Thinking of a brochure brings a vivid image of pictures and writings neatly arranged on foldable papers. But, let us tell you, it is not an easy task designing a brochure if you know little about graphic design. But a brochure template for Google Docs can help you with the graphics part while you take care of the content.

Whether you want to attract potential clients or have a better reach for your ideas, brochures are excellent documents that can convey your thoughts precisely. Along with the brochure, one could also check the invoice templates in Google Docs for commercial purposes.

What Is A Brochure Template?

Any document businesses use to promote their goods or services can be called a brochure or pamphlet. A brochure template for Google Docs is the perfect solution to make a complete brochure from an already existing graphic outline. It gives you a creative direction, where all you have to do is enter the details about your business before brochure distribution. Bi-fold and tri-fold brochure templates offer alternatives to starting with a blank document.

The primary purpose of a good tri-fold brochure template for Google Docs is to combine all the random information and pictures on the document to make relatable data to pass on your ideas to clients effectively. Making use of a Google brochure template is highly recommended to make your digital brochure document look professional and to the point.

12 Brochure Templates for Google Docs

This section gives ideas for a pamphlet-style brochure template for Google Docs from different websites. Even though digital platforms rule the world, there is still scope for printable templates that instantly grab customers’ attention. Keeping this in mind, many websites have taken an interest in designing blank brochure templates that can be used for user awareness, campaigns, or anything that has to be communicated to the public. One could also check the flyer template in Google Docs for campaigns or any kind of promotional content.

Look at the beautiful brochure design ideas we have curated for you so that none of your business initiatives go unnoticed.

1. Modern Body Candle Brochure Template

Modern Body Candle Brochure Template

Candles are known to set the right mood for relaxation. You can opt for this brochure template for Google Docs if you are into the candle business. This free template has ample space to showcase your creative candles. Your mason jar candles, scented candles, essential oil candles, or anything you think innovative can be clicked. You can also add images along with your write-up.

You can work with this creative brochure design template on Google Slide too.

Download Modern Body Candle Brochure Template

2. Photography Portfolio Brochure Template

Photography Portfolio Brochure Template

Whether you are a professional photographer or not, having a brochure about your photography skills will always do good. This is one of the most sought-after free brochure templates for Google Docs that can get converted to your portfolio with simple customizations. For example, you can fill in the modern brochure design pages with your most popular photos or those close to your heart.

Download Photography Portfolio Brochure Template

3. Red Gastrofestival Brochure Template

Red Gastrofestival Brochure Template

If you are looking for brochure to promote your business for a special event, Red Gastrofestival Brochure Template is the one you want to use.

If it is the festival season, you should try this brochure template for Google Docs because it has everything to draw customers to your events. The brochure design layout is structured very well to accommodate all the days till your celebration lasts. With the editing tools in Google Docs, you can add information about each day’s agenda and complete the digital brochure building process.

Download Red Gastrofestival Brochure Template

4. Spa Salon Brochure Template

Spa Salon Brochure Template

If you are looking to promote your company and need brochure templates, you are at the right place. It’s time to design your own brochure with a step-by-step easy to edit brochure template in Google Docs. Let your spa business take off with this Google Docs brochure template having the correct size for business advertising.

The two sided brochure template already includes pictures of a spa, but feel free to add your own. In addition, you can add details of your company like what services you provide and the timings. In short, looking at the complete brochure should give an overall picture of your offerings.

Download Spa Salon Brochure Template

5. Style Wedding Brochure Template

Style Wedding Brochure Template

Weddings are usually costly, and selecting this charming wedding brochure template for Google Docs to let your dear ones know about your special day will prove economical. The calming color scheme of this creative brochure design shows how joyful and excited you are for your new innings. You will find editing tools in the menu bar that allows you to add your couple photos and the information regarding your wedding celebration.

Download Style Wedding Brochure Template

6. Black Off-Road Competition Brochure Template

Black Off-Road Competition Brochure Template

If you own a particular type of business that holds special events and competitions often, these kinds of two-page brochure templates for Google Docs will help spread the word. There is no better way to invite participants to the competitions than using an attractive brochure. The editing can be done depending on your needs.

Download Black Off-Road Competition Brochure Template

7. Business Brochure Template  

Business Brochure Template

Irrespective of the type of business you own, a business brochure for projects is an ideal way to make your commercial projects noticeable to your current clients and future ones. Using this professional brochure template for Google Docs, you can create a pamphlet to tell the clients about company updates.

The paper size is apt to include pictures of your software company and give information about what you do along with the latest updates.

Download Business Brochure Template

8. Services Brochure Template

Services Brochure Template

The service trifold brochure template for Google Docs is a good choice for business if you own a cleaning service or bridal service business. You can have an attractive color scheme and give your company profile spanning the three columns, including relevant data about the services you offer, costs, mode of working, etc.

Download Services Brochure Template

9. About UKRAINE Brochure Template

About UKRAINE Brochure Template

This brochure template for Google Docs includes a picturesque view of Ukrainian monuments with a clear blue sky as the backdrop. It gives many facts about this lovely country like the staple food, costumes, places to visit and much more. Getting it printed using a duplex printer and distributing it is an excellent way to tell people about the country.

Download About UKRAINE Brochure Template

10. Flower Farm Brochure

Flower Farm Brochure
Flower Farm Brochure

If you own a beautiful flower farm having flowers of bright colors, using this trifold brochure template will help boost your business in unprecedented ways. You can easily personalize this colorful brochure using your favorite things. You can insert images of your farm, special offers you would like to provide your clients, and any vital information that can improve your customer base.  

Download Flower Farm Brochure 

11. Clever Travel Brochure Template

Clever Travel Brochure Template

The clever travel brochure template can be used to make a catchy brochure for travel agencies and guide services. It will help to let the travelers know what places you plan to cover in the upcoming days, as well as the complete itinerary. In addition, the column markers will help differentiate between the various activities. A perfect one for commercial purposes, we loved the Column options for this common brochure type.

You can go with the pictures already in the tri-fold brochure template for Google Docs or also decide to add your own.

Download Clever Travel Brochure Template

12. Grey Architectural Brochure Template

Grey Architectural Brochure Template

Grey Architectural Brochure Template is an awesome brochure template for creating an architectural brochure with three pages. The background color is gray to project the photos of the buildings without losing their beauty. But there is no harm in trying out different color options. Clicking on the Edit Template button allows you to create amazing brochures that portray your personal brand and company history.

Download Grey Architectural Brochure Template

Final Thoughts on Brochure Template For Google Docs

A digital brochure template has different uses, like talking about your business, informing clients about the latest updates, acting as a medium to showcase your skills, and many more. Every commercial project needs to be spoken about, whether it is a real estate template with an alluring color palette, a corporate business brochure template, or various creative brochure templates. The fonts and colors, text, and images that you can use to customize can make your brochure look presentable and impressive. If you wish to use Google Docs’s bi-fold brochure template or create a brochure from scratch, check out how to make a brochure on Google Docs and use the file menu to save it to Google drive.

Therefore, choosing any captivating brochure template for Google Docs that we have listed gives you ample opportunities to advertise your company and attract sales. Also, if you are not a person who likes using an in-built brochure template, consider using a pre-made template. Not only will the cost be minimal, but you will also get the best-selling brochure templates for each type of business, product, or service.