The image above is a screenshot of TechNorms’s Google+ Page. Notice something that stands out? The “banner images” at the top are part of a single image, which has been cropped to create a pattern. When you first look at it, you may think this will take some time to create and you may need an image editing software to make it happen.

What if we told you that you can create a similar banner for your profile in under 5 seconds? Yep, it’s possible using the Google+ Scrap Photos Generator. Let’s see how to use this nifty Chrome web app for creating amazing banner images.

How To Use Google+ Scrap Photos Generator

By default, Google+ allows you to add five default photos (125×125) to your profile page. Ideally, these should be your most vivid pictures. Some creative users separate a large image into five parts. When arranged properly, these images make the profile stand out.  Google+ Scrap Photos Generator is an app that lets you vivify your profile images by segmenting a large picture into five parts.

This is a Google+ profile with segmented photos created by Scrap Photos Generator:

Google Profile


The Scrap Photos Generator is a Chrome Web App, so instead of an icon appearing next to your address bar, you will the icon on the “New Tab” page.



Alternatively, you can type “Scrap Photos Generator” in the address bar, and select the first link. This will run the application.

Find Chrome Extension


This is the main interface you’ll see when you first run Scrap Photos Generator.

Scrap Photos Default Interface

Segmenting Images to Scrap Photos Generator:

Now you need to add an image from your computer. It is best to use images with large dimensions (i.e. 1280×1024 or 1600×1200). Using large images allow you to effectively maintain the original quality.

Drag Photo

When you upload the photo, you will notice a highlighted region. The highlighted region indicates the parts of your image that will be segmented. You can drag the highlighted region to select the locations you want to focus.

After you have selected a region of your preference, click “Go.”

Select Region

It will then segment the highlighted region into five parts.

Segmented Pictures


Now you need to save these images to your computer. Right-click each of the images and select “Save image as.”

Save image

It is best to save the images in the sequential order (i.e. image 1 image 2, image 3, etc.). This allows you to keep track of the segmented parts with more convenience.

Image Order

Adding Images to Google+:

Now you need to upload these images to your Google+ profile page. Go to your Google+ account and click “Edit Profile.”

Edit Profile


Click the Photos region and then click “Add Photo.”

Add Photos

Drag each of the images from your computer to Google+.

Add Image Google

After you’re done, you are Google+ profile will definitely be beautified by these picturesque images. There is no limit to the creative use of any image with Google+ Scrap Photos Generator.

Final Thoughts:

Photos are one of the first things people look at when they visit your profile. Thus, you should always try to make a good impression with your images. This is an ideal app for photographers who enjoy taking scenic images of natural landscapes, buildings, paintings, etc. Remember, large images work best with this app. It is best to use images with strong variations—which are commonly found in scenic images.

Download Google Scrap Photos Generator

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