open-iso-image-introISO Image files are great for a lot of reasons. When your computer doesn’t have an optical drive, you can use an ISO image on a portable drive to reinstall the OS. You can also use it to install various games and other software. Whatever the reason you are using an ISO Image file, they can be a chore to open. WinCDEmu  gives you one click mounting for ISO Image files.

WinCDEmu created a virtual drive for the image file. This means you can mount multiple ISO Image files at the same time. Each file will be displayed in your “My Computer” screen as a new CD or DVD drive. Creating ISO Images is also a possibility using WinCDEmu making it a great all-in-one tool.

How WinCDEmu works

After installing WinCDEmu, you can run it to see the settings. However, there are not a lot of changes to be made here. You can choose the default drive letter, change the language and that’s about it. Opening an ISO Image with WinCDEmu is where the application makes life easier.


To run WinCDEmu, simply double-click on the ISO Image you’d like to mount. You can also right-click and select Open.


You should see a pop-up window with some options for you.


You can select the drive letter, what type of disc it should be and a couple of other options. For this example, I left everything set to the default settings. If you are mounting the ISO File to restore your OS, you might want to change the disc type to Data disc.


Click on the OK button. You will see the autorun option pop-up window asking what you’d like to do. If you have previously selected the automatic action for this disc type, you may not see this pop-up window.


Whatever is in the ISO Image will not be accessible. You can go to your My Computer screen to see the mounted disc.


Unmount an ISO Image

To unmount the disc, it is no different from unmounting any other drive. Right-click on the drive to unmount and select eject from the menu. The dive will disappear. When you shut down your computer, the drive will also disappear.


Alternatively you can choose for the disc to stay mounted from the initial pop-up window when you are mounting the ISO Image.


Creating an ISO Image

WinCDEmu offers you the option to create an ISO Image as well. To do so, go to the My Computer window when the disc is in your optical drive. Right-click on the mounted disc and select “Create ISO image” from the menu.


Next you will select a location for the file to be placed.


Clicking Save will start the process.



Anyone using ISO files regularly can appreciate anything to make their life easier. WinCDEmu is a super easy to use all-in-one tool for creating and opening ISO Images. If you travel, there is a portable version for your thumb drive too.

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