Robots have become quite personal over the years. In the 1950’s, we envisioned a future with big, bulky robots, but what has happened is quite the opposite. Instead, we’re seeing a deluge of warm and fuzzy “personal” robots that help us with day-to-day tasks.

Many of these robots are available for purchase right now too. You may have never thought you needed a robot, let alone afford one, but our list below may change your mind. Check out this list of awesome robots

Cool Robots That You Can Buy Today


While it’s not quite magic, the VGo sure feels like it. This robot belongs in the “telepresence” robot category, and it gives the ability to almost be in two places at once. Standing 48 inches tall, the VGo is equipped with a webcam, a robotic body and an iPad that displays your face, allowing you to interact in a room you’re not in, moving about freely and talking to people.


Doctors, healthcare professionals and children away from school due to illness are big fans of this robot. A definite toy for people or schools with deep pockets, the VGo will set you back $5,000.

Check it out: VGo


For only $150, the Romo first made waves in 2011 and uses the iPhone as its “brain.” To use it, just set your iPhone into the robot, and it drives around on a track system along with a tiny video camera onboard, sending back live video. This is definitely the robot you’d want to send into a questionable building before going in first.

The Romo, however, is all about helping with day-to-day practical things. It can slide a cup of coffee over to you on a tabletop, drive alongside you on a walk for fun and it’s a great tool for touring properties off-site. It also has “emotional” reactions, where it eerily reacts to what people are doing around it. Not surprisingly, Romo has become a popular personal robot with kids.


Check it out: Romo

Hondo Miimi 500

Mowing the lawn is something no one likes to do, and the Hondo Miimi 500 is the robotic solution. This robot works similar to a Roomba – it drives around and uses sensors to avoid obstacles. It does, however, require a wire fence to be installed in your yard so that it doesn’t wander over to your neighbors.


It can mow on a slope, cut in neat rows and it also has a built-in security system. If it’s stolen, it will shut down permanently until the correct PIN is entered. The price for the Honda Miimo 500 is $3,650.

Check it out: Hondo Miimo 500

iRobot Braava Mopping Robot

Mopping and vacuuming robots have become one of the most recognizable robots in the world, and the latest incarnation – the iRobot Mopping Robot – is a great robot for anyone with tile or wood floors. This efficient robot can clean up to 350 square feet of damp mopping, thanks to its “ProClean” technology, allowing it to store damp cloths.


The iRobot Braava Mopping Robot can also clean up to 1,000 square feet when in dry mopping mode, making this an all-purpose cleaning machine. The price for one of these is $199.

Check it out: iRobot Braava Mopping 320 Robot


Remember how excited people were when ice makers and water dispensers were available on the exterior of a refrigerator? The Monsieur takes this to a whole other mind-reading and alcoholic level. This robot mixes you drinks automatically, and it makes them by utilizing all kinds of data – news, date-relevant events and even the time of day.


For example, it can detect if you’re arriving home late and will make you a stronger drink. It can make up to 500 drinks and will text you when you run low on liquor. The Monsieur started as a Kickstarter project, and not surprisingly it received its funding. It will still cost you however around $2,500 to make the Monsieur a reality in your life.

Check it out: Monsieur


From the busy robotics makers at Ecovacs comes the Winbot, a robot that makes one of the most dangerous activities in the world – window washing – a whole lot safer. The way the Winbot works is quite similar to the iRobot mopping robots – it has built-in sensors so it knows where to clean. However, the Winbot can do one thing the iRobot can’t, and that is cling to a window.


Dual suction rings are installed in the Winbot so it can wash windows without falling. It also has sensors that will detect if a loss of suction occurs, and will back up automatically to safety. The price of a Winbot is $400.

Check it out: Winbot


If you’ve always wanted a personal trainer but could never afford it, the Autom may be your answer. This robot is considered a “conversational robot.” Its main purpose is to interact and motivate you all to keep on track when it comes to losing weight.


Equipped with a female voice, the Autom will speak to you in the morning and ask you about your eating and exercise plans for the upcoming day. It will also give you the feedback and encouragement you need to stay motivated. The Autom costs $199 and a $6.99 monthly subscription is required.

Check it out: Autom

Paro Therapeutic Robot

For a robot that caters to the emotional needs of humans, the Paro Therapeutic Robot is one of the best available. This robot was developed by AIST, a leading Japanese robotic pioneer, and it taps into the benefits of animal therapy, making it a safe and non-allergenic alternative for anyone not comfortable around live animals.


The Paro can help alleviate stress, and it comes in the shape of a beautiful baby harp seal. It works by relying on its five built-in sensors – tactile, lighting, audition, temperature and posture – that sense both the people around it and it’s environment. One of the most fascinating robots on our list, the Paro Robot costs $5,000.

Check it out: Paro Therapeutic Robot


Every cat owner dreads cleaning their litter box, hence, the Litter-Robot – one of the most useful robots available. Shaped like a dome, the Litter-Robot has sensors that sense when the pet has left the litter box and a hidden compartment below where it deposits the waste.


But the Litter-Robot is much smarter than that. It’s programmed to wait 7 minutes before depositing the waste to make sure everything clumps good enough. Quite brilliant. It costs $369, but considering the dirty work it’s doing, that’s a steal.

Check it out: Litter-Robot

iRobot Mirra Pool Cleaning Robot

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool, you also know what a pain it is to keep it cleaned. You can do it yourself, hire a pool cleaner or you can buy the iRobot Mirra Pool Cleaning Robot, a home-cleaning robot that is able to clean a pool using built-in sensors. It can even remove algae from the bottom of your pool.


It does have a power cord, but of course, it’s completely waterproof. It also doesn’t require any hoses or additional insulation, making it incredibly easy to use the right away. The iRobot Mirra costs $1,299.99, but with the cost of pool cleaners, it will pay for itself in a few months.

Check it out: iRobot Mirra Pool Cleaning Robot


It’s exciting seeing all of the sci-fi movies with us using robots finally come to pass. The robots may not be as advanced as some of us still dream them to be, but that day seems closer than ever. In the meantime, you can have fun eliminating some of your least desired tasks.

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