A new version of Google’s Chrome browser is now available, featuring stability and security improvements, the company informed. Users will enjoy an excellent browsing experience and the new security and stability updates won’t interfere with Chrome’s functionality. Users won’t even notice the new improvements since they will run in a stealth manner.

The new Chrome will offer hardware-accelerated 3D CSS added support and 3D effects for web apps, Google announced. Sounds good, but how will these features deliver a better web browsing experience?

The New 3D CSS Feature:

3D CSS enables Chrome to access users’ computer hardware system and increase the 3D viewing experience. Google wants to give users a glimpse of what 3D CSS really means with the help of the “Shaun of the Sheep” cartoon. Due to 3D CSS, users can scale up and down the video, rotate it, turn on and off reflection and enable a rotating video carousel. But that is not all. Google also brings its open-source WebM and uses the computer’s hardware to accelerate HTML5.

Improved Security Tools:

Google’s Safe Browsing Technology makes web browsing much safer. The system alerts users every time they are about to download a malicious file, therefore less malware programs will be installed. The technology can detect malware programs without Chrome or Google ever having to know about the URLs users visit or the files they download.

No more Flash Cookies:

Google has incorporated Flash LSO deletion in its latest Chrome browser enabling users to delete Flash Cookies thus making it easier for them to manage their online privacy”. Various websites using Adobe Flash can store data on users’ computers via Flash Cookies. Chrome users had only one option to delete Flash cookies before which involved using the online tool from Adobe’s website. Google has now made the process a lot simpler.

To delete Flash Cookies click on the Wrench > Go to Tools, then > Clear Browsing Data and check the option “Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data.”  The new option is very useful since many privacy concerns have been raised about Flash Cookies.

Other improvements include updates in the Settings pages, better screen reader support and the deletion of Google Gears plug-in.

The 160 million Chrome users need not worry about updating their browser because Google will do that for them automatically. Since the company has opted for a six-week release schedule, more news related to Chrome improvements are still ahead.