26 Best ChatGPT Chrome Extension To Try

One can understand the power of ChatGPT by its popularity in just a few months of release. While the hype is still on, developers have come up with ChatGPT extensions that harness the power of OpenAI’s ChatGPT to deliver more valuable answers. A ChatGPT Chrome extension also offers excellent ways to connect to the internet and pull out accurate information in the way you want.

When you talk to ChatGPT, you can have a natural conversation with the Chatbot. The Chrome extensions make ChatGPT even better by making possible additional functionalities. Some of the best Chrome extensions available in the Chrome Web Store are voice assistants, quick summary tools, or help add relevant web results. Yet others take up exciting tasks to make your personal and professional life easy by automating tasks. That said, you can always go for a ChatGPT alternative if you want to try something new.

26 Best ChatGPT Chrome Extension To Try

Adding a ChatGPT Chrome extension or ChatGPT plugins to your ChatGPT conversations makes way for better answers. It boosts the capabilities of the Chatbot directly from your Chrome browser. Most of the amazing ChatGPT extensions included here are not limited to Chrome but also are compatible with other browsers. So, take a look at our list of the top ChatGPT Chrome extensions.

1. ChatGPT for Chrome & YouTube Summary

ChatGPT for Chrome & YouTube Summary is a ChatGPT Chrome extension to get transcripts of YouTube videos at any time. It can also ask ChatGPT and give a summary of YouTube videos.

Open a YouTube video and click the box on the top right to get the video’s transcript. To get the video summary, click “View AI Summary”. Now, click the Chrome toolbar to access ChatGPT to type your query.

Get ChatGPT for Chrome & YouTube Summary

2. ChatGPT for Google

Isn’t it cool if you get ChatGPT replies along with the search results in your favorite engine? ChatGPT for Google is not limited to the Google search engine but works with Bing, DuckDuckGo, and many others.

Once you enter a search term in the search engine and get a response from ChatGPT, you can start typing your queries directly into the chatbot.  The extension supports ChatGPT-4 and ChatGPT Plus. You can also find the chatbot from the extension pop-up.

Get ChatGPT for Google

3. Compose AI

Lazy to compile emails and complete your prompts? Call Compose AI to your side, which is a ChatGPT Chrome extension that automates your writing tasks. You can chat, write emails, or create documents faster with this handy tool in your Chrome browser.

Compose AI can be invoked by typing //, and it will take care of the rest. The capabilities of the extension are truly praiseworthy. You can get a complete email written by inputting a few words. It auto-completes sentences, rephrases your sentences to make it more appealing, and more.

Get Compose AI

4. ChatSonic

ChatSonic is another extension that makes all your writing endeavors super simple. Supporting platforms like LinkedIn, Gmail, Twitter, and more, it writes the content apt for these platforms. Unlike ChatGPT, it has access to the internet, which opens it to the current data. Not surprisingly, your emails and social media posts come out absolutely well.

Chatsonic integrates with Google Search to create the best content that meets your requirements. You can awaken the extension with the CMD+M shortcut key. When you press the key combination, the ChatSonic AI appears. You can compile your emails, rephrase sentences, edit social media posts, and more using its power.

Get ChatSonic

5. ChatGPT Writer

ChatGPT Writer is a ChatGPT Chrome extension that works with all websites. You can write messages, emails, and more with the tool. It uses ChatGPT AI to provide content that comes with superior quality. You don’t have to worry about privacy concerns, as the tool handles it well.

If you compare the content generated by ChatGPT Writer with that of other tools, you will find it more convincing and elegant. The tool works excellent for Chrome, Edge, Brave, or whatever Chromium-based browsers you have. An important feature is the multilingual support. It works with many platforms, including Gmail.

Get ChatGPT Writer

6. WebChatGPT

Repetitive tasks can be tedious, but with WebChatGPT, you can make every writing task effortless. It lets you add relevant web search results with ChatGPT prompts for better responses. It adds internet access to the picture and thus gives you access to real-time data.

With WebChatGPT, you can access hundreds of excellent prompts stored in the ChatGPT prompt library. Choose the relevant ones from them and automate your writing assignments. All it takes is a single click to get the best-written words you will ever want. WebChatGPTis a free Chrome extension that brings in tons of amazing features.  

Get WebChatGPT

7. TeamSmart AI

What if you get a super-intelligent team with each member assisting you in different tasks? Yes, TeamSmart AI is a ChatGPT Chrome extension that enhances your productivity with the help of AI assistants. Whether you are into writing, coding or need help with motivation, an AI companion is ready to help you.

Click the browser icon for the extension or open a new tab and make use of any AI team member, depending on what task is at hand. So, forget ChatGPT Plus for now and adopt TeamSmart AI. The prerequisite to using TeamSmart AI is that you need an OpenAI API key and pay for what you use.

