google-plus-logoGoogle’s social network has a recent evolution underlined by jaw-dropping figures: 1269 percent growth in traffic in less than two weeks, 50 million members so far, a huge leap in social networks ranking from 54th position to 8th.

Its best rivals struggled for years to reach this point. Google+ was kept on “field tray” for about 90 days, while updates were made constantly, and with invite-only access. During this time, Google implemented 100’s of improvements  to the service based on user feedback.


Huge Growth Once Google+ Was Made Available To Public

Almost two weeks ago, Google + became available for anyone who wanted to sign in. At the release, Google announced a series of features meant to help in the battle with giants like Facebook and Twitter. Google+ members have a live streaming, with Hangouts feature. Besides of the interaction, Hangouts will allow users to share the screen and to collaborate on projects, while “On Air”, using Google Docs or Sketchpad. “Hangouts” is now available on Android 2.3. + devices with front camera. iOS support is expected to be announced soon.

Google changes the name of Huddles, group chat feature on mobile devices to Messenger.After 20 September, when the social network has open to the public, Google+  astounded everyone with a 1269% traffic growth in just one week, according to Experian Hitwise. The unprecedented spike in the market share of visits for the site was first spotted in the week 17th of September to 24th of September, as graphic shows. During this time, Google + received 15 million visits, not counting the visits from outside US.

The leap was clearly seen in the social networking and forums ranking: Google+ jumped from the 54th position to the 8th most visited site. Two weeks after Google+ started “field testing”, it already counted 10 million users.

Analyst Paul Allen, from, predicted the development, and furthermore estimated 25 million visits in the first month. By comparison, Facebook reached this number after three years, and Twitter had the same number of members after 30 months. Considering Allen’s good record in forecasting evolution of Google+, we could trust his educated guesses. Although, the process of deduction is a bit more complicated, and it is based on data about surname popularity in the US, obtained from US Census Bureau and calculated through arduous effort.

According to Experian Hitwise, a great percentage of Google+ is represented by “early users”.  Allen says that Google’s social network is currently growing at  2 million users per day and this pace will continue for quite some time.