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Google has succeeded in helping people search for information on the web. Now, Twitter is changing the way information is found on the web. With Twitter, you can now discover great information that you probably didn’t know about without having to search Google. You can simply follow industry experts to stay in touch with the most important industry information. Also, you can monitor Twitter trends to stay abreast of the latest happenings in your location. With the recently added features, Twitter is gradually becoming the hub of information discovery based on your interests.

Little wonder, Twitter is now experiencing strong growth. The number of Twitter users, as well as engagement on Twitter, is growing really fast. In the midst of all these, Twitter is doling out exciting features to keep their audience satisfied. Among these changes are the additions to expandable Tweets, weekly email digest, tailored trends and the latest Twitter logo.

Exciting New Twitter Features

Before we talk about the new features of Twitter, here’s the latest Twitter logo – a simplified bird created from three sets of overlapping circles to signify the connection and intersection of Twitter users’ networks, interests, and ideas with peers and networks.

Twitter New Logo

These are the recent additions to Twitter:

1. Expandable Tweets Become More Interactive

Twitter has announced the addition of a more interactive feature to expanded tweets for both web and mobile users. This feature will enable users to see previews depending on the type of content in a tweet. They will also be able to view images, play videos and see other information in tweets of Twitter partners e.g. The Wall Street Journal, Breaking News and Time. According to the post, expanding tweets of news articles from The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, and other partners will now show a preview of the headline, introduction and possibly the Twitter accounts of the publisher and writer.

Expanded Tweets on Web and Mobile

However, this feature is still gradually being rolled out. So, everybody may not see this new change immediately, but it will eventually get to all Twitter users.

2. Twitter’s Weekly Email Digest

If you find it difficult to visit Twitter very regularly, Twitter is helping you out by sending a personalized summary of tweets to your email every week. According to the blog post by Othman Laraki, the summary will feature the most relevant Tweets and stories from the people you are connected to on Twitter. Each story will emphasize who tweeted it as seen in “Discover” tab on Twitter. Additionally, right from your inbox, you will be able to tweet, click the link and also see related tweets.

Twitter Weekly Digest

The weekly email digest will also feature the most engaging tweets seen by the people you follow. From your inbox, you will be able to retweet, favorite, reply and view their conversations. This feature is also gradually being rolled out. So, keep your fingers crossed.

3. More Tailored “Trends” on Twitter

You may not have noticed, but Twitter has announced a change in their algorithm that has brought improvement to their trending stories. “Trends” is now tailored to show the topics that are most important to you based on your location and the people you follow on Twitter.

Tailored Twitter Trends

The new Tailored Trends activates by default, and you can change your location to get Tailored Trends for other locations.


The future of information discovery or finding is still unpredictable. With these new features, you are meant to simply discover good information without having to search for them.

Let’s know the features of Twitter that are most important to you in the comments below.

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