Get TeamSmart AI

8. TweetGPT

Tweets are interesting to read if they are crafted intelligently. Here is an extension for Chrome that creates beautiful tweets for you to be a social media star. Combined with the capability of ChatGPT’s API, TweetGPT will make for the best tool to build customized tweets.

If you are active on Twitter, regular tweets are a must. What more exciting way than to let ChatGPT make the tweet for you? Select the topic, tone, and language, and get the best tweets in seconds. These are sure to excite your audience with their uniqueness.

Get TweetGPT

9. Promptheus

If you are a regular user of ChatGPT, you must have been tired of typing your queries using the keyboard. Almost every platform has features allowing users to give voice input. So, Why not ChatGPT? Promptheus is a ChatGPT Chrome extension that lets you talk to the chatbot.

To do a voice chat, press the spacebar key and start talking. It is as easy as that. Voice queries can be more convenient as they give clarity to your conversations. The extension works best with the Chrome browser. It lets you change language options to enable healthy conversations.

Get Promptheus

10. Wiseone

Reading online has been made a lot easier by the AI tool Wiseone. Whether you are reading to improve your knowledge about a particular subject or to improve productivity, you can rely on Wiseone. It has a feature called Focus that helps you understand any complex topic. The Cross-check feature enables accessing reliable sources that give details about the same topic.

Other features of Wiseone include Ask Anything, Explore, and Summarise for explaining in simple terms, accessing content from different sources, and summarizing pages, respectively. Undoubtedly, the feature-rich extension is a must-add to your collection of extensions for ChatGPT.

Get Wiseone

11. YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

YouTube Summary with ChatGPT is a ChatGPT Chrome extension that saves a lot of time for you while working with YouTube videos. If you are going through a video casually or are learning something from it, this extension will give a summary, so you need not watch the entire video.

While searching for videos on YouTube, you will find summary buttons on the thumbnail, which give access to the summary. Not just YouTube videos, you can also summarize articles on web pages. This way, you get the required content without missing any important information.

Get YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

12. Merlin

The free AI tool Merlin can be your dedicated partner to make your workflows smooth and efficient. It gives free access to ChatGPT-4 to unlock unending possibilities. It can summarize articles and YouTube videos, saving you a lot of time. If you have installed the extension, press CMD+M to open ChatGPT on any site.

When using search engines like Bing, Google, and DuckDuckGo, you will also get ChatGPT responses along with the search results. Other features you can access include translating into multiple languages, blog summaries, and writing with AI for Twitter, Gmail, and LinkedIn, among many others.

Get Merlin

13. SearchGPT for Chrome

SearchGPT for Chrome is the best ChatGPT Chrome extension to enhance the browsing experience with popular browsers. It is compatible with Bing, Google, and more. So, while using these browsers, add the capabilities of AI to get search results, and AI answers on the same page.

When you get chat answers while searching for a topic, you can click on them to start a ChatGPT chat. When you have opened a search engine, the browser extension pop-up will let you access it quickly. So, there is no need to navigate to a new window to access it. Other important features include a dark mode, code highlights, and the clipboard copy option.

Get SearchGPT for Chrome

14. Superpower ChatGPT

Superpower ChatGPT bestows some superpowers to ChatGPT to make your life easier. The extension works with your chats to enable better chat management. You can create folders, pin messages, get access to the best prompts, and more with this super tool.

Superpower ChatGPT allows the creation of separate folders for your chats and gives different colors to each for easy identification. With the Auto Sync feature, all your chats are automatically synced with your PC to keep them safe. You can even export these chats into different formats.

Get Superpower ChatGPT

15. Summarize

Summarize is your go-to ChatGPT Chrome extension to summarize any article. Whether you are reading news, research text, or  other content anywhere on the web, Summarize provides summaries that are of the highest quality. You can rely on the AI-powered tool to cover the important points.

A single click will make the summary appear on the page you are reading. That’s pretty simple. Summarize delivers results at lightning speed so you can absorb the key points without wasting time reading the whole text. The technology undergoes continual improvement to pass on the best summaries to users.

Get Summarize

16. AI Prompt Genius

AI Prompt Genius does a lot of things with AI that can be a lifesaver for you. Use this extension to search through hundreds of prompts to find the best prompts for ChatGPT and share and import it. The open-source extension syncs your conversation history on your computer for future reference.

Another highlight is the themes like hacker and SMS that customizes ChatGPT, unlike any other tool. You can search through threads and bookmark them for ease of access. You can also save the prompt templates if you want to use them often.

Get AI Prompt Genius

17. Engage AI

LinkedIn is a platform full of talented personalities; it takes a lot to be in the limelight. The ChatGPT Chrome extension Engage AI helps frame the perfect comments on LinkedIn to mark your space on the platform. After all, it is about people noticing you.

Generic comments are not the way for a platform like LinkedIn; insightful and relevant comments are. The Second Brain feature lets you archive your comments and use them again when needed. The tool has many interesting features, like smart response, advanced networking capabilities, and more. The most significant benefit is that the tool integrates with many marketing and business tools to give fantastic outcomes.

