Google+Google is striving to make Google+ and its network the end all and be all of your Internet experience. By integrating its various services, such as Google Maps and Google Docs, Google+ is slowly becoming a one-stop shop for social networking.

Google has now added Google Reader integration to Google+ which allows users to share individual feed links to Google+ with little effort. This gives Google+ users another way to seamlessly share information through Google services.

Share Links from Google Reader to Google+

In order to get started with Google+ and Google Reader integration, you must make it possible to share Reader links with Google+.

You want to login to Google Reader.

Once logged in, you want to click on the “Gear” icon in the top right-hand corner of your browser. Then, click “Reader Settings”

Google Reader Settings link

Now, click on “Send To” under Preferences.

Preferences - Send To

Scroll down the Send To preferences until you see the link Create Custom Link. Click on it.

Create custom link in Google Reader

You want to enter in the following information to create a custom link to Google+ from Reader:

  • Name: Google+
  • URL:${url}
  • Icon URL:

It should look like this:

Google+ custom link information

When finished, click Save.

Created custom link to Google+ in Google Reader

You will see Google+ show up above the Create Custom Link link. If you uncheck the box next to it, this will unlink your Reader and Google+ profile but you can activate it again anytime by simply clicking the check box next to it.

Head to your Google Reader feed. You have to be logged into Google Reader to be able to share with your Google+ profile. You cannot share links or feed stories via add-ons or extensions in your browser.

Click on any story to open it in Google Reader. Navigate to the bottom of the store and click on “Send to.”

Send to link in Google Reader

You will see Google+ there, click on it.

Sharing story from Google Reader to Google+

A new tab will open letting you know you have +1’d the story and allow you to add a comment before sharing it on Google+.

Add in your comments, choose your Circle and click “Share.”

If you head to your Google+ Stream, you will see the story from Google Reader has been shared as a +1.

Google Reader story shared on Google+

You can now share any story you want from Google Reader on Google+ by following these steps.

Why share links from your Google Reader feeds on Google+?

When it comes to the Internet, everyone wants it to go faster and do things quicker. Google has taken out a step when sharing links from Google Reader by adding this feature.

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By being able to share directly from Google Reader as opposed to having to open a link, copy and paste the link and then login to Google+ to share it makes things easier for those, who rely on RSS feeds and Google Reader to give them the latest going on around the world. If you are sharing from Google Reader the old-fashioned way, make your life easier by using this feature to share in Google+.

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