Google+ LogoRSS feeds have always been popular among those who are keen to stay on top of everything going on in their digital lives. Multiple social networks, breaking news, sports scores and more can all be integrated into RSS feeds to make your life easier to manage.

Google+ profiles can be weaved into RSS feeds so you can view updates in your feed reader of choice without having to constantly check on Google+ itself. As long as the person you choose to follow via RSS posts publically, you can see their updates in any RSS reader you choose to use.

How to create an RSS feed from Google+

If you want to create a feed for a specific Google+ profile, you need the Google+ profile ID, the Google+ feed URL and your RSS reader of choice.

The Google+ profile ID can be found by navigating to someone’s profile.

Google+ profile ID

The number within the URL is the profile ID. Copy and paste this somewhere safe.

The quickest way to create a RSS feed out of a Google+ profile is to use the PlusFeed app. While PlusFeed was shut down essentially, it still works for creating URL feeds.

PlusFeed URL

You want to copy and paste the Google+ profile ID to the end of the PlusFeed URL.

Once you have done that, login to your RSS Feeder. For this post, we will use Google Reader to demonstrate how to create a Google+ RSS feed.

Login to Google Reader, then click “Subscribe.”


A small box will appear. You want to copy and paste the URL you created combining the Google+ Profile ID and PlusFeed into the box. Finally, click “Add.”

Adding feed

This will subscribe you to the Google+ profile you chose to create a RSS feed from.

Subscription added

From now on, as long as users post publically to their Stream, you will see the update in your RSS feeder reader. Updates that are limited to Circles will not be shown in your RSS feed.

Simply follow the steps for adding a feed to your RSS reader of choice to get started following someone’s Google+ status updates

What good are Google+ RSS feeds?

Some social networkers are still hesitant to give Google+ a try even when family and friends have already begun to use the site. RSS feeds are an alternative to joining Google+. By creating one out of someone’s Google+ profile, you can view their public updates with ease without having to create and sign up for the site yourself.

While Google+ offers a plethora of features bringing out the best in social networking, there are still those who do not want to make the change. RSS feeds can give them an opportunity to follow those who have left Facebook, Twitter and other networks behind for the Google+ phenomenon.

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