mightytext-messaging For quite some time now, Apple has been enjoying an advantage over Android when it comes to mobile messaging. When iMessage was made available, no matter how flawed the service was then and probably is even now, it was welcomed by iOS users. The reason for this being the fact that with iMessage, you can practically communicate with your contacts through text messaging using your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and of course your Mac. Best of all, SMS can be sent via Wi-Fi and not just via data connection.

But, this advantage might soon be over as a new Android app has just made it on Google Play. Although still in beta right now, MightyText the Android app we’re referring to has all the potential to give Apple’s iMessage a run for its money.

We took MightyText for a spin and true enough, found it to be a pretty capable messaging app that works hand flawlessly with its desktop version. Here’s our quick look at the MightyText Android app.

MightyText Android App – Features and Functionality

First thing first, the app is listed on Google Play as SMS Text Messaging – PC/Tablet. For simplicity’s sake, we will refer to it in this review as MightyText as this is what the desktop app is called. So MightyText can best be described through its features and functionality.

The app lets you send and receive SMS text messages from your computer using the MightyText desktop app. This app is synced with your Android number. It also sends you SMS notifications on your computer right after incoming messages reached your Android phone. Missed call alert, call logs and SMS pop-up are its other features.

But the most important of these features and functionality is the fact that through MightyText, you will be able to send SMS (and MMS) from your computer through your Android phone’s number. A point to note is that as MightyText routes messages through your Android phone – so your carrier will charge you as if you sent SMS from your phone.

How To Set Up MightyText Android App and Desktop Client

To start sending and reading SMS on your computer, you need to download and install the MightyText (or SMS Text Messaging – PC/Tablet). After this, simply fire it up and you will be prompted to select which Google account you would like to use. This Google account is the one tied up with your phone number.
MightyText Android App Permission Screen

Once you’ve selected the Google Account that the app will use, you will then be asked to allow access to the Google App Engine. Once this is settled, you will receive a prompt message saying that the app is now set up and is syncing SMS text messages between your phone and computer

How to Send SMS (MMS) From Your Computer

To start sending SMS from your computer using your phone’s mobile number, all you need to do is to launch the MightyText web app.

For Chrome and Firefox users, you need to install MightyText add-on/extension. And then launch the MightyText web app by simply pointing your browser to MightyText web app.

For Safari users, you simply need to launch the MightyText web app. While Internet Explorer users must first do the following procedures before launching the web app:

  1. In IE, Click the Settings icon, then select Internet Options
  2. Select the Security tab
  3. Click the Green Trusted Sites icon, then the Sites button
  4. Under “Add this website to the zone:”, type in textyserver.appspot.com, then hit Add. Then, also add mightytext.net to this same list. Then hit Close, then OK.
  5. Make sure the box “Require server verification (https:)…” is UNCHECKED

This gives you the same screen that you have on your Android phone’s messaging app. The left sidebar displays your inbox and the main screen displays the SMS thread for selected numbers on your inbox.

Not only can you send SMS or MMS using this interface but you can also make a call by dialing from this interface and it will immediately execute the action on your Android phone. Pretty cool, right?


If you choose to install the MightyText Chrome plug-in, you’ll get notification pop-ups on your computer for incoming SMS or MMS sent to your Android phone.


There’s no doubt that MightyText Android app and the accompanying web interface plus the Chrome plug-in are pretty valuable services. For the times when you are too busy working on your computer and you don’t want to be disturbed by incoming SMS on your Android phone, having the app installed plus the desktop browser and Chrome plug-in working is a nice setup. And you can quickly reply to important messages right there and then without having to reach out for your phone.

Download MightyText


Download MightyText Android App from Google Play

Get MightyText Chrome Extension

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