary with them. TimeTree boasts a chat room as well, where you can engage in communication with whoever you wish and discuss your schedule.

The app’s default settings show you the monthly view. You can, however, click further to view your calendar day or week-wise. A striking feature that makes TimeTree unique is the ‘Keep’ section. Users can add several events to this folder without any fixed dates. Choose the home screen widget in light or dark color themes and receive alerts for upcoming events.

What we like about TimeTree:

  1. Best calendar to share your schedule with friends and family
  2. Create a chat room
  3. Share notes
  4. Send reminders to all the event participants.
  5. Create a different calendar for different purposes

What can be better:

  1. Editing an event takes more than just a couple of clicks.

Download TimeTree

11. Calendar Widget

calendar widget

Calendar Widget is new and integrates with Google Calendar. The ease of use and intuitive interface make it worthy of classifying as the best calendar app for Android. Calendar Widget enables users to customize specific app settings with just the right amount of features as per their discretion. You can personalize the widgets too and only see what you want to see on the home screen.

Change the theme and color combinations according to your preferences. Calendar Widget is not free, and you have to pay $1.99 for installation. People who do not wish to shell out cash for a calendar app might have to look elsewhere. Calendar Widget is available in nine languages, and the app won an award for excellence in the niche in 2018.

What we like about the Calendar Widget:

  1. Clean UI and outstanding design
  2. Allows you to group your events and tasks by days
  3. Immersive and hassle-free experience
  4. Multiple widgets available

What can be better:

  1. Not the best app for reminders

Download Calendar Widget

12. Simple Calendar Pro

simple calendar pro

Simple Calendar ruled the niche for quite some time and was available for free. However, we wish to direct your focus on the upgraded version called Simple Calendar Pro, which comes for $0.99 and gives you an ad-free experience. The Google Play Store has taken down the former free version, and you only have this one left in the family. As the name suggests, simplicity is the app’s most coveted feature, and it is also highly customizable. It does not sync with your Google Calendar, so do not consider downloading the app if that is a prerequisite for you.  

The best calendar app for Android, Simple Calendar Pro, charges you a nominal amount initially but makes up for that by not offering any in-app purchases. If you are not looking forward to storing any information on the Cloud or integration with any of the cloud services, the app is ideal for you.

What we like about Simple Calendar Pro:

  1. No annoying advertisements
  2. Simple UI, easy to use, flexible, and customizable
  3. Excellent personal event manager
  4. Allows users to switch between different kinds of display views quickly
  5. Handy schedule planner which sends notifications for reminders

What can be better:

  1. No auto-sync option available for the Cloud services or external calendars

Download Simple Calendar Pro

13. CalenGoo

calen goo

A robust calendar app, CalenGoo, comes with Google Calendar integration and offers various customization options. Apart from including some unique features that are not available in most such apps, CalenGoo does a phenomenal job offering basic functionalities. You can create recurrent events and share them with others for facilitating better communication and coordination, thus making CalenGoo the best calendar app for Android and an excellent choice for family and professional work.  

CalenGoo enables users to manage tasks and events efficiently, and you can add detailed notes beside each event, which serve as handy points to remember. The app includes several viewing options, and you can choose between daily, weekly, monthly, agenda-wise, or yearly. You can attach pictures and files to the calendar events and birthdays to your contacts.

After the trial version is over, pay $5.99 for the premium subscription, upgrade to the pro version, and enjoy premium features like different templates for different events, dark and light themes, floating events, and Android Wear support.

What we like about CalenGoo:

  1. Serves as an excellent task manager
  2. Customize the main app display and home screen widget as per your choice
  3. Add pictures and files to calendar events.
  4. Offers integration with various other services
  5. Customizable, robust, and feature-rich

What can be better:

  1. Slightly expensive

Download CalenGoo

14. Jorte Calendar

jorte calendar

Jorte Calendar has an intuitive interface, useful features, attractive display, and is easy to use. The clean UI is an added advantage for all the users who do not wish to see a cumbersome and complicated app display. The best calendar app for Android, Jorte, comes with cross-platform support and integrates with Microsoft Office, Evernote, and Google Calendar.

The customization options are plentiful, and Jorte Calendar works exceptionally well as a handy task manager and efficient note-taking app. Personalize your calendar, import important agenda details from other apps, like concert dates and sports events, and receive updated weather forecasts.

What we like about Jorte Calendar:

  1. Add many calendars and import information from other apps.
  2. Choose and change the first day of the week.
  3. Countdown feature.
  4. Hide or delete appointments once done.
  5. Excellent customization and integration options

What can be better:

  1. The calendar app is infamous for freezing sometimes.

Download Jorte Calendar

15. ZenDay


ZenDay is the best calendar app for Android, which also doubles as an excellent app for creating to-do lists. The feature which stands out the most is the app’s dynamic 3D view while displaying the timeline of events. The timeline view comes in handy for an easy understanding of the day’s or the week’s tasks, and everything is explicitly there right in front of your eyes. The app helps you in staying organized, well-planned, and prevents excessive indulgence in procrastination.

If you tell the app the number of free days you have in the upcoming week, it will plan out each day for you on its own. ZenDay is as helpful as you want it to be. ZenDay does not fall behind in fulfilling the regular calendar app duties. You can set reminders, receive alerts, and create priority events. It integrates with Outlook and Google Calendar.

