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Android was first unveiled on 5 November 2007 was announced with the founding of the Open Handset Alliance, a consortium of 71 hardware, software, and telecom companies devoted to advancing open standards for mobile devices.

Since then Google has taken Android to a whole new level, with it becoming the dominant smartphone OS around the world, at least in terms of sheer numbers.

Android OS has seen several updates since the initial release.

Versions and associated names for updates:

  • Version 1.5 : Cupcake
  • Version 1.6 : Donut
  • Version 2.0/2.1 : Eclair
  • Version 2.2 : Froyo
  • Version 2.6 : Gingerbread
  • Version 3.0 : Honeycomb
  • Version 4.0: Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Version 4.1: Jelly Bean
  • Version 4.4: Kitkat
  • Version 5.0: Lollipop
  • Version 6.0: Marshmallow

I love the Android platform, not only since its so versatile, but it’s an open platform, which brings in a lot of talented developers together to create something powerful for everyone.

If you are an Android Fan you would love the Android Windows Theme. It consists of 25+ Custom Android Wallpapers, Custom Android Icons and some Funky sounds which every Android fan would like.

Android Theme Screenshots:

Android Wallpaper 11 - © TechNorms

Android Wallpaper 02 - © TechNorms

Android Wallpaper 03 - © TechNorms

Android Wallpaper 04 - © TechNorms

Android Wallpaper 07 - © TechNorms

Android Wallpaper 08 - © TechNorms

Android Wallpaper 09 - © TechNorms

Android Wallpaper 10 - © TechNorms

Android Wallpaper 13 - © TechNorms

Custom Icons And Sounds For Android Windows 7 Theme:

We have included Custom Android icons to make this Windows 7 Theme as original as possible. They would replace the same old boring icons and enhance the desktop.

Android Icons - © TechNorms

Custom Start and Shutdown sounds have been included and If you are an Android user, chances are good you would recognize these “tones” and even if you don’t have the phone, you would like them.

Download Android Theme for Windows 7 and 8:

Android Theme - © TechNormsandroid-theme-windows-8

Android is an Exclusive Theme created for TechNorms Email subscribers and Facebook Fans. You can subscribe to our Email Newsletter or download it from our Facebook Page.


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  3. I downloaded this theme today, and so far I am enjoying it. I have to say I have been using Android since it was Cupcake, and am now on Froyo with Gingerbread ported stuff from Bugless Beast (flashing custom ROMs) and do not recognize many of the sounds. But the sounds are great nonetheless. I like the Windows log on and log off sounds for sure. I have not found some of these wallpaper anywhere else and think they are great. I was looking for an Android background that also said Windows 7 on it, and there are multiple included in this theme, so I approve.

    • Thank you Joseph. We appreciate your kind feedback for the Android theme.

      We love the Android platform, and you gotta say the Green Robot is just too cute not to be on the desktop. Enjoy the theme mate! Cheers! 🙂

    • You can change the Taskbar and Window color as well as sounds in any of our themes.

      Just Right-Click on Desktop > Click on last option Personalize > Select From bottom panel, there are 4 options shown – for changing Sounds, Screensaver, Windows Color and Desktop Background.


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