Google’s internet-connected eyewear Google Glass debuted this year and they are by far the most anticipated gadget of 2013. They allow users to look up anything online with their eyes, giving humans unprecedented access to the internet in the least physical, inconspicuous way to-date. Not surprisingly, the possible ways Google Glass could ultimately be used have gotten many people’s minds churning.

Whether you’re a student, parent, traveler, businessperson, business owner or a filmmaker, Google Glass can change your world. We’ve outlined 10 amazing uses for Google Glass.

Google Glass – The Ultimate Wearable Tech

First-Person Live Video Stream of Important Life Events

One of the most enticing functions of Google Glass is it’s a built-in camera, recording an impressive 720p HD. As you wear the glasses, you can film from your point-of-view, and this is especially awesome when it comes to big events you’d don’t want family or friends to miss out on. Weddings, births, graduations; it can now be captured and streamed to family and friends live as you watch it.


Also for filmmakers, experimenting with point-of-view can definitely help with storytelling purposes Horror movies especially benefit from this style, i.e., The Blair Witch Project.

Restore Independence to People with Disabilities

For anyone with arthritis, paralysis, stroke survivors or just old age, quickly using a cell phone isn’t always possible. Google Glass can restore the ability to quickly look up things on Google and take photos as if the user had full hand mobility thanks to built-in voice controls and the easy way to wake up the glasses – tilting your head back. The glasses, however, have limited battery power and can only operate for 4-hour intervals.

Enhance Your Reality

One of the most Sci-Fi abilities of Google Glass is how it can superimpose anything, from blueprints and building layouts to overviews of security locations to your viewpoint so you can see a completely augmented reality.

This will be an exciting boon for construction workers, plumbers, homeowners putting together furniture, even military advisers; anyone who could benefit from having instructions overlaid their viewpoint.

Exact Hands-Free Snapshots of Whatever You’re looking At

For anyone whose ever dreamt of taking a picture of what they’re looking at in that moment, that is now possible with Google Glass. To take a picture with Google Glass, all you need to do is blink your eyes and Google Glass will snap an image and save it to its hard drive.

Get Directions While You’re Doing the Task

While voice-activated directions have been available in cars for awhile to avoid breaking the law when it comes to texting, Google Glass makes looking up directions even easier because of integrated voice controls.

This is also handy for anyone bicycling or hiking. To find directions, simply ask Google, “I need directions to ,” and they will be displayed in your point of view, making it safe to view directions and drive simultaneously without having to take your eyes off of the road.


Also, looking up other kinds of directions is awesome to do with Google Glass. Cooking instructions YouTube, how to caulk your bathroom, how to weave a basket; any directions that require your hands as you learn.

Rear-View Camera

Google Glass can also display incoming video from other sources, such as the rear camera on your vehicle, helping prevent needless parking hiccups. Instead of buying a separate system altogether, combining Google Glasses with a small exterior camera can be just as effective solution.

Sight-Seeing Side-Kick

If you’re an avid traveler, Google Glass can free up your hands by replacing your camera and cell phone, making it a breeze searching for directions, looking up restaurants or just taking photos while traveling. Think of all the times you wish you had a third hand when moving your luggage, such as being able to look up flight times when you’re in a rush.


Give a Presentation Without Flubbing

For anyone who’s never been comfortable giving presentations, Google Glass is the ultimate solution if you have to give a speech. You can display full PowerPoint presentations right into the glasses so you can see exactly what to say next without having to look down at note card. Never has a more natural way to refer to notes existed.

Never Miss a Meeting Again

If you’re the type of person who forgets where you need to be, Google Glass is the task-manager you’ve been waiting for. It has full calendar integration and pushes update features, making sure you’re fully aware of your schedule, as long as you wearing your glasses that is.

Skype, Conference Call Literally Anywhere

Another exciting feature of Google Glass is its webcam integration. Just put them on and you can conduct a Skype call or conference call anywhere you may be. This is the perfect solution for busy professionals or anyone who hates being tied to the computer or a cell phone to video chat.


While these uses are amazing, the number of uses for Google Glass have just begun to be explored. Biofeedback, face recognition, the ability to look up facts on TV shows and movies as you’re watching them, Google Glass is the future, and these exciting uses may just trump the inevitable privacy concerns.

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