Have you ever had to waste paper trying to get an online document to print correctly? Maybe there’s extra information in the margins you just don’t need. Or the page is in the wrong aspect.

You can control how your document prints by changing the print settings in Chrome.

Access the print settings

To access the Chrome print settings, click on the “Chrome settings” button. It’s in the right-hand corner of the menubar. In Windows, it looks like a wrench, and on a Mac, it has three horizontal bars.


Then select “Print” from the pop-out menu. The print settings screen has a print preview on the right and the printer settings on the left. When you change the printer settings the preview will change as well.


Choose your printer

To change the printer, you want to print to click the “Change” button. You can select to print from a different printer to a PDF document or even to the cloud using Google Drive.


Select the number of pages

If you want to print the whole document, leave the “All” radio button selected. But if you only want to print a page or range of pages type them into the text area below.


Print extra copies

If you want to print more than one copy, use the “+” button, or type in the number of copies.


Paper layout

Documents print in portrait layout by default. But if you need to print in landscape, common for spreadsheets and airline tickets, select “Landscape.”


Change the margins

If you need to adjust the default margins that Chrome applies, click the drop-down box and select the correct margin. Check the change in the preview until you have it correct. If you choose a custom margin, you can resize the margin by dragging them in the preview.


Headers, footers, and background colors

The headers and footer of an online document usually display the Web address but could also display other information. If you don’t need this in your print out uncheck “Headers and Footers.”

If you don’t want to print any background images or colors from the website keep the “Background colors and images” box unchecked.


System print settings

And if Chrome’s print settings aren’t enough to get the document to look the way you need it to click “Print using system dialog.” This will take you to the Windows or OS X print settings dialog window.



By changing these settings you’ll be able to print any online document and make it look great.