bing-desktop-logoWorking in front of a computer all day can get boring. To cheer you up a little, Microsoft have created this cool little application to bring you a new background every day.There are 2 main parts to the  Bing Desktop. The first part of the application is fast access to a Bing search bar. The other is the beautiful daily desktop image.

While many other desktop applications incorporate all kinds of other features, the simplicity of the Bing Desktop is what makes it a so great. Microsoft didn’t go overboard, they just gave you what would make life easier.

Where to start

The download and installation of  the Bing Desktop is quick and painless. After only a few steps of clicking next, you are ready to start using the Bing Desktop. If you want the beautiful pictures chosen by Bing as your desktop, make sure the first option is checked.


You will see 2 things when the installation is complete. You will have a new desktop wallpaper like this one.


You will also see the Bing search bar.


Using Bing Desktop

Using Bing Desktop is pretty basic actually. Your wallpaper will automatically change everyday on its own. There are no settings to change this or add words to customize what shows up on your desktop.

The Bing search bar works just like the search bar at As you enter in a search query, you will see different suggestions Bing thinks you may be interested in.


When you press enter or click the arrow, you are taken to the Bing search results in your default browser.


As long as Bing Desktop is running , you can have the search bar pop up by using the default hot key of the Windows button + h. This can be toggled on and off along with a few other features in the settings. If you decide you do not want to use the Bing wallpaper of the day, you can deselect it here.


Benefits of the Bing Desktop

While most people use Google search for their queries, having a quick search bar on your desktop will make things like checking the spelling of a word or when you need a quick bit of information. Bing has a lot of cool features tying into Facebook now, so looking up movie reviews and restaurants are more personal because you can see what your friends are saying about them.


When you are at a computer for most of the day, anything you can do to make your time easier and more pleasant is a mark in the win column. Bing has some really beautiful backgrounds of nature making your wallpaper look amazing no matter the size or resolution.

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