Taking surveys for research and development (e.g. market research, customers’ preference monitoring, business insights) is an integral part of most successful organizations. Impressively, this activity has been perfectly adapted and made easier via the web. Surveys help discover unknown customers’ desires, hidden facts and market sentiments. With the right questions, you can cut through clouded reasoning and get accurate answers to many of your questions concerning your market.

Survey Monkey offers web-based survey service with both paid and free (basic) plans. The basic or free plan allows you to create great surveys, administer them, monitor results and analyze answers, whereas the paid plan actually offer more features that enhance branding and customer service.

If you are thinking of using a questionnaire to understand your audience or team more, then Survey Monkey will do an excellent job for you.

How to Create a Free Survey on Survey Monkey

To start, go to the website of Survey Monkey. You will notice a blue box at the right hand side of the page with two buttons – Pro Sign Up and Sign Up FREE.

Home page of Survey Monkey

Register in 3 Alternative Ways

To create free surveys with Survey Monkey, select Sign Up FREE.

Survey Monkey Sign Up

You will be taken to their registration page, where you will be given three Sign Up options. You could register with them, sign up with your Google account or Sign Up with Facebook. If you prefer to register directly with them, enter your details in the spaces provided and click Sign Up.

Survey Monkey Sign Up Form

On the next page, you can begin creating your own surveys. Select the green button labeled “Create Surveys”.

Survey Monkey Welcome Page

Choose a Template That Rhymes With Your Brand Color

On the following page, you can opt to create your survey from a blank page or select from a variety of templates. The easiest way to crank out your survey with minimal errors is by using a template. So, select “Use an expert survey template” from the options to get a list of the categories available. Click on the category that meets your need to get a list of the available survey templates under that category.

Survey Monkey Templates

Now, click on one of the templates displayed at the top right-hand side of that box to get a quick preview of what you selected. For a free survey, avoid the templates labeled ‘PRO’ in front. Those are for premium users. You’d have to register as a premium user to use them.

Survey Monkey Survey Preview

You can also click on Preview in the box that opens to see how the survey will appear to your audience. This will open in a new tab. To continue to the page where you can set your own questions, select the blue button labeled “continue” at the bottom of this page.

Design, Collect and Analyze Surveys

On the following page, there are a few very important tabs you should take note of. First, you will notice 3 tabs at the top right-hand side of this page – Design Survey, Collect Responses, Analyze Results.

Design, Collect and Analyze Survey on Survey Monkey

Design Survey: The default page is the Design Survey where you can choose different themes for your survey questionnaire, edit the preset questions, rearrange the questions and preview your survey before sending them out.

Survey Monkey Themes

Collect Responses: This page will enable you to determine how you would like to collect the responses you get. You could create a ‘weblink’ to be sent by email or posted on your website, create email invitations, embed the questionnaire on your website or post the questionnaire to your Facebook wall. Depending on the method of delivery selected, you should also enter a name for this survey.

Survey Monkey Collect Responses page

Analyze Results: On this page, you will be able to track responses to your survey. Importantly, you will also be able to filter the responses, download them and also share them.

Survey Monkey Analyze Results page

How to Set Your Own Questions on Survey Monkey

On the design page, you will find a list of preset questions. Click on ‘Edit Question’ for each of the questions you would like to edit. Then select ‘Edit Question” from the drop-down bar.

How to edit the preset questions on Survey Monkey

A box will be displayed for you to edit. Make the necessary editing and select “Save”.

How to edit preset questions on Survey Monkey

After editing (customizing) all the 10 questions, click the blue button labeled “send survey” at the bottom right-hand side of the page.

How to send survey

On the next page, copy the code – email and web links or HTML code – that represents how you intend to distribute the survey.

Survey Link for Survey Monkey

There are alternative methods you can also select to deliver your survey below this box.

What Exactly Can You Do With Survey Monkey Basic Plan?

The basic plan of Survey Monkey offers a basic service and is entirely free for as long as you want. You only have to upgrade to the paid plan if you want more functionalities.

  • You can create and send as many surveys as possible.
  • You are allowed 10 questions in one survey
  • You can choose among 15 question types
  • You get over 20 templates for your questionnaire
  • You can monitor the progress of your survey
  • You can choose from 12 available themes
  • You can make your audience answer questions in random order


Survey Monkey is an excellent resource for individuals, schools, community, organizations and business owners. You can begin with the free (basic) plan to understand how the service functions and later upgrade to a premium plan in order to enjoy other features.

Create a Free Survey with Survey Monkey

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