Flyers, pamphlets, leaflets, or whatever you call them, can be as simple as a two–page sheet with images and writing or expensive sheets having a shiny finish. Flyer templates for Google Docs aid in making catchy flyers that can be printed and distributed as per needs.

A flyer is an advertisement of a business printed on a sheet of paper and includes promotional content for its products or services. Free flyer templates are for you if you are looking for ways to make an attractive flyer from a blank document but don’t want to spend a fortune on it due to a tight budget. Also, check the invoice template in Google Docs to simplify your invoicing process.

12 Flyer Templates for Google Docs

Different people have different tastes in how they want to advertise their content, and Flyer templates for Google Docs come in wide varieties for this reason. Picking an editable template layout from other sites is better than choosing one by clicking the template gallery button, as this opens the way to more choices. You will find that while one type of flyer looks plain with simple images and writings, the other type is more luxurious.

When you choose an ordinary flyer template for Google Docs or Google Sheets, it is up to you to decide what customizations are to be done and how the final edited document should be printed. So first, go through the attractive flyer template ideas from third-party websites. Then, download your favorite one to Google Drive and edit a template like an expert graphic designer.

You are free to build your personal flyer layout, change the colors, create a unique design, and make it impactful. The message you want to convey should look professionally designed and yet be simple yet effective. A Google Docs brochure template can also do this for you.

Note: Google Docs does not provide separate graphic templates for flyers. But if you prefer, you can use the templates given in the template gallery under different headings like Sales, Work, etc., and make a flyer out of them.

1. Bright Summer Sale Flyer Template

Bright Summer Sale Flyer Template

The sales flyer templates for Google Docs are absolutely free and require minimal customizations. If your business projects include attractive offers as part of a summer sale, you can get this pre-made template with bright colors and add your design ideas and offer details. The primary color scheme, bold fonts, and the pictures of flowers and balloons on the Docs flyer template truly signify the summer months. You can also print it on colored paper for added versatility and for creating promotional content. This can also serve the purpose of a party flyer template with its awesome hues, which people love.

Download Bright Summer Sale Flyer Template

2. Pole Dance Classes Flyer Template

Pole Dance Classes Flyer Template

If you are a choreographer, look nowhere else for the best Google Doc flyer template. Pole Dance Classes Flyer Template is perfect for promotion with a modern look and minimalistic design. This premium flyer template will grab people’s attention. With plenty of space, you can write your address and contact number, plus add an image. The template document features a pole dancer, but you can change the image to add your dance forms. So do some experiments with editing the template online and make the best flyer design in town.

Download Pole Dance Classes Flyer Template

3. Pink and Gray Sale Flyer Template

Pink and Gray Sale Flyer Template

Is your company planning a sale as part of a marketing campaign? Consider using the Pink and Gray Sale Flyer Template. It is one of the flyer templates for Google Docs that has ‘SALE’ written on it in capital letters all over to draw the attention of potential clients instantly. All you have to do is look professional and add accurate information. You need to update important information like the date, place, and items on sale to this basic product template to help customers grab the offer at the right time. The printable template will come in handy to promote your company too.

Download Pink and Gray Sale Flyer Template

4. Star Style Birthday Flyer Template

Star Style Birthday Flyer Template

Distributing flyers made from card templates as birthday invitations is the new trend, so why fall behind? Download this free party flyer template and add the picture of the cute little star who is going to celebrate their birthday. White is the background color of this birthday cards template to highlight the photo placed on it. This straightforward design has dedicated spaces to write the day, date, time, and place of the celebration. You can also give the email address for RSVP.

Download Star Style Birthday Flyer Template

5. Quality Car Service Flyer Template

Quality Car Service Flyer Template

As a car workshop owner, you must give out tear-off flyers so that the new and existing customers can get to know your services and charges. The Quality Car Service Flyer templates for Google Docs include small icons indicating car wash, oil change, and auto parts that are highly relevant for any workshop business flyer. In addition, you can add balanced color images to impress your target audience. The benefit is that making flyers using this professional design lets you stay within the business budget. You can also use the business card template in Google Docs for promotional purposes.