What we like about ZenDay:

  1. Helps you to fight procrastination
  2. Excellent planner and scheduler
  3. Dynamic 3D viewing
  4. Retrospective feature
  5. Receive deadline reminders
  6. Syncs with the other calendars

What can be better:

  1. Infamous for crashing

Download ZenDay

16. New Calendar 2020

new calendar 2020

The Google Play Store has some new entries in the best calendar app for Android category, and New Calendar 2020 is worth mentioning. You can view your agenda list, get your hands on the sunset and sunrise time, and check the list of public holidays for more than 30 countries. The calendar app makes available over ten different kinds of widgets to adorn your home screen. You can create to-do lists and check weather updates.

New Calendar 2020 supports voice reminders, which is a very beneficial attribute. Users can add notes to the events they create to avoid missing out on crucial points.

What we like about New Calendar 2020:

  1. Useful and practical applications
  2. Ease to navigate interface
  3. Multiple widgets available
  4. Integrates with the Google Calendar
  5. Flexible and detailed grid-style calendar views
  6. Difficult to miss voice reminders

What can be better:

  1. In case of any issues, the customer care staff might take time to reach out to you

Download New Calendar 2020

17. Calendar + Schedule Planner App

calendar schedule planner app

The makers of the Calendar + Schedule Planner app have described the key attributes of the app in its name, and no points for guessing that the calendar app doubles as an excellent planner as well. As the best calendar app for Android, it is highly recommended for professional purposes and managing business events. The app is free, highly customizable, and easy to use. Your Google Calendar events and tasks get automatically synced, and you can view all your schedule details in one place.

The app is ideal for keeping track of personal and professional tasks in one place and offers integration with other services leading to seamless synchronization. It also ensures you do not skip appointments and tasks by alerting you with recurring pop-ups and vibrations.

What we like about Calendar + Schedule Planner App:

  1. Serves as a perfect business calendar
  2. Highly customizable
  3. Vibrant display, detailed agenda view, intuitive interface
  4. Ideal for meeting personal and professional commitments
  5. Handy event planner and schedule manager
  6. Add events by only shaking your smartphone

What can be better:

  1. Sometimes the Calendar + Schedule Planner App sends you notifications of events have already taken place

Download  Calendar + Schedule Planner App

18. Calendar 2020 – Best Calendar App for Android

calendar 2020

A fun, vibrant, and playful entry in your list, Calendar 2020, is exactly what the above picture represents. Full of dazzling and colorful visual themes, choose one from the plentiful options, and adorn your phone’s home screen. As the best calendar app for Android, it does not compromise productivity and boasts an exceptional rating on the Google Play Store.

You can add notes to any of the appointments if there is a list of things you do not wish to forget. Calendar 2020 also allows sharing and gives you updated weather forecasts along with seasonally themed calendars. You can sync the app with the Google Calendar to have your entire schedule together. They have a fingerprint lock, a checklist view system, and customized reminders for programs.

What we like about Calendar 2020:

  1. Sports the funkiest look without compromising on productivity
  2. Enables you to add voice notes
  3. Share your calendar with everyone through QR codes.
  4. Customized everyday reminders
  5. Keeps privacy intact by offering fingerprint and number lock

What can be better:

  1. Editing some of the past events that you gave created can sometimes be cumbersome.

Download Calendar 2020

19. Informant


Very different from the other calendar apps we have listed, Informant, is highly productive and multifunctional. Apart from being the best calendar app for Android, it serves as an excellent option for saving contacts, taking down notes, and keeping track of your impending tasks. The interface lays out the directions clearly, making it easy to understand if you follow diligently. However, one must note that app developers have given more value to its functionality and less importance to the look and appeal.

You will find all the regular features that one expects in a calendar app with some unique additions. You can create separate folders for easy categorization and view what’s pending at a glance. You can create multiple to-do lists using different colors and check out the time in other countries by a single tap.

What we like about Informant:

  1. Serious calendar app with natural language processing attributes
  2. Highly functional, doubles as an excellent planner and scheduler
  3. Aims at giving you a rich user experience
  4. Time zone management

What can be better:

  1. Lacks luster, and some users find the interface boring.

Download Informant

20. Calendar Pro

calendar pro

Simple and effective, the last one to make it to our list of the must-have calendar apps is Calendar Pro. The best calendar app for Android is free and enables you to customize your settings. You do not see any advertisements even without paying, which makes it worth the hype. Inducing productivity, the app facilitates users to highlight specific events in their schedule based on importance and priority. Calendar Pro integrates with Google Calendar, Outlook, and Exchange.

You can select any color theme you like and view the calendar in different presentation styles, like the monthly view, daily view, or agenda-wise. You can check out moon phases, pick the number of columns you wish to see in the grid display, and add reminders.

What we like about Calendar Pro:

  1. Highly customizable and flexible
  2. Facilitates better time management
  3. Offers seamless integration with various services
  4. No advertisements despite being free
  5. The vertical display is superlative
  6. Simple yet productive

What can be better:

  1. Adding event details might take more time than expected.

Download Calendar Pro


The calendar might not be your favorite app on the smartphone, but you can definitely pick one from the names we have listed and add a little extra zing to the simplicity. The best calendar app for Android mentioned above serves the basic purpose of managing your events and appointments well and includes other rich features that help you be more productive. Organize your schedule better, receive reminders, check frequent weather updates, and add notes next to your upcoming events. You can add voice reminders too.

Some calendar apps enable you to check out the list of public holidays in various countries and customize your home screen widget. Ease of use, flexible, and cross-sharing functionality, these apps ensure you do not skip anything significant and plan better. You can create separate folders for different events and categorize your tasks based on priority. Since our success depends on how diligently we plan and execute our schedule, these apps come in handy for taking us a step closer to our goals.