SurplusSurplus is a Chrome extension that allows you to see what is going on with Google+ when away from the social network. Since we do not always want to be going back and forth between tabs waiting for something interesting to happen, Surplus notifies you right away if something occurs to your profile on Google+.

From there, you can then respond or head to Google+ and see what is going on. Surplus gives you the freedom to break away from Google+ and not worry about missing what is going on there.

How to use Surplus

The first step to getting started with Surplus is to install it from the Chrome Web Store.

Once there, you can read a little bit more about Surplus, see what it accesses from Google+ and Chrome, then install it.

Click “Add to Chrome” to begin the installation process.

Add to Chrome

As usual, Chrome will show you a pop-up to confirm the installation.

Confirm Installation

Click “Install” to install the extension into your Chrome browser.

Surplus is now installed.

Chrome will show you it has finished properly installing the extension and that it is ready to be used.

Click on the icon in the toolbar of Chrome for Surplus.


A drop down menu will filter down and you can immediately begin to update your Google+ Stream.

Click on “Back to Notifications.”


This is where you will see your Notifications for Google+. Anytime you get a new notification, the icon for Surplus will turn read and the number of new notifications will be listed for you to peruse.

Active notifications will be in white, whereas previously viewed ones will be in grey. You can respond to any notification by clicking on it and this will take you to Google+.

If you right click on the Surplus icon, another drop down menu will be available that will give you access to the settings for the extension.


Click “Options.”


This will open a new browser tab with the options for Surplus.

Surplus can alert you to new notifications even when the browser is minimized through desktop and sound notifications. This can be useful if you step away from the computer or just want to do something away from Chrome.

Some of the other settings change the basic functions of Surplus but they can be ignored by the majority of users.

Surplus allows you to stay connected with Google+ when you step away from the site itself. It is easy to use, simple to interact with and can make the difference when trying to stay in the loop away from Google+.

Pros of Surplus:

  • Sound and desktop notifications available
  • Let’s you stay connected away from Google+
  • Non-obtrusive notification button

Cons of Surplus:

  • Freezes occasionally, requires a restart of the extension
  • Limited options for customizing
  • No fundamental changes to how Google+ displays notifications

Does Surplus make Google+ notifications better?

Social networking can be addicting and being torn away from it can be downright devastating to those who rely on it. Surplus allows you to stay notified of Google+ updates whether you are browsing or your browser is minimized. Google+ offers notifications only when you are browsing there site, not while you are away and Surplus fills that gap for users who want to stay in the know.

If you are looking for a way to stay in touch with Google+ away from the site itself, Surplus is a worthy alternative to staying glued to your Google+ stream all day.

Get Surplus for Chrome.