Get Google+ recently introduced the concept of Communities to users. While Pages were a success for businesses, products and more, Communities seek to bring users together around common interests. Similar to how Pages work on Facebook, Communities allow users to discuss, dissect and divulge information about topics ranging from cooking to technology to anything you can imagine.

Our guide will show you how to get started with Communities, including how to join one and how to create your own.


How to get started with Google+ Communities

When you login to Google+, you will see in the left-hand toolbar a new area for Communities.


Click “Communities.”


You will get a brief overview of the new Communities feature and then have the opportunity to either create or join one.

Click on any Community.


You will be given a rundown of what the Community is about, along with how many members, the type of community and even see some posts if its public.


Below the primary icon for the Community, you can see even more details on the Community.

(6) join

If you like what you see from the Community, click “Join community” at the top of the page.


A few seconds later, you will be a member of the Community. You can also invite friends, click “Invite your friends” to share information about what you joined.


You can then choose who sees the update, add a comment and then click “Send” to invite friends.

If you do not want to actually join the Community, you can also follow it similar to Pages by clicking “Follow.”


How to create a Community on Google+

If you want to create your own Community on Google+, it is relatively easy to get started.

Click “Create a Community” from the main community screen.


Now, you can choose whether the Community is Public or Private. Private Communities allow you to pick and choose members while Public ones allow you, anybody, to come and go as they please. Choose a community type to continue.


Then, you can name your Community as well as choose whether people can search for it on Google+. Click “Create community” when you are ready to move forward.


From here, you can choose a Community picture, a tagline, you can change the description and add a location. You can click “Save” anytime to save your changes.


Once you are done initially setting up the Community, you can automatically invite and build your Community on Google+ through the public, your Circles and even those not signed up for Google+.


At any time you want to edit your Community details, you can click “Actions.”


From this menu, you can edit your Community, manager members and invite people.

If you ever want to delete your Community, click “Actions” and then “Edit community.”

Now, click “Delete this community.”


A pop-up will appear warning you that you cannot undo deleting a community. Click the box that you understand that, then click “Delete community.”

A few moments later, your Community will be permanently deleted from Google+.

Google+ Communities is new, exciting and growing every day and now that you know how to get started, get the most out of Communities by giving it a try yourself.


How will Google+ communities enhance your social networking experience?

Communities bring people together over common interests. This is always a way to reach out and make new friends while social networking. You never know who or what you may find with a Google+ Community, so checking out what is offered and perhaps even creating one yourself may be a great way for you to reach out to new people. Give Google+ Communities a try and see just how it works to bring people together.

Get started with Google+ Communities.