In today’s business terrain, excellent presentations are particularly useful in sales, marketing, project management, customer service, internal communications, and training. On the Internet, online presentation tools are extremely valuable for attracting and retaining clients as well as in closing sales. They promote effective communication and collaboration and thus foster successful business relationships and transactions.

The world is now flat. Businesses now have clients across several continents, and there is huge demand for professional presentations.

Online Presentation Tools for Creating & Sharing Slides

Each of the following online presentation tools will appeal to different people. Some are just perfect for presenting photos, some for business presentations and others are excellent for business or school presentations. Carefully go through them and select one or two that meet your needs.

1. Slide Rocket

Slide Rocket is a perfect online presentation tool for collaborative work. You can share slideshows with peers, partners, customers, and others. You can even turn on social and audience feedback to get responses from your audience. Slide Rocket has mobile capability, so it can also be used on the go.

Slide Rocket Homepage

However, Slide Rocket comes in 3 plans. The Lite, which is totally free, will give you access to their intuitive tool, basic library as well as online and mobile platforms. The Pro plan ($24 user/month) is basically for individual professionals, and a 14-day trial is available for subscribers. The Pro Plan provides access to professional tools, advanced analytics as well as online, offline and mobile platforms.

The Enterprise plan ($360 user/month) is for a minimum of 100 users. You’ll also get professional tools, viewing on various platforms as well as enterprise analytics. The analytics provide detailed reports of who viewed your presentation, where they are located, how they interacted with the slides as well as how long they spent viewing the slides.

Create Slides with Slide Rocket

2. Knovio

Knovio is a great online presentation tool that changes PowerPoint slides to video presentations, and all you need is your webcam and a web browser. You can use Knovio to add both audios and videos to existing slides to make them more interesting. Knovio is currently in beta. So, you can sign up to get a beta invitation to use this tool free of charge.

Knovio Homepage

Your presentations can be shared via email or social network.

Create Slides with Knovio

3. Author Stream

Author Stream is a powerful sharing engine for online presentations. On Author Stream, you can convert your PowerPoint slides to videos and share them. Rating and commenting are also allowed. The service comes with both free and paid plans. The free plan allows you to upload an unlimited number of public presentations, get unlimited channels, 2 levels of private sharing and the capacity to present live online meetings.

The paid plans (PRO and BUSINESS) provide much more features like advanced presentation analytics, more levels of private sharing, PowerPoint-to-video conversions,  and ad-free browsing.

Author stream Homepage

Create Slides with Author Stream

4. Empressr

Empressr is a free online presentation tool for creating, managing and sharing slides. It allows access to useful analytics. You can upload videos, audios, photos, and animations or import them from Flickr, Google, Yahoo, and Photobucket. You can embed your presentations in blogger, WordPress, Friendster, Facebook, and MySpace.

Empressr Homepage

Create Slides with Empressor

5. Prezi

Prezi is an excellent online presentation resource. You can import images, videos, PDFs and other kinds of media and add to your slides. You can download your slides and present them offline or share with friends online or even collaborate. The service comes with inbuilt slide templates or themes to help you customize your slide.

Prezi Homepage

They provide a free and paid plan. While the free plan enables you to create presentations, share them online and download them for offline use; the paid plans give you the capability to make your presentations private, brand them and also work on them offline.

Create Slides with Prezi

6. Google Doc

If you have a Gmail account, Google Doc is a very powerful online resource and it is entirely free to use. You can upload existing PowerPoint slides and share on Google Doc. You can also upload photos, videos and add texts to create nice presentations that can be shared with contacts.

Google Docs

Create Slides with Google Doc


VCASMO is another free online presentation tool. You can upload your own photos, videos, audios, PDFS as well as PowerPoint slides. You can even embed them in blogs and websites and get relevant analytics on visits to your slide.

VCASMO Homepage

Create Slides with VCASMO


ZOHO is a free online presentation tool for personal use, but it is still in beta. It comes with nice themes to make it easier and faster to churn out good presentations. The presentations can be shared via social media or embedded in blogs and websites.

ZOHO Homepage

Create Slides with ZOHO

9. Glogster

Glogster is a great online presentation tool that is completely free. It allows you to combine music, photos, videos and other things to ensure you properly express what you are sharing. It is used to create slides called Glogs, which are interactive posters containing text, pictures, music, videos, and similar items. You are allowed access to YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, and Picasa without leaving Glogster website. You can resize the photos and add other effects and animations.

Glogster Homepage

You can easily share your creations on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networks.

Create Slides with Glogster

10. SlideShare

SlideShare comes with both paid and free plans. The free plan allows unlimited uploads of a slide, but adverts will be displayed along with your slides. The paid plan provides several additional features e.g. analytics, private uploads, branding, and it contains no ads at all.

SlideShare Homepage

Create Slides with SlideShare

Still Not Satisfied, Try the Following

Here are more online presentation tools you can check out to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Slide Bank







With the myriads of online presentation tools now available online, business and personal presentation of slides are so much easier and better. If you are selecting a paid plan, it is very advisable, to begin with, a free plan and ensure you get exactly what you want before upgrading to a premium plan.