Get Engage AI

18. ReaderGPT

Do you bookmark web pages often to read them later, as you have no time to read them thoroughly? ReaderGPT is a Chrome extension that gives a summary of these pages, so you know what is on the page without going through it all. You can ask for summaries in bullet points, translated formats, number of words, and more.

ReaderGPT can be accessed by ChatGPT login or OpenAI API key. The extension takes necessary content from the page and provides it to ChatGPT along with the prompt. The chatbot then creates the summary, including key ideas.

Get ReaderGPT

19. ShareGPT

ShareGPT is a ChatGPT Chrome extension exclusively used with the Google Chrome browser. Instead of getting your chat history saved on your device, you can use the extension to save the chats as images. When you want to go back and view the chats, you can search through the saved images.

You can click the ShareGPT extension button to take a screenshot of a chat and save it on your device. These screenshots are handy when sharing them with friends or colleagues.

Get ShareGPT

20. Talk-To-ChatGPT

Talk-To-ChatGPT is a free and open-source extension for ChatGPT that lets you talk to the chatbot using your microphone. When you query using your voice, you get responses with a voice. This saves time and effort because you don’t have to type anymore.

Talk-To-ChatGPT uses text-to-speech and speech recognition technologies to give you the comfort of voice chat. Click the Start button at the top right corner of the ChatGPT home page.

Get Talk-To-ChatGPT and record your query. Adjust the settings for speed, language, etc., if you need. You will get the answer with a voice, and the conversation looks pretty natural.

Get Talk-To-ChatGPT

21. FancyGPT

You can save chat history in different ways, and FancyGPT is a ChatGPT Chrome extension that gives different methods. You can save the ChatGPT snippets as text files, PDFs, or images. Some chat threads can be very useful in the future, and saving them as searchable files is wise.

Once you have saved the chat in any mentioned format, it becomes easy to share them with others. While sharing, you can decide to include or exclude messages. Other features of the extension are highlighting specific parts of the chats, using different styles like neon, light, dark and sketch, and more.

Get FancyGPT

22. ChatGenie for ChatGPT

For an ultimate ChatGPT experience, use ChatGenie for ChatGPT. All you have to do is click on the extension icon, and the chatbot opens. You can immediately start a conversation with it. You may also type gpt and press space to access ChatGPT from the navigation bar.

When you chat with the bot, you will get answers from the search results of search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing, and others. You can also open ChatGPT from the context menu and retain the chat session for longer by pinging it often.

Get ChatGenie for ChatGPT

23. Perplexity AI

Perplexity AI is a ChatGPT Chrome extension that fires all your queries and gets instant answers. You can ask questions from the toolbar. It also gives you summaries of web pages if you don’t want to take the pain of reading the whole page.

Unlike ChatGPT, Perplexity AI searches the internet for the answer and gives accurate information. A unique feature of the extension is that it cites sources along with answers. If you have more questions, go to the links to check for more info or ask the tool follow-up questions.

Get Perplexity AI

24. ChatGPT Summary for Chrome

ChatGPT Summary for Chrome uses AI technology to build summaries of YouTube videos and web pages. This saves time as you can quickly read the summary to understand what the video or the article says.

ChatGPT Summary for Chrome has many exciting features for people who regularly use ChatGPT. It allows customizing ChatGTP prompts, generating bullet point summaries, writing captions, and more. You can click the summary button on the thumbnails for summaries of YouTube videos.

Get ChatGPT Summary for Chrome

25. SciSpace Copilot

chatgpt chrome extension

There are enough technical concepts on the web to make you confused. SciSpace Copilot is a ChatGPT Chrome extension that simplifies technical language for the commoner to understand. It explains the math, tables, and difficult terms in research data, technical blogs, and more.

The extension has preset questions, or you can frame your own. As it supports 13 languages, you can choose your favorite. If you are halfway through an article and need to leave, you can bookmark it and return later.

Get SciSpace Copilot

26. Copy for ChatGPT

chatgpt chrome extension

Copy for ChatGPT helps copy ChatGPT responses so that you can save it for later. You can use Ctrl+K to copy the response. Or, use the Copy button features on the page. The extension is free and open-source.

Another important feature of the extension is its ability to subject the copied response to plagiarism detectors like GPTZero.

Get Copy for ChatGPT

Final Thoughts

ChatGPT has become one of the hot topics recently and for excellent reasons. Logging into the ChatGPT account opens a world of AI possibilities that can save you time and effort. Add a ChatGPT Chrome extension to the already powerful ChatGPT, and you will be amazed by the results.

The article covers some of the best Chrome extensions you can use to make every ChatGPT conversation fruitful. Whether you plan to use an extension to summarize a page or one that brings forth relevant search results from a search engine, you will love the responses.