Download Quality Car Service Flyer Template

6. Pale Blue Handout Flyer Template

Pale Blue Handout Flyer Template

Any business flourishes with more clients, and this Docs flyer template online with a simple design helps you reach more and more clients in significantly less time. Like the business brochure templates, this can work great for your digital marketing activities by attracting sales like never before. You can fill your content under the headings Development, Marketing, and Creative Idea using the editing options in the menu bar and customize the business flyer template to add brand information.

Download Pale Blue Handout Flyer Template

7. Beautiful LGBT Flyer Template

Beautiful LGBT Flyer Template

Flyer templates for Google Docs can also be used to notify the public about the events you are planning as part of your business marketing initiative. If you do not want to keep the image in this artistic template, you can replace it with something that represents your event and add details to draw attention to the matter. Printing this flyer design and distributing it to people will be the best marketing campaign idea. Remember that any formal flyer looks good with details like company name and email address.

Download Beautiful LGBT Flyer Template

8. Summer Camp Flyer Template

Summer Camp Flyer Template

With its artistic design, this bright template is excellent if you want to publicize your summer camp using brightly-colored paper flyers. You don’t have to change the image in this straightforward design as it resonates with the spirit of summer camp. In addition, the customizable flyer design has enough space to accommodate details like descriptions of the activities to be conducted, price, and contact details.

Download Summer Camp Flyer Template

9. Blue Lost Dog Flyer Template

Blue Lost Dog Flyer Template

These days, it is best to use flyer templates for Google Docs to construct a flyer to state the loss of your pet. Using templates is recommended in such situations as this saves time. In addition, simple edits to the template, like adding the pet’s pictures and his/her description, will make for a great flyer that can be circulated far and wide.

Download Blue Lost Dog Flyer Template

10. Mother’s Day Flyer Template

Mother's Day Flyer Template

Everyone will surely love this premium flyer template with the cutest picture of a mother and baby. Making a flyer from a ready-made design to celebrate Mother’s day is the best way to thank every mother in this world. In addition, the space below the image can be used to add any custom details you want to include.

Download Mother’s Day Flyer Template

11. Pretty Book Club Flyer Template

Pretty Book Club Flyer Template

Club flyer templates for Google Docs make for an excellent template with a catchy design to inform its members about some promotions. This template showing a cartoonish design of kids reading books is a beautiful presentation that attracts people to join your book club. The heading looks so cool that you can keep the actual letters. If you want to change the image and add descriptions of any other club of your choice, you can use the editing options in Google Docs.

Download Pretty Book Club Flyer Template

12. Baby Sitter Flyer Template

Baby Sitter Flyer Template

Who will say no to some extra pocket money with some babysitting? If you are great with babies, download this babysitting flyer template without delay. This basic flyer template can be edited using the tools in the menu bar to describe your unique capabilities in handling babies. Lastly, add your contact details to the advertisement template and give the printed copies to people you think need help with babysitting.

Download Baby Sitter Flyer Template

Final Thoughts on Flyer Templates For Google Docs

Flyer templates for Google Docs are designed by experts with exceptional design skills who understand the importance of flyers both for businesses and daily lives. So when you select the Bright Summer Sale Flyer template, the Mother’s Day Flyer template, or the Quality Car Service Flyer Template, depending on your needs, you can be sure that your purpose will be fulfilled.

Flyer templates make the process of creating a flyer simpler so that you don’t have to make one from scratch. Luckily, these are not blank flyer templates that require loads of design time to make them perfect. Instead, the professional design includes the essential content necessary. From Halloween party flyers to Event flyers, there are various templates for free. In addition, the look and feel of these templates give the flyers a professional look in a matter of minutes.