With Android phones and tablets already featuring advanced, high-resolution cameras, it’s not surprising that camera apps are one of the most popular types of Android apps. Like the other apps we’ve covered with default version built-in on Android, there’s nothing wrong with the stock Android camera. It’s fully functional and takes decent photos. What it lacks are some advanced photo editing features which the apps listed here have.

Take a pick at some of the best camera apps for Android that we’ve reviewed for inclusion to this list. You’ll certainly find one or two of these apps useful for your needs and well-suited to your preferences.

This article is part of the Beat The Stock series that explores the best replacements for your stock apps. Other articles in the series include –

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Stock Camera App for Android

As mentioned, the default camera app for Android is decent enough to let you capture high-quality pictures. The LED Flash is quite helpful, especially while taking snapshots in low-lit environment.  The camera app has several settings which you can tweak depending on the subject of your photo.


You can also trigger the self-portrait mode via the app’s settings to allow you take a high-quality portrait of yourself using your phone’s front-facing camera. You can also select several scene modes and shooting mode as well as set the exposure value.

Best Alternatives to Stock  Camera App for Android

Camera Zoom FX

This camera app is one of the best alternative camera apps I’ve used on several Android devices that I’ve owned. It’s also the most feature-pack among the Android camera apps that I’ve used so far. Some of the nice features of the app that you’ll definitely appreciate include – up to 6x optical/digital zoom, flash (available through extension pack), button customization, live previews of some effects, autofocus, whitebalance, nightshot and of course social sharing features.

The app supports Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and other sites through a one-click upload. For its camera features, the app has multiple shooting modes, timer, voice activation, burst mode, collage and time-lapse. camera-360-android-app

If photo editing is your thing, this app will give tons of post-effects including color FX, frames, 9 mirror fx, 3 tilt-shift fx, 12 distort fx, 20 color fx, presets, digital composites, random effects and more. Enough of the features, if you’re looking for one of the best alternative camera apps for your Android devices – go get this app.

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Retro Camera

From the app’s name alone, you’ll know what this camera app can do with your Android photos. This app is for old-school picture lovers as it lets you turn photos you’ve taken using your Android device’s camera into vintage-looking pictures.


 It gives you 5 camera types and photo effects such as vignetting, film scratch, black and white and cross-processing effects. The app’s interface is simple and pretty straightforward. Install it and start shooting some vintage snaps!

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HDR Camera+

I got this Android camera app at its full, regular price and it totally worth it!  So, if I were you, I’ll get it now while it’s available at a discount. That is, of course, if you’re into HDR photos. This app takes away the complex procedure of producing HDR photos using advanced digital cameras or photo editing software.


As soon as you’ve captured a picture, you can turn it into HDR image. And mind you, the HDR photo quality is not your run-of-the-mill type. What the app produces, on the other hand, is high-quality full-resolution HDR images with exposure bracketing and tone mapping. The app even has handshake compensation so you don’t need to have a rock-solid hand while taking a picture.

Other nice features of the app include – saving original exposure bracketed images, location tagging, shutter sound muting, Flash on/off/auto and de-ghosting. It’s a powerful app that is worth its price.

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Little Photo

This is a pretty simple app offering very nice, high-quality photo effects that will amplify the photos you captured using your phone’s camera. It serves two purposes – to let you add film and retouch effects to your photos. Simple, right?


 But wait, there is more! The app is fully-packed with photo effects totaling to around 70 as of this writing. And do you know what’s the best thing about this app? It was developed by a person who loves photography and hence you have a hand-picked selection of photo effects that do wonders to your snaps.

As an added plus, the interface is pretty simple. It also lets you vary the degree by which the effect is applied to your photo, giving you precise control of how your photo should look.

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Camera 360 Ultimate

Another one of my favorite Android camera apps also happens to be one of the most popular among the current crop of Android camera apps. The is packed with a nice variety of photo filters that you can use on your photos including LOMO, Retro, Dreamlike, art of black and white and more.


It also has HDR effects which enhance your photo very well and better than the iPhone counterpart of the app. It also features some unique photos effects including funny mode, scenery mode, tilt-shift, and color-shift mode. As for the social sharing features, the app supports both Facebook and Twitter.

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If you’re into Panoramic photos, this app is for you. Simply put, the app lets you take panoramic shots using your Android device’s camera. This means that you won’t be needing a photo editing software anymore to stitch photos together.


The app’s interface is pretty simple as well and you’ll start taking great 360 degrees panoramic shots as soon as you’ve installed the app. To make photo taking even easier, the app has this transparent guide which helps you in lining up succeeding shots. The result is a high-quality panoramic photo. Additional features of the app include advanced alignment, blending, and color-correction algorithms.

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Paper Camera

This camera app is not like the other apps we’ve discussed so far. For one thing, it doesn’t enhance your photos but alters them all together to produce various cartoon and painting effects.


The app works pretty fast as well, letting you transform your photos right as you capture them. The app offers various post-effects such as cartoon, sketch, comic book, half tone, noir, neo, and others. Use Paper Camera and you’ll feel like you just bought another camera phone at a minimal cost.

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Final Thoughts

There you have it. Seven of the best camera apps for Android that should either replace or complement the stock Android camera app. As you can see, all these camera apps extend the power and functionality of your Android device’s camera. It now depends on you as to which of these apps to download and use as you try to enhance the camera feature of your Android device.